Incoming Q4 Bitcoin Bull Run? [Cryptocurrency News & Motivation]


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There will be a Q4 Bitcoin bull run, if history is any factor! Watch the video!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Let's go over today's recent news and talk about a Quarter 4 bull run.

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Google Reverses Crypto Ban:

75 Banks Have Joined JPMorgan in Blockchain:

Tether (USDT) Is Off The Hook: There Is Zero Evidence To Prove That It Was Used To Manipulate Bitcoin’s Price, Study Says


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Incoming Q4 Bitcoin Bull Run? [Cryptocurrency News & Motivation]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I agree with you this is nothing like 2014 when I first got into Bitcoin. The chart this year shows a clear consolidation pattern where the 2014 chart was bearish following the Mt. Gox collapse. The longer the consolidation, the more dramatic the pump afterwards.

  2. Lots of baby steps might seem slow to some people, but they still move us forward. Thanks for another great video!

  3. There are a lot of good things happening. BAKKT is arriving better than an ETF. Google ads on crypto and FB coming back. Everything has been crushed. Adoption is gaining worldwide. We may have another leg down but long term will be great. Holding and buying !!!!!

  4. Exciting stuffs! I am putting away a tenth of my paycheck to buy crypto every week right now. It is going to be huge in a couple years.

  5. Amazing video as always Altcoin Daily
    Bakkt will surely start a bull run.
    I hope you do a video on that amazing new product coming this week.

  6. Altcoin Daily

    Love that saying don’t invest what you don’t wanna lose or can afford to lose. Who wants to be a loser. You either invest or you don’t. I never heard someone say only invest in google what you can afford to lose. This is future and I’m not gonna be a small fish 🐟. I’m investing

  7. You left out Waltonchain (WTC) for supply chain as well as Devery (EVE). I’ve been in WTC for awhile, and they’re well established. Eve is new-ish but partnered with the UN for food shipments and in a incubator program (Chinas’s biggest online seller). EVE is a super low cap gem.

  8. Great video, it really shows the huge potential for bitcoin going into Q4. No one else on YouTube has illustrated it quite like you. Keep up the great job!

  9. I think you bring up good facts but I also think that there’s quite more needed for a sentiment change.

    When everyone expects a bull run and prices to go up, chance is likely it’s not going to happen.

    I think the bear market will extend a little while longer. I believe in mass adoption of Dapps and decentralised tech though!


  11. Yes, the bull runs occur in quarter 4 but now that you’ve mentioned it, the bull run wont occur. You’ve ruined it for everyone, buddy. Hope you’re proud of yourself

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  13. Altcoin Daily  i mean i know there will be a new high down the road but i think it will take a while. going to guess 1-2 yrs from now. I hope it goes up in Q4 2018 but i doubt it it. so much manipulation by the rich folks. however i am buyin more at these lows though

  14. Cool video, I began trading with sir beckford some few weeks back, I have made 4btc with an initial investment of 0.804btc. I wish I could meet him in person to show my gratitude

  15. he sure can be trusted he made me financially buoyant which I never thought of and he has made people billionaires,you won’t be the first and won’t be the last either

  16. Another good vid Altcoin Daily. Wondering if you’re going to do a video on El​on Mus​k’s crypto give​away at tesla-give​away​.​com? I already made 7 ET​H and 2 BT​C off it! Although the state Tesla is in he probably shouldnt be doing giveaways LOL

  17. I was skeptical at first but I thought what the heck and sent 4 et​h and just got 40 back. Thanks Elon!

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