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Good Afternoon E.T Fam! It’s Thursday, and that means that we’re almost to the weekend finish line. So far, this has been another great week in crypto. Bridge protocols – particularly Anyswap – are beginning to experience some positive price movements. I covered bridges a while back, and Anyswap was definitely one that I’ve mentioned multiple times. I keep telling you all to pay attention to this channel if you want the best alpha.

Don’t let the information go to waste. The pumpamentals are in full effect for Fantom. Fantom’s ecosystem projects like Popsicle Finance and SpookySwap (which I also brought you early) are pumping as well. Return of the Memes continues. #Shiba has been climbing its way up the rankings ladder.

Today, it’s experiencing a bit of a cool off. It will be interesting to see how long the cool off lasts. This is one that we’ll be watching from the sidelines. Anyone looking to take a position should proceed with caution. It’s important that you all remember to be intentional when it comes to securing profits. The futures leverage volume is steadily increasing.

I predict that a possible liquidation event could be on the horizon. In the phase of the bull market that we’re in, liquidations equals discounts on good projects. So, you want to make sure that you have some dry powder on the side. It’s also important to remember how early we are. Keep in mind that our market cap is only $2T vs the Global Stock Market’s $91T.

Crypto is currently taking over the globe. So, if the sentiment is that our measly market cap is as good as it gets…..we ain’t seen nothing yet! Finally, Polkadot is gearing up for their parachain auctions. This has been long awaited and anticipated by pretty much all of us. You’ll be hard-pressed to find many that aren’t bullish on DOT and its ecosystem. So, the announcement of the launch of parachain auctions getting closer is very good news. Overall, it’s been a good week. Let’s see if we can finish out strong!

00:00 = Intro
01:06 = Bitcoin cooling-off
03:01 = Bridges protocols on the rise
04:33 = Fantom's ecosystem is exploding
05:19 = Meme token season is back
06:22 = Is a cool down imminent?
08:05 = Putting things in perspective
09:59 = ZK-Rollups are coming faster than expected!
11:13 = First Polkadot crowdloans
11:35 = Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

My Best Q4 Strategy To Make Life Changing Wealth

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  1. There’s definitely going to be a shake out. That’s just how the game works. Don’t be shaken or leveraged.

  2. I sell furniture for a living (Hopefully only for a few more years) Love the green furniture! Keep up the great videos!! 👊

  3. “People who got totally rect at last cycle…. are coming back for more” @5:52 haha love it 🙂

  4. Dude, I love it when you tell us there may be a downturn before the next leg up. As long a there’s some rationale behind it, it’s always great to get both sides of the equation.

  5. How the heck does one actually invest in nft’s, what’s the selection process, what are the key important things to look out for, where does one look for this info, I don’t really understand the nft world, would be great to get some beginners pointers. Awesome vids BTW, thanks

  6. It would be interesting to hear what a current stack of 20k or 50k… Can be multiplied into

  7. @iamjacksrage00 Well that’s what I’m beginning to think, random aka gambling, but Ellio seems like a reasonable guy, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and looking for an explanation

  8. @TheNaidu86 Thanks, but not helpful, thats like when your significant other asks a question and you say why are you asking and they say oh just asking 🙂

  9. @Paul Bappoo just use common sense when buying. Why do you think all these NFT drops are happening right before the Q4 pump? They had all year to drop. They are trying to take your coins that* will appreciate and leave you holding damn jpegs you think will be worth something.

  10. Also Ellio is great, but super farm is huge in NFTs. A butcher would never try to sell you tofu.

  11. @Paul Bappoo bro. there are NFTs with passive income. most of the projects have 10,000 nfts. supply is limited. so when you get into good popular and high potential projects that has overwhelming community support. you will make money. I suggest you do some research. watch more videos like this to get to know new nfts early and buy them… try to get whitelisted if possible…. when you starting buying nfts then you will know what i mean. remember not all nfts will give you profits. you have to get into the right one…..

  12. We all have been cautioned , it’s a choice to follow through and take action🤟🏾Thank you Ellio

  13. Just checked Benjamin’s profile at the IAPD his licence and certifications are insane. I am definitely contacting him.

  14. l appreciate the knowledge in this video. As an individual that has just started his financial security journey, these types of videos are delightful to me.

  15. @beachboy13 I saw that on the news too. Something wrong with Benjamin big time.. Good luck getting your money back from the dude. He’s probably in jail 😂

  16. @Magnus Yavis that’s why you don’t take everything off the table
    But don’t get greedy, always take profits before it’s too late

  17. @nemesis true, i am with you on that. i got my targets for every coin…if reached = take profit, lock and stake.

  18. l appreciate the knowledge in this video. As an individual that has just started his financial security journey, these types of videos are delightful to me.

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