I Was WRONG about DeFi Cryptocurrency! I Have Changed My Opinion [MAJOR UPDATE] Cryptocurrency News

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What is DeFi cryptocurrency? Is Chainlink coin a good investment? Today we look at bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2020, and talk about the latest cryptocurrency news.

How decentralized is DeFi? What is decentralized finance? All questions are answered on Altcoin Daily your cryptocurrency news channel!

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00:00 I Have Updated My Opinion
00:51 What is DeFi?
02:18 Bitcoin is DeFi
02:52 How Decentralized is DeFi?
03:28 Anthony Pompliano on Decentralized Finance vs Automated Finance
04:27 How Has My Opinion Changed?
05:13 Maker (MKR) cryptocurrency
06:43 What is the Perfect Cocktail of DeFi vs AuFi?
07:08 Chainlink (LINK) and Kyber Network (KNC)
08:00 Final Thoughts
09:25 Bonus Material!

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I Was WRONG about DeFi Cryptocurrency! I Have Changed My Opinion [MAJOR UPDATE] Cryptocurrency News

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann



  2. a lot of these defi coins just use defi to hype up their project & if you look at the concentration by large holders they’re over 90% which isn’t decentralized. not saying there aren’t good products but it’s important to dive deeper

  3. I am still a bitcoin fundamentalist. Alts are doing some interesting things with tech tho!👍

  4. NO you were not wrong, but you are getting impatient because some altcoins (Chainlink) are pumping and Bitcoin is still waiting … 😉
    THE pump is coming soon … 😉

  5. I think @youtube is purposely putting crypto scam adds on legit crypto videos to sabotage the creators

  6. I was waiting for those words! You have had your blinkers on bitcoin for too long. Yes it’s the king but don’t wait for the “trend change” to get into small caps! My 1 bitcoin investment into vechain last September is now just over 90 grand.

  7. Another important point to mention:
    – Centralized platform like BlockFi holds your coins (custodian)
    – Real Defi (dy dx, aave) project is non-custodial meaning you hold your coin and interact with the platform via smart contract

  8. Just glad he snapped out of the Maxy trance. I think a lot of people feel into this category aka all Alts will slowly die out and BTC is the only thing left in the end. This is totally not true and there are some amazing products being made on ETH and others like Cosmos etc

  9. appreciate you, N P. I’m still a bitcoin fundamentalist. Alts are doing some intersting things with tech tho 👍

  10. The first few minutes of this video is what I’ll be showing my friends and family. Clear concise and unbiased facts are what the ‘normies’ need to hear.

    Thanks Dudes! 👌

  11. @Altcoin Daily What do you mean by bitcoin fundamentalist? Financially, emotionally, aesthetically?

  12. Chainlink offers data interoperability to maintain reliable off chain to on chain functionality. It’s the glue that holds the respective network together (including chain to chain resource validation.)

  13. Altcoin Daily please explain how bitcoin helps the environment long term with ridiculous amounts of power required as an early gen proof of work technology? I guess if you’re all in mostly in one crypto like btc, as a maxi you won’t care.

  14. Online Gems but is that a problem? Btw most of the used energy is “green energy” because it’s cheaper

  15. Most altcoins have a Ponzi Schema – BE CAREFUL. Remember what Pomp day. I’m agree

  16. Pomp said recently: ‘Ethereum and Defi are building tech with no adopted products.’ That’s the reality right now.

  17. The future of De-Fi is going to be “projects” getting into trouble and since there is no Bail Out system like Commercial Banking ,I think they will follow the merger and acquisition mode ,exactly like Centralized competition. The best projects are ones that have a purpose outside of only Finance ,an internal purpose IE Brave Browser -BAT token. I think many experts in Crypto are missing that once too many of these projects are doing the same thing ,somebody has to fail and fail they will. I never knew Chainlink was so disproportionately owned 83% by an elite few. I’m out.

  18. Online Gems BTC was never meant to “care about the environment.” Sure, it may be old technology but BTC is king. Numbers don’t lie.

  19. Khangsing Chopel I just wait as the coin rises, then when it drops 4 or 5 points, I sell. If Vechain starts movin up at .0160, I’ll get in at .0165 assuming the rise was well paced. (Like 30 min-45 min). Then I assume it’s heading upwards not just kicking around. Likewise, let’s say it stalls at .0195 then starts to fall. This is where it’s important to be patient. Often it will slow and even drop a few points but then keeps moving up. Either way, if it stalls and drops 5 points, I sell. Here’s some good advice though, if you’ve made a decent profit and you sell, and then it starts rising again, DONT buy back in. I’ve been burned TOO many times. You see it rising again and you wanna jump back in but when you do it just reverses again and you lose money. Greed will lose you money. Be happy with the profits you took and wait patiently for the next coin to pump.

  20. he will likely go back to saying this when things get bearish again across the board, its so clear this is the case with so many people. when everything is bearish in 2018-2019 holding alts was a living hell, so it was easy to be a btc maximalist and be verbal about it, now its stuck at between 9k-9300 and you are now not part of the party of easy money in alts………I wish people would start be get honest with themselves and admit they are in it for the money and the hopes of getting rich, its never about the tech, all of this justifcation on the tech is for a gambler to convince themselves they are not playing the shitcoin casino

  21. That is one of the stupidest things they could do, people who have been scammed by youtube ads are probably not going to trust any ad on youtube in the future. If they are purposely doing it they are cutting their own throats.

  22. @Altcoin Daily You need to read Darwin amd his theory of only the stronger will survive! He never conclude that only ONE will survive, but many and those are the most capable of surviving. I know, cryoto is not nature, but his philosophy of life can clearly be applied to crypto!

  23. That should be good… the old system is failing and has been failing since about 09/11/2019 … (well failing more than usual).
    DEFI to save the world?

  24. Rune will hold that line while btc takes it turn in a pump. So will link and snx, ubt etc.

  25. Bitcoin is your bar of gold in the basement alt coins are hot potato’s that puts food on our plates through the weeks, lets make money people pump KYBER, THETA, IEXEC, REN I don’t hold any promise 😂😘

  26. Sounds like you turned 1btc into ten, or however many you can buy on the crash before btc takeoff. An easy 300k without being greedy. Congrats 👏 well done, take notes people.

  27. I honestly don’t know any Crypto that has major investments benefits like bitcoin, I mean, investing in bitcoin is equivalent to investing in a piece of share of future financial system and i gain quite a lot of recoup from the sole investment of bitcoin,its here to stay apparently, and we should know that.

  28. I don’t use any of those for investments, Coinbase would just store your BTC for a while without any interest. I do my investments with a passive income generation platform, TEI,Brian Carling manages my Portfolio personally, link below.

  29. It fascinates me to see beginners mess up their time and money on Robinhood and Coinbase, those apps are not really made for Crypto Investment.

  30. Bitcoin is losing a lot of ground to Ethereum which basically fills the same need that Bitcoin does. The reason that Chainlink is going up so much is because it is the only crypto that allows the blockchain network to access real time data. This is huge!!! This is the very formula that is required in order to fully automate the financial system, and Chainlink is the only project that does this. Additionally Chainlink is token agnostic so its system works with any crypto token. SOOOOOO . . . what does this mean? This means that Chainlink incentivizes other crypto to not compete with it. It just creates the infrastructure for other crypto to be able to also engage in Decentralized Finance. Chainlink WILL continue to move up as they keep announcing more partnerships every week and even the entirety of China has chosen Chainlink as its premier blockchain to develop its network. China banned crypto not long ago but it has begun integrating Chainlink into its financial system. People think this is another XRP event but Chainlink has already started serving the finance industry through Smart Contracts. This isn’t speculation, this is investment in a project that has a service that is being used more widely every passing day. The value of Chainlink is increasing organically, but the price of it is growing because that organic growth is fueling a degree of speculation also. Combine a project that serves a financial need with constant positive media exposure and you get a parabolic financial opportunity. Good luck!

  31. V. A. Odin I’m not buying your bags my friend I’m a fool I never went near chain link last year but you can’t catch them all there not Pokemon how higher do you think link could really go honestly 40 days from now

  32. Dude, your channel is way better. This just comes up on my queue so i hear what bad advice “Altcoin” daily has to say.

  33. Yeah, always check the channel for this guys awful advice. Giant btc maxi pad who doesn’t understand half of what he’s talking about

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