How Low Will Bitcoin Drop in 2018? + Ripple Confirms xRapid Ready for Launch [Cryptocurrency News]


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Today I want to talk about: Bitcoin, Ripple, Tether, and the market.

Ripple Confirms XRP-Powered Platform xRapid Is Ready for Launch

Ripple Confirms XRP-Powered Platform xRapid Is Ready for Launch

Tether’s Printing Press Has Churned Out $415 Million in August
U.S. Cryptocurrency Exchanges Set to Meet in September to Discuss Self-Regulation

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How Low Will Bitcoin Drop in 2018? + Ripple Confirms xRapid Ready for Launch [Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. I think some of the exchanges coming together to self regulate crypto (SRO) is wonderful and amazing for the space. However, I must say I started smiling a little bit because it reminded me of a scene in The Godfather where the heads of The Five Families come together to discuss mob business. #LetsGoCrypto #ImExcited

  2. This is the 763rd time I’ve heard about x-rapid. Truth is, all these banks are incentivized to hold the volatile token for as short a time as possible because it would complicate echange rates. However, if Ripple merely acts as a consultant to help these institutions patent their own solution, (ahem) that would be more efficient. Let’s not be fooled. Most institutions won’t utilize the XRP token in the x-product of choice. Those that do will recieve at a set volume, for a set price, and predetermined amount of time their liquidity from Brad Garlicmouth’s escrow account. That means those tokens are in an ecosystem unto itself, separate from all those hopium-addicted moonboys’ wallets and public exchanges. Problem is, every time I state these facts, the tribal responses are venomous. Don’t be butthurt bagholders. Don’t be married to a source of liquidity for big banks

  3. MArket makers just Using Etf for Controlling the Price of the Market, We cannot do about it, So better Ride or die, ETF Approval this august 23 will be Surely be Rejected

  4. banks now realize they may have no choice but to embrace crypto. Slow but acceptance is coming. Hold on!!

  5. Do I believe in crypto? Yes. But it’s because the government created it, and is going to use it to be the next fiat. The old fiat is dying and they need a replacement. Crypto is perfect because they can monitor our every purchase.They are going to win again. So I want to purchase some very cheap in advance… and bet on the side that always wins. That is a pretty safe bet. (but for reasons that are factual rather than emotional.)

  6. don’t waste you breath on the fan boys… they love xrp and worship it like they worship the government itself, and being tax farm slaves. You will never get a single one of them to realize that xrp is probably NOT the coin that is going to moon them into big profits.

  7. It’s obvious man that you don’t really understand what is crypto and how it works – so as don’t forget that there are also anonymous coins available. And in crypto space even with btc where transactions are trackable you still can easily hide your money by pushing it through pool of transactions so no one will be able to track you 🙂 same applies to any blockchain where transactions are visible

  8. Tether is a lie. give me a break Tether…you need an accounting firm not a fake law firm. if you have USD in the bank then you get an audit for USD not that difficult. Plus the amount of Tether in circulation must equal what is in the bank at any particular point in time. just that simple. not a 2 second snap shot of the bank value after the closing of EOS ICO.

  9. I am buying BTC using xprocrypo because they have very good service, to buy fast altcoins I am using linkkoin.

  10. wat a joke it only went up last yr after how many yrs? and now goin down n down. itll b may b another 6-7 yrs for this bs to go up again

  11. No – XRP is centralised I will never invest in it as I am crypto enthusiast and crypto is not only about investing it is about whole idea to get rid of these financial institutions and bring back freedom to people from Federal Reserve Central bank etc. so they stop stealing money from people with their fees, control every step you do etc.

  12. Crypto But price is to high due to people take it away to hold.
    Of course at 20k many Sold, But with win.
    So this paradox, no i dont buy good with my bc, because in 3 month its 100 percent higher, then a bubble and people sell and so on.
    With buying or Stellung with no Payment reason transaction feed rises.
    And as far as i Know more complicated.
    Is there a reason for having Math problems getting more complicated or Has this difficulty a necessary reason for Block chain
    If not this is by far the sickest unnessary use of 3nergy and Costs in men history.

  13. Watched early this morning. Thanks for my first giggle of the day @ “the Winklevi.” I haven’t heard that before (but I’m new to crypto this summer).

  14. Jordan Belfort does not believe in crypto and he the Wolf of Wallstreet. 😂😂🤣🤣

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