Is Bakkt Postponed Until December? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]


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Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Some of you have been asking me this question so I just wanted to go over it.

In short: They are having a soft launch in November, but trading wont start until December. Realistically, we wont see this take off until 2019. Cheers!

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Expanding Bakkt’s founding team with Adam White

Confirmed: Coinbase Veteran Adam White Joins ICE's Crypto Platform Bakkt


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Is Bakkt Postponed Until December? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. If Bakkt is postponed, This is a sign that something huge is coming and the big boys are timing the right time to release it. Bakkt wants to bring crypto credit cards to the masses and add cryptos to 401k portfolio and so many more.Do not sleep on those red prices.See the bigger picture.

  2. There’s an explosion about to happen with this market, once fidelity jumps in everyone on the planet will FOMO. Thanks again

  3. DeanAlain V Go read my comment a little bit to emotional buddy…Can you read the word: If😆 Go do some yoga breath some fresh air it will help you .😄

  4. “if” but why the spin ? “A sign something huge “, unsubstantiated hype. I do yoga that’s why I don’t insult strangers on the internet with an air of superiority. Good to see you edit your comments to suit your agenda.

  5. DeanA You are entitled to your opinion . If(again😄) it makes you feel good to have the last word, just keep going.I’m done arguing with you.I don’t need or want that type of negative energy. Have a nice day and ✌.

  6. Bakkt has been buying BTC since August! We will not instantly moon! It will be gradual increase, that gains exponentially. It could be a reason why we have not fallen below 6k!

  7. Given the fact that BTC is a finite, limited supply, If all these new entities, ie: Bakkt, etc. have to pre-fund their supplies of BTC to service these institutional investors entering the market, will the supply of BTC become exhausted and unavailable?

    I would assume that these wealthy, institutional investors could gobble up the existing supply of BTC, in no time flat.

  8. Paul D – “waiting this long”? The last two epic bull runs were four years apart! Besides it’s smart to be a contrarian, so if 70% think we’ve reached the bottom… it’s actually quite likely we haven’t.

  9. +Sam Saltwell I am a student of history an in Crypto. History has showed me that patience is a virtue. Prime example bitcoin was cents 8 years ago. Now even if you had just 100! Need I say more?

  10. Paul D – But unlike what you said, we really haven’t been waiting very long at all. The last epic bull run wasn’t even a whole year ago, yet we are bombarded with permabulls declaring the bullrun is due any day (I appreciate you didn’t say that). Of course I completely agree that patience is a virtue and am very bullish, but only long term. Too many people speak with emotion about crypto!

  11. I’m buying my usual thousand dollars worth of bitcoin today. That’s my usual routine every payday. Every three months I reach 1 bitcoin and at that point I lock it in the bank box so I can’t panic sell the way I did back in the bitcoin civil war. If I hadn’t panic sold half my bitcoins at 900 and 1100 the way I did, I’d be friggen retired by now! Never again! So I’m continuing to work my mechanic job and continuing to buy.

  12. Love the channel, have been watching alot lately. I’m relatively new to the game so forgive my ignorance, but is Bakkt going to be launching as an ICO or something that we can invest in as individuals? I can not find anything on their site explaining.

  13. I’m pretty sure if BAKKT was postponed until December or whenever, they (BAKKT THEMSELVES) would’ve announced it on their Twitter page, that they recently updated 4 times today (Oct. 18, 2018).
    Saying BAKKT got postponed until December is strictly FUD.

  14. VentionMGTOW your not alone man with the selling and not holding your BTC😉 I feel the same way!!

  15. If u look bigger picture of btc chart since 2012 we are on support line and going up..expect 20k btc and beyond from summer 2019 onwards..we are in the bottom of the cycle.

  16. Gaz:: the goal posts keep getting moved. It was thought things would kick in around late October/early November, yet here we are. It will happen when it happens,,,or not. Got my bags packed/stacked and I’m ready to go

  17. Wow. Great content! Thanks and I will check out that Storing Crypto Safely video. Important during this volitile time. I don’t mean cryptocurrencies–I am referring to the evil central banking empire debt system collapse as it surely will. (Not Trump’s fault, BTW!)

  18. GoldmanSachs was all over this and BAKKT held em off. Now Fidelity. They are chomping at the bits. The higher ups have driven down the price to make max profits for their clients. More prospects coming in and the masses will follow. Get in early and make wise choices.

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