HERE IS WHY BITCOIN WILL SUCCEED! How Much Bitcoin Should You Own? [Send This Video To A Friend]

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HERE IS WHY BITCOIN WILL SUCCEED. The Only Question Is: How Much Bitcoin Should You Own? How Much Is Enough?

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How Much Bitcoin Do You Need To Own To Succeed In The Future?

There’s 0.003 Bitcoin (BTC) For Each Human Alive: Get’em While They’re Cold

There’s 0.003 Bitcoin (BTC) For Each Human Alive: Get’em While They’re Cold

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HERE IS WHY BITCOIN WILL SUCCEED! How Much Bitcoin Should You Own? [Send This Video To A Friend]


  1. 3 BTC is the sweet spot imo . 1 for future spending 1 to pass down to my future kids 1 to HODL for life. But everyone should at least aspire to own 1 BTC while you can!!

  2. Everyone watching this video should aim to get 1 bitcoin minimum. The 21 Million Club will be a great way to secure your future, in my opinion.

  3. Hodl for life without spending it or gaining interrest could be the same as not owning it at all. Pointless

  4. @murray821 I assumed he didn’t quite mean it literally. I call it ‘long term HODLing’, meaning see how it goes in the very long term. Can’t speak for him though.

  5. Great video, I think you are right. At least 1 BTC is required and at least 1000 XRP and 5000 ADA 😉

  6. However, unfortunately, people will find out that Bitcoin and cryptos are not a game and they are here to stay when BTC is higher than 20k dollars. And they will go away when it drops from 100K or 200K. It the normal way of the market to behave. The best strategy with BTC is to hold many years and not to touch it! 😉 cheers…

  7. You’re right about inflation. And governments. And bitcoin.
    Just exchange your fiat for cryptos! At least have like fifty-fifty!

  8. Answer: As much as possible.

    There is not enough BTC available for everyone to own one, simple math. The rich and wealthy is soon gonna FOMO in, and make the price SKYrocket into the stratosphere. If BTC truly becomes the new “gold standard”, it’s gonna blow.
    On the other hand, if you look at a project like Blocknet (6 mio circulating supply) and look at what they have accomplished so far, you’ll notice how undervalued it is!
    The project launched in 2014, so it’s not some new “scam” coin, but a project with history and hard work behind it.

    Blocknet made the first TRUE DEX, making it possible to trade peer to peer, without any central point of failure. (Centralized Exchange). Works like a charm, so I suggest anyone reading this to at least do a little digging on the project.

  9. Get at least 0.01 btc, I think everybody can afford it, and you don’t lose much if it fails, but it’s already success!

  10. 2.1 is a reasonable goal for most middle class families.

    When bitcoin hits gold’s marketcap it will be worth roughly 800k.

  11. Finally got the full BTC.. I was late to the party. But I think if we hold this for a decade or so it should be exponential. Now I am diversifing into cheaper alt coins on gemini ( they have a diversifing tool that spreads out your crypto purchasing to what the market is buying). And of course still buying sexy silver. Trust in yourself, not the government

  12. Tim Mogensen. Is blocknet something one can invest in or buy into? Is blocknet a coin ?!

  13. @MeAkaSandraClaus Yeah, it’s a coin! Pretty good entry point right now, sitting below $1. 5000 BLOCK is enough to run a service node, which can benefit from transaction fees on the network. Pretty cool project, I advice you to do some research on it 🙂 It’s a cool project, which could easily reach $100/coin next bullrun, because of it’s low supply.

  14. There will never be a 21 million club, because there are allready so many btc lost, that 21 will never be reached. i even heard that probably around 5 million BTC is lost already. Not sure if that estimation is correct, but even if it is only half of that, that is a lot. Not sure if it will affect the price, because the ‘lost’ coins are still on the blokchain of course. they just won’t ever be used/ send. But a club of 16 million sounds a lot better to me than 21 😛

  15. @Altcoin Daily Thanks found it. It starst at 5 hours till 5:12.30. Don’t know how you do it, but Daily great videos.

  16. Wealthy people don’t own gold, Central banks and poor people own gold. Source – I am a wealthy person. We got wealthy because we DONT fomo in, and we DONT own inflation matching assets like gold. I have some bitcoin, but i didn’t buy it in December 2017, when I found out about it. Why ? Because I’m not stupid, I waited for all the poor people who did FOMO to get REKT, then I picked it up when it was bottomed out. Its not that hard to call the bottom of a market that goes down 85 % in a normal cycle. The moment it stops beating stocks, or gets near the top of its power chart, I’m out. Yes, inflation transfers poor people’s wealth to rich people, but so will Bitcoin, because poor people don’t HODL, which is just a slang word for SAVING AND INVESTING. Who does the vast majority of the saving and long term investing ? Its us wealthy people, and that isn’t going to change.

  17. Answer: only the amount you can afford to lose without affecting the rest of your life (bills). Same as “hot stocks”. Buy fractions each month to build up your stash. GLTA

  18. @Ben Brok is it possible that the lost bitcoin limits the supply in some way thus limiting the amount available to buy? I dunno, something to think about

  19. @Alexander Ashton im actually mining ETN. Its free and Easy to setup. Just download it on your Phone. If your in the App and enter my Code (5FF5EE) you and i earn more. Not trying to trick you into anything. I have 400 ETN by now.

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