Is EOS STILL A Smart Investment? Or a Scam?? [Cryptocurrency | Altcoin | Bitcoin]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Today I put EOS on trial. Is it centralized? Is Dan Larimer a scam artist? What's up with the EOS constitution? Let's talk about it. This is a great video.

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**Not Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Is EOS STILL A Smart Investment? Or a Scam?? [Cryptocurrency | Altcoin | Bitcoin]

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  1. As an objective wary investor, I’m skeptical. I don’t understand why $4,000,000,000.00 for a pseudo-IPO (ICO) is necessary for building a project without a physical product that the entire planet needs. Even with a working product, or say a software, or a “decentralized” app platform, for $4bil, you need to have already a plethora of problems existing that this product plans to and successfully demonstrates the ability to solve. Then with $4bil they cannot even execute on time. The 21 block producers don’t trust each other enough to vote on time. Alot of scammers and phishing. Freezing blocks. Etc… Way too much disagreement for what seems to me was OVERHYPE. $4 Billion Jesus H. Q. Christ on a unicycle. Well that being said I hope it works for the sake of people who invested. Meantime I’m glad I bought at 5 bucks and sold at 20. I see EOS and Steem leaders going to prison for not registered ICO’s

  2. It’s the most hyped and fomo coin. They did some good marketing without a working product. Anyone that’s holding eos are dreaming for another get rich ethereum, cause this miss the boat. So all eos holder will defend their investment, even though theres a ton of potential problems with this fomo coin.Theres better blockchains 3.0 than this but it’s not being marketed yet, and they have a working product without any flaws and once they get marketed like eos did they will shoot through the roof!

  3. EOS isn’t having any problems. The only problem lies in people who think that headlines that’s a EOS freezes 27 accounts is a bad thing. EOS is working exactly the way it was designed. All of these accounts were either asked to be frozen because somebody is scamming them or they are the scammers. All of the fud lies in people talking about us like all of this is a problem when they just don’t understand it because they’re used to the way other blockchain projects.

  4. If people can’t see how EOS is going to take off blows my mind. I don’t understand why people compare it to BTC, if we wanted BTC we would of been in BTC. Good video

  5. Altcoin Daily NEBULAS, has a mainnet right now with over 500k transactions, and 4k dapps and it’s not being hyped yet. 2k tps, self evolving, upgradable smart,contracts, DIP, it’s a blockchain of it’s kind. Hpb, Ont, will be massive and will be working with one another. Hpb will tackle big if enterprise on its 1mill – 100 mill tps

  6. Altcoin Daily Eos is all promises, first they promise 1 mill, now they cant hardly produce 1k with alot of load in the chain.. theres more problems but I dont wanna preech. I used eos as a pump and dump imo

  7. Well this video skipped some huge points. EOS has the 3 year clause in the constitution for a very good unmentioned reason. Narrator doesn’t mention how Eth was a huge scam too when it first came out (maybe you weren’t around then.) Anyway… hate on it.. bring the price lower for me… i’m looking for a good buy in. I shouldn’t even post this if I truly want a better buy in price but thats what smarter people than me do.

  8. Da SuitMan what is the reason? Like I said, I dont know everything. I think the community would benefit if you had an article or link you could post in the comments.

  9. Dziaji the freezing of the accounts was what I meant. It is technically well within their right in the constitution but it was just a little rattling when they said that they would tell us why at a later date.

  10. EOS’s blockchain pausing or freezing is built into the software, where Block Producers can resolve and move forward. This prevents hard forks. But the morons complaining which do not understand bash it lol, EOS is the King of the Blockchain. Dan Larimer is a Visionary Genius and Legendary Programmer. He has a good heart.

    EOS is Decentralized, whether people agree or not.

  11. Thanks for a balanced assessment. I see a lot of fudsters/EOS haters trying to tear the project down, and while they “claim” to be impartial, they wear their biases on their sleeves. Keep up the good work!

  12. ATI nsider some blockchain purists dont want the Block Producers to have that much power. I was just saying that it is more centralized the other cryptos out there. I have a position in eos.

  13. Altcoin Daily I know right. You do a wonderful job reporting on this and not furthering the Fudd because you explain both sides. It’s just that a lot of people that are complaining are acting like this shouldn’t be happening when it’s doing exactly what it’s designed to do. These are known scammer accounts and accounts that had fun stolen from them. EOS is taking a hardcore stance right from the beginning to stomp out the scammers

  14. I still believe in EOS and Dan. I am heavily invested in EOS and have faith in it. It will survive this difficult time. Dallas Rushing has some very good EOS breakdown and news videos, I advise you to check these videos and after that make your decision of what to think of EOS. Regards Rob

  15. Note to any EOS lovers …….. Do a deep dive on the criminal backgrounds on a few of their leadership team ! Truth will come out soon … You’ve been warned

  16. I am curious why people are attracted to ada? I might pick some up too, we will see. Prices nowadays is cheap.

  17. Rob Winnen great input. I’ll check that out. Dan is reason I took out a position in eos. Gotta respect what he’s accomplished.

  18. Dan Larimer said He worked with Satoshi in early days-would love to see a picture since satoshi is a fictional character created by the NSA

  19. SCAN IMAL would love to see that picture too…lol lol…I don’t know about the NSA though…Nakamoto Satoshi Agency maybe u r on to something after all!!

  20. My Point is Dan Larimer is a liar so how are We to trust Him on anything He does.If Satoshi was a real person and people interacted with Him a picture would have surfaced.I absolutely believe BTC is a NSA creation but I digress.Dan Larimer IS a Liar.Keep that in mind when investing in EOS(like I did haha)

  21. there is no bias. the one thing block chains are good for is immutability and censorship resistance. EOS throws that right out the window.

  22. people are not in BTC because they feel like they missed buying it at 10 dollars a coin. they think they can get just rich buying EOS now, but EOS does not add anymore value than current centralized systems like AWS. Go look who the number 1 block producer is…surprise surprise Bitfinex, who has apparently been unloading all the ETH that EOS has scooped up during their year long and uncapped ico

  23. I’ve done extensive research on EOS and ADA. ADA certainly has better fundamentals, has more qualified people working on the protocol, won’t have a plutocratic consensus algorithim, smart contracts will support a variety of common programming languages using their virtual machine, the network was bootstrapped on it’s own (not an ERC20 token).

  24. I’ve seen Dallas Rushing videos, he heavily criticizes Cardano for being programmed in Haskell and that it’s not a common programming language, but never did any research on their KVM with the ability to support a multitude of common programming languages. He also made an entire video why he “thinks” proof of work sucks but didnt even research the use case of AI / deeplearning being incorporated into POW (examples of productive proof of work) vs alorithmic hashing (non-productive proof of work)

    Dallas Rushing is a EOS shill and cultist. the confirmation bias with that guy is way over the top

  25. EOS has nothing to do with ERC20 nor Ethereum. Block.One used Ethereum to fund the project, nothing more. EOS is a Blockchain built from the ground up. Dan Larimer’s creation. I am not fully convinced with ADA at the moment. EOS on the other hand, has a functioning Blockchain that has unlimited scalability, all while remaining more Decentralized than Bitcoin & Ethereum.

  26. EOS has nothing to do with ERC20 nor Ethereum. Block.One used Ethereum to fund the project, nothing more. EOS is a Blockchain built from the ground up. Dan Larimer’s creation. I am not fully convinced with ADA at the moment. EOS on the other hand, has a functioning Blockchain that has unlimited scalability, all while remaining more Decentralized than Bitcoin & Ethereum.

  27. People don’t like something they don’t understand as it is easier to cause fud then to do the valuable research and maybe even get rich oneday, which in crypto is very possible..

  28. They didnt “freeze” the accounts, they “PROTECTED” the account, on a legit request of the owners.
    Rather compare 21 to 3, and dont manipulate the viewers.

  29. Altcoin Daily …he has a link to Pedo Bix channel…”figting the pedos”… Just not the chatolic curch priest pedos…or any other… Even if there is overwhelming evidence and witnesess…. Never even mentioned them…not even once. Nada. No fight there… Nope.

  30. I have to be honest, the ability to freeze accounts and the centralisation is a red flag for me.

  31. Ahaha .. come on , can you actually claim Eth has 10.000 nodes, with a few several Huge mining pools ? Just like Bitcoin… hmm. Maybe I would still see Bitcoin as perfectly decentralized, if Bitmain didnt own around 48% of the mining power… so close to 51%. Of course some will say that Bitmain has no reason to attack the network … but well, then why would 21 block producers feel like attacking the network , when there have to be 15 Block producers that agree on something in first place to be able to do it…. Hmmmm Hmmmm…..
    EOS may not seem so decentralized at first glance , but its actually in many ways more effective and better designed .
    Not to mention its fast and not just a transaction coin.
    P.s. In case those 10.000 nodes refer to Casper and sharding POS new Eth…. well, Is it up and running ? I hope this article doesnt talk about things on paper…..
    I mean I agree Eth still has potential, but one can improve such a blockchain for a decade, and still need to add things. To be efficient like EOS also means coming up with solutions fast and also means you can adapt to eventual problems easy.

    p.p.s. Charles Hoskinson seems to me like a very salty clown…. crying all the time about his serious competition EOS. well he isnt really competition.

  32. dont worry when you drop 10 thou on the kitchen counter, she gonna be like woaaah, yo yo yo yo… thats real.. haha… hey hey heyyyy…

  33. If I have 70 eos tokens registered in MEW and forty stuck on binance, will I still get airdrops? I thought I read we need over 100 for drop. But I’m guessing the 100 have to be registered in same wallet right?

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