Kevin O’Leary ATTACKS Bitcoin & Crypto Mining in the USA (HE SOLD)


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00:00 Kevin O’Leary ATTACKS Crypto Mining in USA
03:30 Is Kevin in the Right?
05:20 Earn an UNLIMITED 1.5% Back in Bitcoin
06:22 Axie Infinity Making BIG Changes
08:01 Polkadot (DOT) BOOSTS Web3 Development
09:00 Mina Protocol (MINA) Being Taught at Stanford University
09:49 Final Thoughts

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Kevin O’Leary ATTACKS Bitcoin & Crypto Mining in the USA (HE SOLD)

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  1. Scammers/bots are getting much worse!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

  2. Since the ☝️☝️day I started investment with you I know I’ve changed a lot that really helped me to become a better person inside and out, you’re one of those reason why I always work with your service

  3. You’re absolutely correct – Kevin O’Leary’s timing of his attack on Bitcoin is suspicious as well. I don’t trust the guy.

  4. Exactly. he’s undermining the competition, plain and simple. He’s a sleazebag. He gives zero f**ks about “sustainable mining” only how much he can profit from hurting the traditional miners. He is right about carbon credits being a scam though.

  5. @Milan Bogdanovic I think I heard of project called “chia” that is actually working on that lol but I’m not sure if it’s still around.

  6. O’Leary just takin some cheap shots to benefit his own upcoming investments in ‘green’ 😂 btc mining.

  7. It’s not Kevin’s double standard, it’s the businesses that he works with that doesn’t care about the environmental costs of those other “old world” assets….it’s another one of those ‘dont hate the player, hate the game’ situations

  8. I< was lucky enough to make 19.2BTC since last year November following the instructions and signals of Robert Franz Kirkland who runs guidance for beginners and investors who lack understanding on how trading Bitcoin works. Any new innovations will be priced accordingly.,.,.

  9. @Ralph Nitsch Spot on! He just has no choice but to comply. The very same reason Elon Musk sold his bitcoin…

  10. These rich people are pure hypocrisy. Theyve destroyed the earth and complains it to us. 😂

  11. Another round of FUD, as Mr Wonderful gets to accumulate longer and cheaper. Whatever it takes… it’s just business

  12. When you have the appropriate strategy, you can trade successfully regardless the current price.

  13. Using a good Coach like Mr Calvin Thomas to buy and day trade takes away the complexity and makes you incredibly successful.

  14. It’s exciting to see others who made move. I’m currently on my 4th trade with him and my portfolio has increased

  15. The new and future technologies / assets have a greater imperative to be more environmentally & ecologically sustainable because it is integral to their acceptance = adoption in a global society which predominately cares about our planet. However, we do need to be pragmatic to support this direction and perhaps retaining investment in miners where a more significant proportion of energy use is from renewables and have set a target to reach net zero carbon, may have been helped both cleaner miners and pushed others in the same direction.

  16. In a more serious comment, Bitcoin is an emerging market. I think Kevin is concerned about it growing in the “right” direction. I like the push to make Bitcoin clean, honestly. It will only make it more bulletproof in the future.

  17. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  18. I’ll never stop saying the ☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿good news about you sir because you change my life better after I lost my job thinking how to feed my family

  19. *right now binanc glitched and exchanges btc>eth pair with a bugged rate giving x10 price*
    *i postd videeo*

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