MARKET MANIPULATION EXPOSED! Wash trading bitcoin and cryptocurrency explained!

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MARKET MANIPULATION EXPOSED! Wash trading bitcoin and cryptocurrency explained!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Excellent coverage of something most of us don’t think about when we trade on the exchanges. It will be fascinating to see what happens if enough people follow trace Mayer‘s suggestion to remove all of your crypto from the exchange on January 3, 2019

  2. Love these new videos exposing some of the nefarious behavior in the space. The only way toward true global adoption is through credibility. The tech is awesome, decentralization is great for humanity, but how far does anyone think this can go if there’s a cast of clowns in the power positions? Kudos to you on shedding light on this area of crypto that I’m not too informed about.

  3. There seems to be a good amount of uploads exposing the dark side of Crypto recently, especially from the likes of Tyler from Chico Crypto and Ready Set Crypto – its definitely informative and gives viewers an understanding of what they are getting into. You’re providing your viewers with a good mix of content. Definitely going the right way.

  4. Yes, it is true it exists everywhere, but it is done via shadow firms, or shady behind scene deals. But the Winklevoss liquidation was made public for a reason to create FUD. This bear market could last through the first half of 2019, but i am very doubtful, Crypto Will come back hard. Winklevoss and a group of 1% corporation CEO’s, owners directors, basically Toplevel Masons & affiliate societies all concurred they made a mistake, and due to how much just 10 whales owned, they did it in a way to trigger automatic selloff’s when that happened they scooped back up whatever they could without making it obvious using many different accounts and even reps to do it for them under other names and via shell companies etc. This is planned. When the 1% feels they scared people enough to get them to pull 90% or more out of the market, it will again begin to explode as the Big boys and Institutional investor money flows in. Instant Liquidity is imperative and having a banking system not owned by the same people it was run by since 1700’s Rothchilds and extended family. The SUre sign of a recession and an economical crash should be how JP Morgan and other banks are scooping up SIlver, and other precious metals telling me that the IMF’s elimination of USD and Trump’s inability to reboot says we have a 40% inflation coming our way. A lot of major banks will go belly up & people will lose everything. Unless a miracle of some sort to resolve our abuse of power since the death of the last president to stand up to the Federal Reserve JFK, Federal Reserve are the same people we call the NWO, a Fraternity of billionaires/millionaires(I mean with min 50million+powerful Dogmatic(religious or political position), leaders of the top conglomerates around or Fortune 100, aree the ones who saw their power slipping in 2017 when a massive we distribution of wealth started to provide them with barriers to their destructive projects, destroying the world. we live in. What do you think of coins like X8X, NULS, WABI, ARK, BAT, LINK, XYO, MITX, SEN, ONT, XEM/NPXS(best investment atm), HOT, PolyMath,

  5. you really went all out on the editing. Great job. Great content. You are really shining, Mr. Trades

  6. Your hair is beautiful. I like hearing conspiracy theories and investigations. You Chico Crypto, Modern Investor, and TMI are my favorites.

  7. +Zaza Pipe I think Tyler gets plenty of stick from youtubers – you can’t knock the guys knowledge though. He must put plenty of time in to investigate some of these companies. I don’t agree with everything he says but he’s a good watch.

  8. It it just me or does CZ look a bit like “The Brain” of “Pinky and the Brain’?..

    He may have plans to take over the world.

    “Funds are SAFU.”

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