How To 50x Your Money [Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

Today I want to talk about how to 50x your money Altcoin Daily style! Be a disciplined investor! Watch the video.

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***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research! Be a disciplined investor!

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How To 50x Your Money [Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Strategy]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Just subscribed, I like the tone you are explaining, hope I learn more things from you, Ceers.

  2. I don’t want a bull run for a least another year to two years. Just because money is tight this year and it’s typical that it’s the best time to be buying. I obviously have some money invested but the majority I’ve lost at the moment because I stupidly bought in at $13,500 and $8000 marks in bitcoin price history at the end of last year. But hey learn from your mistakes, right? So I can and want to wait as well, patience is definitely a virtue.

  3. We won’t be able to apply your strategy, because future contracts didn’t exist back then. There’s just too much manipulation going on. We may go up, but it won’t be as easy as you think. Now in order to succeed you’ll need to learn how to trade and take profits sometimes even at 30, 50 % before the crash happens.

  4. Here’s what I think man.

    We are not in a BEAR 🐻 market until we dip below the 21 month average. Hasn’t happened yet so it’s just a down trending market.

    Also I think any smart investor trading on probabilities will take there intial investment out at 100% gains and lest the rest ride.

    I do want to say thank you for your experience and help educating others that might have weak hands because this will be a once in a lifetime event for the masses.

  5. Worthwile video for sure!!

    It is common sense for you and me,but common sense is a lot less common than 1 might think…..To quote Warren Buffet a great BTC supporter lol lol…. ( being sarcastic), the patient investor makes money from the impatient investor….It took years of waiting for the early adopters to make their millions/billions,that is THE ONLY WAY FOR BIG GAINS….

    HODL WITH PATIENCE!! That is the reason u only play with money u do not need short term…

  6. Koingo Boingo Daedalus wallet, and they are working w/ledger to integrate ADA on their hardware wallet….can’t wait for that!

  7. I hope I don’t make it sound easy. As I said it might take a very long time. I do think that market has yet to see it’s highest high.

  8. Great video as usual
    I start investing when market cap was 800 and invest again when was 650 and 450 and 250 billions
    Im for long HODL 5/10 years … just buy the dips and enjoy the ride….
    Take some profits on the way up…
    Respect from Macedonia

  9. To add up.
    I chose my best altcoin by this.

    -The company has their own funds to develop the project, in my case the company has already clients that pays them so they dont need the community to give them money(this will indicate that the team doesnt need funds to get from people to materialize their visions)

    -They prioritize and recieve feedbacks from the community specially to the products they are doing.

    -Not marketing too much before they release their products. Not creating fomo.

    -Check the roadmap. Analyze if everything is achievable and not a scifi bullshit. And make sure that blockchain is really needed to their project.

    -Doesn’t pay for youtubers to shill.

    -Tokenomics/demand is created via usage not via chart only(I am talking about utility token not a coin because the only coin for me that will always be on top is Bitcoin)

    -They dont give people false promises.

    -Never prioritize token price talks, project driven not money driven.

    Money is the easiest thing. But real change or blockchain adoption acceptance and usability is not. Get a company that DO rather than TALK.

  10. Liked and favorited. Great advice (but not financial advice because you are not a financial advisor and this is merely for entertainment purposes. I need to do my own research 😉)

  11. As a new investor…my candid advice is that you employ a Tested and trusted strategy in trading.

  12. Do you have an email list to keep us informed of your price predictions? In case we miss your YouTube videos. Thanks!

  13. We do not. Youtube is the best way to stay connected to us. Also, follow us on twitter @AltcoinDailyio.

  14. Good info. I think it’s important to have take profits at certain levels on the way up. Take off more of your position as the bulls control the market trend. Then if you feel the market has hit peak resistance, you can take everything out and then wait for key support levels to start buying again.

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