How Much XRP Do You Need to Become a Cryptocurrency Millionaire in 2021? | BitBoy Crypto [SHOCKING]


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Can XRP cryptocurrency reach $5? Why is Ripple being sued by the SEC? Today we are joined by Ben of BitBoy Crypto to give us his price prediction for XRP, & MORE!! SLAP THE LIKE BUTTON! 👋

We are not financial advisors. Please contact a professional before making an investment. This video is for informational/entertainment purposes only. DYOR.

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Easiest Way to Turn 1k into 10k with Cryptocurrency in 2021? | Tyler Winklevoss Explains

Easiest Way to Turn 1k into 10k with Cryptocurrency in 2021? | Tyler Winklevoss Explains

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Is XRP a good investment 2021? What will XRP be worth in 2021? Can XRP reach $10 in 2021? What happens if XRP is a security?

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Welcome BitBoy
02:27 Are Bitcoin and Ethereum Bullish in July 2021?
05:41 What is XRP? What is Ripple? Why is SEC suing?
09:23 Is XRP an unregistered security? (Austin pushes back)
13:47 XRP Price Prediction for 2021?
17:18 How Many XRP do You Need to Become a Millionaire?
19:15 Final Thoughts

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How Much XRP Do You Need to Become a Cryptocurrency Millionaire in 2021? | BitBoy Crypto [SHOCKING]

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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

  2. im still hodling my bag of xrp $30 us would be sick since im in canada thats like $50 a token 😀

  3. I am shocked that you actually covered some xrp 😀 I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw xrp in the video title

  4. @Digital Klout That time is gone. Soon we will say, the time to stack ADA was 1.4 🤗

  5. C•r•y•p•t•o = i•n•v•e•s•t•m•e•n•t
    W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p =
    N•u•m•b•e•r•s = +1 (2•3•9)-(3•4•1)-(3•6•5•3)

  6. ISO 20022 that’s the standard, fed put it out years ago, if Ethereum made half the partnerships as Ripple, it would be bullish news, no one talks about the sweeping giants , XRP, XLM, XDC Algorand

  7. I would love to see an honest debate about how “centralized” XRP really is between any of the group here and anyone that actually talks the “other facts” about ripple and the XRPL. Last I’ve seen, ripple runs 4% of the validator nodes and has no special privileges over the ledger. In fact, the majority could push ripple to burn their escrow. All facts.

  8. The institutions involved dont want the price going up. It suits their interests till they are ready to use more of it.

  9. @David Nosiri bought when it was 5 cents, now the risk:reward ratio is not worth it 😉

  10. There is still not enough Validator nodes There needs to be more so that Ripple does not have any influence at all

  11. Bitboy badmouthed xrp just like a Jamie diamond and now he is pumping it. I stopped listening to bitboy when he ran this scam .

  12. It’s price suppression, keep buying at a low. I’m currently at a cost average of 40cent per xrp.. bought at .25, .40, .51.

  13. Non of you guys are talking about the curruption that ripple is exposing in the SEC.

  14. Correction*** 10:00 minute mark or so , ripple did not print its own coin (xrp) , xrp was created/printed/premined before ripple was founded/create.

  15. @Sherlock Holmes tell that to the proof of work mining farms also, while we’re at it anyone who purchased boatloads on an ico.

  16. @David Nosiri yup! Did the same thing when LINK was $1.4… and then watched my bag of LINK 35x.

  17. @Damian Wood it’s a shakeout. The big financial institutions don’t want the common people holding “their money”

  18. @Nikolai Hel I think the time to take profits will take place before that happens. Unfortunately converting to stable coins is technically still taxable up to %50 if you’re into 7 figures.

  19. You mean its still 30 dollars and like 50 loonies lol just like the price predictions of $30 dollars

  20. The corruption of the SEC is the driver off why Ripple is going to win. There is no way the SEC will allow internal documents to see the light of day. As soon as Judge Torres validates the Fair Notice defense, this case is over.

  21. @Sabrina dont buy XRP because of tis video. Im a long term holder and I am a fan of XRP. Any buyrs of XRP – do a deep dive learn about the assets you are buying, it makes it easier to hold when prices come down. This video didnt give any real technical depth or discussion. I bought more XRP when the SEC case hit because – well brad came out to say they were bieng sued by the SEC way before the SEC confirmed. So I went through the technicals, re-evluated and decided that it was a great oppertunity to increase my bags beofre flare networks comes live, so I cna mont Fassets and earn further returns. Notice this video only talk about price, never talk about the overall oppertunity. Once again guys – dont buy XRP based on this video, take time clean youself from the FUD and take an objective view (not financial advise)

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