How Do I Short or Long Bitcoin? [Trade Futures, Derivatives, Margin] Leverage 100x? [Interdax]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!

Let's talk about trading futures, derivatives, on margin, leveraging 100x. There is A LOT of risk when doing this…but this is an option you have.

Check this out!

This is a paid review.

Interdax is a cryptocurrency trading platform focused on
derivatives, primarily perpetual swaps and futures. They allow up to 100x leverage and they plan to be a direct competitor to Bitmex in the coming months.

They currently have a launch contest going on that allows you to win $100,000 in Bitcoin and IDAX tokens…

Rooting for these guys. I hope they do good.

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This is a paid review. They paid for time on the channel. All opinions expressed are my own.

I have no inside knowledge of the inner working of the company. Participate at your own risk. There is A LOT of risk involved in derivative trading.


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How Do I Short or Long Bitcoin? [Trade Futures, Derivatives, Margin] Leverage 100x? [Interdax]

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Good lad for full disclosure.

    – My one piece of advice for everyone looking through the comments right now; be extremely careful with leverage trading. The mass majority of people, especially if you’re new; get absolutely obliterated. Just bear that in mind.

    Love the test net coins though.

  2. What’s going on with the market ?keeps going up I need to get in low 😂😂😂☝️👀🙅🏻‍♂️

  3. What I hate about margin trading is the margin calls.
    The inability to hodl a short position always means that you have to time the highs perfectly because the exchanges do not allow you to weather out the short term in the same way that you can hodl a long position even if the market moves against you.

  4. Very useful content today. Nicely done. Bare in mind one unequivocal fact. 95% of “ so called traders” lose money.It’s a hard unbending fact that has been irrevocably true for 1000’s of years. All these neophyte entrants in your comment section boasting about how they “make money trading” make me laugh. At least 95% of them are like the habitual gambler. They only post or tell you about their “trades” when they are winners. They ALL conveniently forget about their losers.

  5. I am one of those panic traders, not until i met Mrs Jeanne kirby, i made $12,500 in 5 days with a startup investment of $2000. This woman is a genius, All Thanks to crypto expert kirby.

  6. Changling good point. I lose trades all the time, it’s all about minimizing losses on bad trades and maximizing gains on winners. And picking good entry/exit points of course. It’s a tough game and if you play too much leverage you’ll crap eventually.

  7. +Altcoin Daily oops sorry maybe i misunderstood you for a moment. I thought test net coin was suppose to be a new cryptocurrency which will be launched by Interdax hence an equivalent of BNB own by Binance which is also an exchange platform, so i thought the early birds will benefit more from that project. I thought interdax’s own coin will be the test net coin. Sorry abt that.

  8. Awesome video! I shorted and made some great calls and have been rekt! We use Kraken for U.S. reasons.

    Short around $4.2K range before capitulation!

  9. I need atleast 6000.00 USD to make any real money on FOREX and still a good chance of loss on markets like GPB vs JPY that don’t fluctuate a lot I’m talking 30 to 60 pip movement on a 4hr chart crypto may move that much on a 15 min chart people are gonna lose their crypto really fast especially the newbies

  10. Exercise extreme caution brother there’s a small chance you gain a little coin and a big chance you’ll lose a lot of coin

  11. +Altcoin Daily , i understand that i posted this before you said sponsored video but you have to compare it to digitex , digitex has NO commision , decentralised accounts with plasma next year and super fast matching engine 🙂 interdax can’t beat that ! also cool ladder interface for fast trading

  12. If these guys have anything close to a meta trader 4 platform crypto prices are going down can’t wait for the beta I can tell you now if it’s good I’ll sell all my crypto and wait for the 40x, 100x drop crypto will take once the real trader come and start sucking up stop losses and shorting the market if you guys think this is good for crypto your mistaken go download a meta trader 4 and look at oil prices since they got on gold since they got on they are all now and have mainly been held close to price of production the only thing worse than centralization is manipulation

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