Latest EOS news, Populous update, Altcoin season coming?

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On this weeks show The New Kids On The Blockchain catch up with Rob from Cypherglass for our regular look at what’s going on with EOS, we were out and about to meet up with the guys From Populous to tell us whats been happening with them. We also chat about how we could be heading into an Altcoin season and the latest crypto and blockchain news.

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From NewsBTC Altcoin Aversion: Poll Shows That Two-Thirds of Crypto Investors Are Bitcoin Maximalists

The crypto community is an opinionated bunch. Everyone has their favorite coin, be it Bitcoin or an altcoin, and investors love to share and defend their opinions with other crypto enthusiasts. They also like to vote, and in a recent poll, it was revealed that the majority of crypto investors are predominantly Bitcoin maximalists, despite thousands of altcoins being available in the crypto market. 68% of Crypto Investors Prefer Bitcoin, Altcoins Are an Afterthought and a Risk

From CCN Bitcoin is Cheap Until April, We’ll Never See Price at $3,000 Again: Says Trader

According to Galaxy, since its inception, bitcoin has established a trend of reaching a new all-time high, enduring a steep decline in price, initiating an accumulation, and recovering to a new high. Based on that trend, the trader said that investors will likely never see Bitcoin at $3,000 once again after April.

FROM COIN TELEGRAPH Cryptocurrency Community Eyes Tether After Website Dilutes USD Backing Claims

Developers behind stablecoin Tether (USDT) have drawn scrutiny today, March 14, after social media users noticed they had removed previous claims that the altcoin was fully backed by United States dollars. Tether, which has faced various publicity hurdles over the transparency of its holdings, had de facto guaranteed that each of its USDT tokens had an equivalent 1 USD in the bank. Intended as the opposite to fractional reserve banking, as Cointelegraph reported in December last year, documents had further confirmed the validity of Tether’s backing claims.
Now, however, a new update, date unknown, to its website suggests USD holdings no longer cover the full supply of USDT.

FROM CRYPTONEWS Is Altcoin Season Really Back?

Could altcoins be staging a comeback from the bear run of the past year? This is the new hot topic in the cryptoverse, with one side trying to figure out what’s going on, while another is trying to decide if it’s already too late to profit on the sudden boom among altcoins. In a market analysis piece, senior analyst Mati Greenspan of eToro, a social trading platform, writes that, “Because we’re coming off a particularly harsh winter, we can’t exactly expect conditions to warm up immediately and turn to summer without any transition phase.” On Twitter, he further added: “It's [altcoin] season. We don't ask why. Just say thanks and take the gains as they come.”


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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.

Latest EOS news, Populous update, Altcoin season coming?

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  1. I came across your channel last week and love it! My favorite project is Cardano. Cardano is like a blue sapphire because its beauty is formed by tremendous pressure over time. I respect Charles Hoskinson and he is one who has endured much pressure. ADA will be a precious, valuable sapphire soon.

  2. Thanks Scott. LOVE your answer 🙂 Make sure you like and subscribe to be in the competition 🙂

  3. Thank you NKOTB for your patience on getting your interview with Populous Team. Can’t tell you how happy I am to see your interview with them.

  4. Populous is one of the best, if not the best, blockchain use cases out right now. Bitcoin is wonderful and all, but being able to generate income from a token is the goose that lays the golden egg in my opinion.

  5. Really awesome to see that the Populous Team is dedicated to make a name for themselves in the industry. Thank you NKOTB-Te am for that Interview. It’s really nice to see the Progress!

  6. Love it! Thanks so much for doing the interview with Populous! Still one of the best blockchain projects out there yet one of the least understood. Great to see them on the ground working hard at it!

  7. It’s only a matter of time before Populous is an unstoppable force in the blockchain and finance space. Very impressive! Go PPT!!!

  8. Awesome interview! PPT will be astonishing, working product in an enormous financial space. Don’t miss this boat it will be huge.

  9. thanks very much 🙂 feel free to subscribe for more great content coming soon 🙂

  10. I’m a HUGE believer in Populous World, knowing this platform will provide generational wealth to me and my family for the foreseeable future. Great job to NKOTB on the interview and production.

  11. i’ve been with PPT since pre-ICO, always wanted them to be one of the long term players, great to see they’re still going

  12. another blockchain collectable, that’s all i need! but SOLD! COMP: bitconnect would be FOOLS GOLD . nuff said.

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