How to earn on intraday cryptotrading?

Intraday Cryptotrading

This tactic “Сoward” – it is better to earn less, but stable. 70% of all work is intraday scalping deals. It does not use leverage and stop-loss.

If on Thursday buy bitcoin at a minimum in the interval from 13:40 to 15:00, and then sell until 21:00, that is a high probability of earning 1% after deduction of commissions. This is a long-known rule: Asia goes to bed and fixes, the West wakes up and buys a sagging cryptocurrency. If you did not sell, then sell at 02:40, and then buy at 07:20.

With 1000 dollars we receive a profit of 10 dollars. For cryptocurrency, it seems to be a bit, but it’s a stable income. There are 20, there are 12, there are 7 dollars 20 cents.

You can find other solutions for this trade – all the answers on the chart. We are interested in any patterns that can be found by analyzing the daily values ​​of the cryptocurrency, all other things being equal.

Strict adherence to the plan

As a rule, the difference between buying and selling in this tactic is from 0.5 to 1.5%. Everyone knows that the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Many people have seen with their own eyes how quickly the BTC can, from a position of 11,000 dollars, grow briefly up to 12,000 dollars, and this is almost 10% of profit. But in this tactic we do not expect, how much it will grow, here is the rule: it made a profit of 1.5% – close the position.

If, after buying a cryptocurrency, you see large warrants for sale or a negative news background, and sometimes you are trite to be told by intuition that there will be a decline, then immediately close the position. Growth of the asset even in 1.0% makes it possible to go to zero, more precisely, with a minimum profit of 0.5% if the commission on the exchange is 0.5%.

Remember: there must be a strict plan that must be adhered to. Regardless of the possible loss of profit, which could be, if you did not come out. Any planned action is always correct.

Where to trade and what cryptocurrency to use

We trade through a broker Libertex

We use the “golden”, in our opinion, list of coins:



– for these coins there is sufficient volatility

– is the necessary predictability and repeatability

– these cryptocurrencies are also good for medium-term trades, and for long-term investments.

Unfortunately, there are nuances

This method of trading is very difficult to conduct manually. For example, when the market grows all week long, then on the weekend, quotes usually subsided, if the market falls – at the weekend, the value of the crypto currency is growing.

The advantages and disadvantages of this tactic

– Monthly profit is 40-45%

– You can withdraw the profit from the first week of trading

– It is unlikely that you will be able to earn money on lamborghini, but rather, you can take such an occupation as an average job

– The fall of the market does not significantly affect the portfolio

intraday cryptotrading


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