MINDBLOWING THETA Crypto Projections in 2022 You’ve Got To See!! 🚀


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Is Theta cryptocurrency a good investment? Top altcoins to watch now? As Bitcoin consolidates, let's discuss the some mind blowing THETA updates for 2022. SLAP THE LIKE BUTTON! 👋
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00:00 Intro
01:14 What is Theta Network (THETA)?
02:33 Theta Validator & Enterprise Backers
03:41 ThetaPass: The Netflix-Killer!!
05:14 Theta Partners (MGM, Lionsgate, NASA, Katy Perry, & MORE!)
08:17 Theta Labs Patents
10:26 Final Thoughts

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MINDBLOWING THETA Crypto Projections in 2022 You've Got To See!! 🚀

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Theta is not a Netflix killer! It’s a network which can be used to reduce streaming costs and improve streaming quality.

  2. Wow man I had no idea how much potential theta had. All those patents should be very bullish price action in the next couple years as NFTs explode.

  3. Yes they have patents. They also have thetadrop. Great information we are growing community at Theta and we also have new stuff coming

  4. Regarding Ehereum, I read an article on my Google news feed that said the Ethereum block change is getting so large (over a terabye) that it requires more and more computing power just to store it.

  5. Theta’s NFT marketplace is the best ive seen so far, alot of people are going to wish they explored it sooner

  6. Think of how much streaming will be happening in the future with VR and metaverse technology. There is not enough internet infrastructure to support it without serious improvement and/or implementation of technologies like Theta, Helium, and Livepeer.

  7. Those that are worried about price – you have to remember this is still new, very new. Blockchain adoption to major companies is still very new too and you have to admit to an outsider cryptocurrency and blockchain has somewhat of a bad wrap. Those in the position of signing off on using such tech in thier business are not tech or blockchain savvy. So its alot of explaining and red tape that the team would need to go thru.

  8. These patents, if nothing else, will show and prove to the big international companies that Theta has legitimate Tech and is ready to play ball. If they don’t patent it, many will just take it. Look at all the forks that happen of great projects, like Olympus Dao

  9. Here it is! One of my favorite channels covering my favorite project! 2022 is our year, folks 😎🙏

  10. Yep. Eventually only super computers will be able to process it… so say good bye to ETH being decentralized. If only a chosen few can process its chain, then its centralized. I think their solution is that others on the network can hold truncated versions of the blocks… or just block headers…. but that’s not the same… not the same at all. If that happens, the ETH will be a centralized network controllable by whoever has the computers capable of processing its chain and sending out the headers, nobody else can validate.

  11. My hope is that Samsung puts Theta Network in their new 8k smart TVs to improve the TVs ability to receive 8k quality content. 8k TVs are not that great if you can’t get 8k service to it. And I hope Sony puts Theta Network in their 100m PlayStations to maintain the highest quality video game streaming.

  12. Without a Coinbase listing I don’t think that will happen. Theta needs the US market to succeed.

  13. Theta does aim to BE the next YouTube/twitch/Netflix etc. it is the DECENTRALIZED INFASTRUCTURE those platforms can be built ON TOP of. Besides that good vid 👍

  14. I believe he only True decentralized network is Bitcoin – Nevertheless, I am a long time believer and investor in Theta since 2018, and will continue to accumulate up to and including when Theta does a 1000x Theta is Godzilla

  15. @Carpal Tunnel Gadgets
    It will help Netflix to run better not to kill it. You really still dont get it.

  16. Loooove Theta! It’s an incredible project and so happy to see you realise it!! Start stacking your coins !! 🚀🚀🚀

  17. Theta will be the infrastructure needed to run all the quality metavers. When people realize it, the price will fly 🚀

  18. I don’t think theta is a netflix-killer, I think is more like an extra layer that will optimize their streaming with edge computing 🙂

  19. agreed. I find it very annoying how everyone else claims to be decentralized. They are obviously just like any tech stock, and unregulated ones at that

  20. If Theta “optimizes their streaming with edge computing” doesn’t that make Theta a competitor of Netflix?

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