Is A Sleeping Giant?? 200x by December 2018??


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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

A month ago, I put on your radar as a good buying opportunity, Today I wanna dive deeper and check out an article on Medium claiming will get to $5 by December 2018. Straight forward & easy to understand. Watch the video.

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**Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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Is A Sleeping Giant?? 200x by December 2018??

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Hard to tell where it will go price-wise, and $5 is wildly out of reach, but the world does need the solution that provides.

  2. The Crypto Climb you think? Hard to tell but they do seem to have some promise. But, they’re just in an earlier stage.

  3. Great video! I have on my watch list,so I am glad that you reviewed it, if they can execute they’ll be # 1 in that niche,they are unique…it looks like they do have the team to do it!

    1 important point though….at the time of the medium article, if was $0.20, getting to $ 5 then would have been a 25 X at that point,so X 200 I don’t know….but a 25 X from today’s price is very doable ,which is what the author suggested in january18, particularly if publishers come along…which I think they will,cause I think option is cheaper and faster than existing solution ( it would be very interesting to know the exact savings brings to publishers compared to current solution!).

  4. Peter Griffis The author mentioned $ 5 in jan18 which would have been approx. a 25 X at the time($ 0.20 price at that time ) ,so if we look at it that way ,can price 25X from today’s price? Nobody knows but possible IF a lot of publishers come trough…

  5. Almost forgot I bought some back then. Thanks for reminding me that, I’ll buy some more!

  6. I’ve hodl’ed some POE for a few months, one of the reasons I got into it is because of their team. Lots of talent and the project has lots of potential.

  7. nice video! heard about poet and after this video i will put it defently on my radar..;)
    5$ maybee a very high goal.. but the potential is real..
    you know if we can see the publisher who are in the game.., or new members.. is there some data..
    maybee its possible to follow this grow..?
    i think thats important to find the right time to start invest..

    ok if you like the project you maybee will invest… special for longtherm..
    but i want have some represantive info to take the good profit in the right time..

  8. Thanks. Appreciate your videos. Ive thought about buying POET in the pasty. Its a good use of the blockchain.

  9. Bought some a while back and was wondering if anyone would do a review. Was wondering since is its pretty unique and plagiarism and inauthenticity runs rampant that it would do well. Sounds like it has a some usage in the world, but not in the way a logistics or real estate project like blockshipping, fr8network, propy, or Muirfield IP can do for major industries.

  10. When poet was running I had s 5200% return , the only thing is I was brand new to Crypto when I purchased poet and only bought 1K coins , I was spewing when I realised what I should of done investing into it, Dam . Shame , good project tho and will rise fast when bull run comes hard.

  11. I’m very bullish on have been for a while. Hoping for good things in the near future!

  12. I’ve been into POE since last year. Pretty good position in it. I was speechless when I saw it hit .22USD in January and I’m speechless again at how cheap it is now. Still loading up.

    5.00USD??? Probably not…1.00USD??definitely!!

  13. Please tell me ANY reason this(or basically any) coin’s price should increase… Yes it sounds nice – to protect rights of (un)published media, but is opensource – anyone can use benefits of it. You don’t need to buy thousands tokens (and increase its value). All price fluctuation comes from articles and videos like this about how coin X will make 10000x this year….

  14. too bad it didn’t 200x lmao but what are you buying right now since the market is at its lowest its been in a full year?

  15. I wish I could afford a full btc in loading up on the alts right now. I actually started looking into E.o.s because your a fan of it. Of course ima do my research but I do appreciate your views on the market and I just want all of us to win when we look up 3-5 years from now

  16. nope. POET not doing so well in this bear market. I like the project, but I hope they can make it through..

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