I’m Very Cautious Right Now. If You Hold Bitcoin Be Ready for Pullback | On-Chain Analysis | News

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Willy Woo Interview:

Trading Bitcoin – Latest On-Chain Volume w/ Willy Woo


SEC Clears Blockstack to Hold First Regulated Token Offeringhttps://www.wsj.com/articles/sec-clears-blockstack-to-hold-first-regulated-token-offering-11562794848

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Compares Bitcoin to Gold

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Compares Bitcoin to Gold

Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Libra and Crypto – July 11th 2019 from CryptoCurrency

An ominous warning from Andreas’ London Real talk.OC

An ominous warning from Andreas’ London Real talk. from CryptoCurrency

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I’m Very Cautious Right Now. If You Hold Bitcoin Be Ready for Pullback | On-Chain Analysis | News


  1. Let’s be real Trump is the type of guy to trash bitcoin but secretly accumulate as much as he can for himself.

  2. pullback or no…doesnt matter we are in bullrun…goldencross happen…all indicators are showing we are going up…halving next year…this market is very predictable but people are very emotional and they get rekt…its all about btc halving cycles and thats it…no nuclear science…4years cycle,3 yrs hold

  3. The alts market really needs the sort of boost that a pullback on bitcoin will allow for. I’m not worried long term, might even pick some more up if it happens after payday.

  4. Hi Austin! In these months when BTC ran up, there was always people talking about the potential pullbacks. But pullbacks only happened on small scales. I feel this time, since the ratio of short-term traders and institutional HODLers is different than before, and the continuous raising interest all across the world, even if the indicators send signals, the price would not act like before. Personally, I think we might see small pullbacks; probably not big ones.

  5. You missed the part where Justin Sun invited Trump to sit with Buffet and himself later this month at their lunch!

  6. For a club member Billionaire, the president that hasn’t personally taken a single paycheck for risking his and his family’s lives donating each one to a different organization is saying a lot about the guy. Do you see Bernie or any others doing more than simply taking?Oh yeh, he is big on the Crypto and Gold alright. He has planned the reintroduction off the GOLD backed DOLLAR to crush or restructure the Federal Reserve. He has been working progressively to gain control of this Corporation that is a huge part of the Central Banking System worldwide that is to be brought to its knees. Our Nations freedom was dependent on this break off away as you can see is happening around the world. This is a Global movement AND WE ARE WINNING ‼️WWG1WGA 🤝 😎

  7. LOL you break it down to 3years HODL and 1year sell. this could be genius… if there were just not those thousands of different changing variables over time that also have influence on the BTC market… just because the previous cycles look similar, doesn’t mean that the future market will be similar… however, your conclusion is a little… too primitive

  8. The risk of not buying at any time is crazy. Buying at 11000 vs 8000 seems like a lot, but if BTC takes off like we all think it will, you just can’t afford not to buy some here especially if you own none. Always waiting on the sidelines with all your cash for a bigger pullback is going to cost you at some point.

  9. Lol of course they would! They didn’t buy in low so now they want to get the price down to buy in low! 🤣🤣

  10. Don’t know if we are good to see 8k prices again .. not with what’s going on later this month with Bakt feld and etc coming in

  11. I heard the 17th of this month major pull back can’t remember who said it but I believe it for some reason

  12. First the UFC now the NFL. The Miami Dolphins make Litecoin their official Cryptocurrency.

  13. Exactly my thoughts. I did sell my bags yesterday expecting a 10,800 price but 11,200 was all I managed, lost a whole 1 million sats in the way. I’d rather go down to 8k with bags full than 13k and fomo somewhere in between. Lesson learned, better have BTC at any given point.

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  15. Surveillance Coin! That’s what we’ve been missing! Let’s invest in our own surveillance and make sure it thrives! Lol.

  16. great videoooo
    btc coming more and more popular … and keeping above 10k still they are great alt prices …

  17. Donald Trump:. “the US dollar is stronger than ever.” LIE!!
    if that statement does not open the floodgates to Bitcoin and crypto I don’t know what will.

  18. Nobody wants to sit with that loser Justin. Surprised Buffet has canceled this scam artist sponsored dinner

  19. Those who are selling now in panic will highly regret, same as already 99% of the time in 2019 when everybody was expecting a drop (like at 4.2k and 6.4k and more …). BTC TA is BS and has never worked in 2019.

  20. KP PK you received an airdrop. Congratulations. Research what they’ve just given you. Sit in a while look at it. Decided to think to keep it or trade it for something else like🤔

  21. No I agree my friend but dont you think that the 30% than the almost 20 % we had just after wasnt enough?

  22. ha many crypto influencers responded to trump. If Trump responded to Justin, THEN i’d mention it

  23. @Scott Davis So Trump is stupid. He is a self made billionaire and is the most powerful man in the free world. Any idiot can do that. Right? What does that say about you? I have never heard of you and your successes.

  24. Republican or Democrat….until we all wake up and smell the “fragrance” of none of them really give a damn about us in reality, is when we’ll all stop bickering amongst ourselves and come together as one and realized the only color that matters is GREEN as they do! But that’s what they fear on both sides!!🤔

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