MAJOR ETHEREUM FOMO!! Watch this now


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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR

MAJOR ETHEREUM FOMO!! Watch this now

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Agree with the “no handholding”

    I didn’t start making money in crypto until I started researching projects myself.

  2. ❤💛💚💙 attention all retailers: do NOT Buy here . leave your Ethereum bids at $300 thats a realistic price for it. Elliotrades is one of the best channels in the crypto industry and he will never lie to you . Leave your bids for ETH at $300 do not fomo here, we’re going to crash back down FAST . You can trust this channel.

  3. ETH will continue to climb because earnings are better than expected in tech stocks and inflation is easing. We might correct in Sept. it enjoy this moment.

  4. I am 57 which is old for a crypto invester. I FOMO’d in heavily in 2019, didn’t have a clue, made many stupid mistakes but was lucky and still made nice gains. I kept .25 BTC & 5 ETH in my bag and would have enough to quadruple that amount on a decent drop. I recently decided Ellio’s take on the market makes sense so I’m following his lead. Will I be upset if he is wrong and I totally missed the bottoml? Absolutely not! I would feel like an idiot omplaining that a 32 year old Youtuber steered me wrong. 😆

  5. Don’t worry, I’m going to go buy 1 ETH right now. That should dump the price so we can buy cheaper in the morning.

  6. Hey Bro. Saunarob here. Thanks for listening to my story on the twit. You Rule!!!! Always buying Super on the dips. 🤝🤙🏻

  7. How do you do that? Do you start with white papers? Is there a formula or key bullets that make a project good? Theres 10s of thousands of coins. Where do you start?

  8. he’s a bit sheepish here, which means he’s less confident about his asserrtions in previous videos. It’s probably still a good decision to invest right now, but people should have invested a lot a few days ago, because regardless of what Ellio says, the technology update was going to be a pump the coin.however, the question is when it stops.I agree with Elio, that a crash, will be coming, so just a matter of having conviction and getting out at a ballpoint figure that you choose, I say, $1850, if it gets there.just don’t be greedy.

  9. This guys a top guy.. Even with all the emotional fomo annoying us.. Noone can predict and noone is to blame.. Amazing professional vid this one.. Watched him since day 1 and made loads of gains.. Just stay professional man cz your the one we all look up to and its a serious game when money is at risk.. Plus remember you dont have to characterize yourself with space shades.. Your better than those ‘fake coolio i dont care’ youtubers.. Well done on this man 👍 peace out.

  10. @The Harlequin He does seem more sheepish. I was a little surprised he took such a hard stance that we will see one more crash. That’s not really like him and it puts his credibility on the line a bit, at least with his YouTube audience, although he has a lot of other projects. I still think our economy is such a mess that this pump may be built on a house of cards but only time will tell. Thanks!

  11. Solid video. Though may be a confirmation bias but I also have been saying it’s going to retest lows, only due to the economic issues right now. You are one of the only youtubers that I know of saying this.

  12. Your praising him fir being who he is while also shaming him fir being who he is for wearing a certain type of sunglasses? Let him be whatever he wants.. his words matter more than his clothing my guy. I hope he wears a top hat 🎩 with those shades next time. Remember this is still a business for him. he will steer it being himself in how he sees fit. Who cares if he is having some fun while bringing massive value to you.. truly! Let him be himself and try not to backhand his face with comments about conforming to how you think he should dress and act….I personally think its awesome and can separate him having some fun from the real value he brings here. Try to accept people without your expectations of what you think they should and shouldn’t do, my guy.

  13. Absolutely no more hand holding. But to be fair, some of the hand holding you used to do was highly educational and profitable for those of us who actually listened and learned instead of blindly just following. Ivan felt the same way with big boy pants.

  14. @Elliot Moseley well someone who can help is coin bureau he will do a good summary and deep dive into some popular coins I then will do my own research you usually just need to go to the main website and tons of info there. There also videos on how to do coin research! Hope for the best enjoy those gains!

  15. This bear rally needs to crush the weak hands spirit. lots of macro still needs to play out through end of year. hedge funds haven’t moved in yet to push prices down to where THEY want to buy at, then new rally starts. doesn’t feel like economy is in alot of pain now — need layoffs and money printing — something going happen (in Q4?) to ignite new bull run and pump the liquidity back in. adding dry powder for the big capitulation event.

  16. Love your videos but as you always say when everyone is saying we will retest the bottom it’s gonna do the opposite. Remember when they said everyone says it’s gonna go higher and it crashed…. All the influencers said if everyone is saying it the opposite is true… well influencers are all saying it’s gonna go lower…. This is not financial advice. Haha the upside to ATH is over 2k the low is 750-800 so right now DCA but just know the upside is bigger than the down.

  17. Thanks Ellio! You seem to imply that there is something wrong with BTC because the price action has been relatively anemic in this bear market rally. BTC has big players that manage to tame the price action with futures. Perhaps BTC also has more savvy and patient retail buyers. I see your recent content as just a moderating influence – a reminder that the macro situation is dire and at any moment this could be reflected in wild sentiment swings. A reminder to keep some cash aside waiting for opportunities. But I am not waiting for some lowest low to invest, simply because it is hard to time the absolute bottom and you could wait forever for something that doesn’t happen. I am nibbling at BTC when there are local lows (last nibble at $22600, previous 2 nibbles at $19700 on different occasions). My cost basis is $12K from buying most of my position in 2020, and I doubt we will revisit that (most of the time). I use YouTube content to get a gestalt. Would never blame anyone for my investing decisions – even with myself I seem to act according to the information I have at the time.

  18. @ 2:24 man this is great advice. DCA and leave a big balance in case market dumps then place big orders 😎

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