IT’S OVER: Do Kwon to RESET the Terra Luna Blockchain | Cryptocurrency News


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The INSANE Collapse of Terra Luna

The INSANE Collapse of Terra Luna (Why Bitcoin & Crypto Are Crashing)

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00:00 Intro
00:50 How Terra Luna Died?
02:58 Do Kwon to Reset Terra Luna Blockchain
05:43 Do Kwon is ‘Heartbroken’ 🙁
06:49 What Happened to Terra’s $3.5B Bitcoin Reserve?
09:31 Flow Ecosystem Gets HUGE BOOST
10:45 Low Cap Altcoin News (Symbiosis and Stepn)
11:51 Final Thoughts

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IT’S OVER: Do Kwon to RESET the Terra Luna Blockchain | Cryptocurrency News

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    Scammers/bots are getting much worse!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

  2. He needs to explain details. Like how exchange holders will be identified, etc etc.

  3. Glad the SEC is so focused on the dangerous XRP token and missed this disaster. Great retail investor protection

  4. Do Kwon isn’t resetting the Blockchain – it’s a proposal. There are other proposals and they all need to be voted on.

  5. Youtubers saying buy luna at $100 but not $0.0002… This was always a vulnerability with UST / Luna and was called out many times funny that no influencers picked up on this before. Why not buy $50 worth in case they decide to burn.

  6. “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”
    -Warren Buffet

  7. when I heard that luna was collapsing I said to myself “their btc reserves will mysteriously dissapear”… you gotta be completely blind if you don’t realize this was a scam

  8. Terra / Luna developers should move all of their applications on top of Cardano using Plutus. Just develop on a serious blockchain. Cardano won’t be the first to market, but the best to market.

  9. I would love to see where all terra’s bitcoin went. How about a burn mechanism.

  10. Do Kwon and the top Tera team have clearly committed fraud and they are holding thousands of BTC they stole from the project. They need to go to jail, particularly Kwon needs jail time. Without delay.

  11. And given the recovery and even ust making a significant jump since yesterdays lows, there may be no need to fork the project.

  12. Luna is missing one critical factor on their plan.. Trust of the coin holders. You can’t just reset and restart that Trust anymore.

  13. Arishem34 Is there a proposal that doesn’t involve developing a new block chain?

  14. Have too little knowledge to judge, but this guy smells big time to me as much as his tweets do

  15. If they can manipulate the coin to this extent, there is no way it can ever be trusted.

  16. Same here. Didn’t even know that was possible haha

  17. @exactitude brutale Cardano created by pools of scientist and engineers and backed by pools of professionals.

  18. @Ahmad True, but not every coin is a bouncy ball that falls from the sky and jumps right back up. Some coins are shitballs that dont bounce at all but just splatter all over the sidewalk…

  19. The lawsuit is about making them not a security so they can control the market, anyone who doesn’t have at least 10k xrp is missing a life changing opportunity

  20. If you bought 1 million Luna today. Under the new “reset” plan you would have about 15 Luna at @$2.40 so around $36. So buying 1 million luna right now would roughly cost $500 and you would end up with $36. Huge percentage loss.

  21. Cardano ahahahah.
    Oh wait, you serious?
    Just as soon as the peer review of the committee to judge the peer reviewing of Charles’ underpants drawer is complete on schedule in 2135…

  22. @exactitude brutale Businessmen who take 10x longer to do anything? Thems the wrong businessmen to be following…

  23. Don’t let the cares, pleasures and deceitfulness of riches choke your fruit like thorns. Jesus Christ

  24. @NFT Shake exactly & that is obviously because businessmen don’t code. they speak a lot, they ask lots of cash, but ultimately they produce nothing. they’re driven by greed & grandeur, not by problem solving.

  25. @Loggo Voitto look again real cardano history, you’re completely mistaken. hoskinson is a marketing man & wef collaborator.

  26. 1 million LUNA right now will cost you $180 not $500. If you’re that far off here, I can’t trust your maths anywhere else.

  27. @Cryptoetoe I did the math on that day before…LMAO. Same result you end up with the same ratio post peg. So now your $180 dollar purchase of 1 million luna will be worth about roughly $13 after Do K’s proposed reset.

  28. I think Terra Luna has chances, but it will never be able to cost $100 anymore…

  29. Kindly send a direct msg, to join our private coaching and membership⤴️⤴️

  30. @Bryan Del Cid I agree with you on Shib but Doge I disagree with you on. Minus the newcomers to Doge in the last 1-2 years, the ‘original doge supporters’ have had trust in Doge since it’s beginning.
    I wouldn’t count Doge as the typical Meme coin especially when Doge community has actually done humanitarian deeds with their blockchain, unlike Shib (and no shib investors betters reply with “bu but they save shiba inu dogs lol, foh)

  31. @TheElement04 Thats good because usually if everyone knows something its not gonna happen

  32. @NFT Shake That’s not true. Greed is never good and making money isn’t good or bad in and of itself but the motivation and purpose behind the acquisition of money.
    but if that’s *your* view (money making and greed are both innately good) then I won’t knock that, but I disagree 1000%

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