My Biggest Fear w/ Cryptocurrency Going Into 2020 [Very Personal] 😳

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For the first time in US history, a decade passed without the country falling into a recession. We are living in an interesting time. Today I want to get personal and share a fear of mine going into 2020.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Part 1: Andreas M. Antonopoulos on Why We Need Bitcoin

For the first time in US history, a decade will pass without the country falling into a recession

The Fed’s Repo Problems are Only Beginning as the Biggest Bubble in History Looks Ready to Pop

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Not All Altcoins Are Rekt: These 5 Cryptos Have Given 3-13x ROI in 2019

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My Biggest Fear w/ Cryptocurrency Going Into 2020 [Very Personal] 😳


  1. Bitcoin will be the safe heaven for all altcoin holders and I personally cannot imagine to sell my btc for fiat at anytime in the near or middle term

  2. It is in a recession…but the bubbles keep getting patched, and inflated larger everytime they pop due to QE and other priveleges they get from the fed

  3. I’m confident crytpo is the future. My biggest fear is that none of the current cryptos on the market will see mass adoption

  4. He’s right Bitcoin doesn’t take off at the start of a recession it goes down with everything else then breaks off and changes direction when gold and silver does the same. Nothing to be afraid of.

  5. Antonopolous says in the beginning Crypto has to crash hard… does this mean it’s looming in front of us, with a coming recession??

  6. I’m not worried, there wont be a recession anytime soon as long as the printing press keeps running 🤷‍♂️

  7. This is why i have 98% BTC and only 2% Altcoins and it will only be less because if will buy more BTC 😄

  8. When all the other country’s are going to reject the dollar, and as we speak they are already trying to find ways to bypass the dollar, so when all those dollars come home and beleave me they will, it wont be pretty…

  9. From 22 individuals I personally know, none have invested in any traditional markets, except for BTC and blockchain. So no it doesn’t bother me.

  10. Hmmmm was thinking about turning my saving to only bitcoin so at least I know there wont be negative interest and have issues selling it

  11. I just feel like a safer bet with bitcoin, there’s so many altcoins there’s no way of knowing which ones will be the huge winners

  12. I would not count on that, over night repos and purchases are propping the system up temporarily! Big T is trying his best to keep the economy going because of elections, the other side of the coin is trying to literally crash the system, so yet to be determined! The Fed just injected 473 billion into the market on friday just to get through the weekend, so it is not looking good, watch the gold price and purchases, tell tale sign!

  13. @Jonnah Maz No single crypto is so integrated into the fabric of society that it’s become too big to fail. We’re years away from that. My point stands

  14. The problem is if bitcoin drops below a certain price it is not valuable anymore to mine, ergo miners will start to shut down their rigs, hashrate will drop. That could potentially lead to a death spiral. But that risk is known. Anway, I think the chance that it will rebounce is higher, especially when gold starts to rise first as you will then get more btc for gold. I think if btc survives a global recession it pumps some time following a gold pump.

  15. Zero risk? Do you understand that gold prices are massively suppressed in the COMEX ? This is done to defend the USD. At least Bitcoin is not completely suppressed because the price discovery for Bitcoin is done in both real exchanges and in futures exchanges.

  16. @Shane M stop assuming its gonna be 1 crypto that rules everything, stop watching LOTR. do you know how many currencies there are on this planet as we speak??

    I mean there is more reason for having many different kind of crypto then there is for just 10..especially with a population peaking to 8 billion

  17. @L K I’m not assuming anything. I have around 20 different cryptos. My point is that there’s not 1 crypto, not even Bitcoin, that is too big to fail. That’s all I was saying

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