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What’s good E.T Fam? Happy Monday to you all. I’m here to discuss the current state of the market with you all. Today seems to be one of those days where the news is all over the place. Of course you have the Russian FUD with tensions building between Russia, Ukraine, and the US. We also have some FUD coming out of the US surrounding the Executive Order that President Biden is set to issue.

Plus, a few other weird stories have been plaguing the space. As a result, the market prices have been reacting as expected. However, not all news has been negative. Crypto gaming is still cementing its place in the industry and NFTs still have no chill. So, there are still ways to profit in this market.

Join me today as I cover these stories and discuss some strategies with you all. Stay safe and much love E.T Fam!

00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Max pain
02:13 – Putin recognizes Donetsk and Luhansk as independant states
03:13 – What does it means for crypto?
05:47 – Bullish flags
06:27 – Man-made crisis
08:17 – The gaming movement
09:21 – How to trade the news
11:50 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Imagine no more fear of ETH exorbitant gas fees and more news projects can thrive on this new blockchain, if it works

  2. It’s all a pattern. Simply Buy low invest. Invest invest ! Like in 2020 ! Just if everyone stops getting scared. Learn a new a discipline like patience then everything is good 👍🏼

  3. Peopel forgeting web3 have its own economy, it is not responsible for the old Legacy market.. But people still react to those in power.. Till people realize the independence web3 brings we will be correlated with the old world… Patience😎🎊

  4. Loving the encouragement… Thanks Ellio for all of your efforts !! Make certain you give “us” your audience a recap of the strongest NFT / gaming projects when you feel as though we are near the bottom – 🍻🇦🇺‼️

  5. Great video Ellio. With the tensions in Ukraine & Russia and major FUD everywhere you look, I appreciate your take and positive spirit.

  6. when I started crypto I only wanted to flip, but now I intend to stay for basically the rest of my life. Crypto is our last resistance.

  7. NFT’s are pulling liquidity from coins just like ICO’s did in 2017. An artist can create a collection collect crypto ands sell to Fiat and they have been since the top of the market

  8. I think I may have stated a year or more ago. ETH is going to sink and is in serious trouble. Too many issues, too slow, too expensive.
    CHIA XCH is the best choice for crypto by a mile. Most amazing advancements. Fee free currently. And the only project using the Nakamoto principles same as Bitcoin.

    Now tied to the stable coin USDS simply buy, exchange, make offers. It’s just the beginning with XCH. Brahm Cohen the inventor of BitTorrent is the inventor of CHIA also. The pedigree of the project is insane.

    When Elon Musk said BTC was too dirty. Out came XCH it is the green BTC. Just keep watching that space.

  9. Do you think that they will Crack down on the crypto here like they did in Canada? Do you think it’s still safe to keep money in coinbase?

  10. I’m confused. What are you saying? He’s literally saying another march 2020 situation can happen. The market is neither confirmed bear or bull rn. But most likely bear according to this video and recent news.

  11. True, but the next cycle the amount of new money going to be flooding in, and remember the institution tsunami hasn’t happened yet.

  12. you helped me step off the “ledge” the line between the CEXs and the real crypto. To engage and use these new tools. To test and try things and for that I am super greatful. Thank you and Becker, I may not be a NT citizen (still feel a little salty from missing my spot with a failed tx) but I am now a crypto citizen.

  13. @Haruspex Btc and eth, but also many L1/2s, they all have a place and purpose, this is the infrastructure of future economy.

  14. The crypto market is definitely coming back up real soon and massive pumps expected. Y’all it’s a good time to buy now.

  15. I’m from the UK. I’m working with Sir Graham David Fullerton, got my two friends involved already they just recieved their profits after 10 days of trade. He’s good.

  16. When you’re good and straight forward with what you do, people will always speak good about you. Super great man

  17. Hey Ellio, I’ve always been a huge fan of yours, but I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the realistic and positive support you are bringing to us all in these more challenging times. You are a true leader and hero!🙏

  18. The content is really great!!! Honestly I can’t wait for the new MetaMotor Club collection of 8,888 car-themed NFTs to come out! Btw, who heard that each NFT gets 5 B2PX Tokens Airdropped?

  19. I leverage on the volatility of the market for significant returns rather than holding and loosing value to the volatility of the market

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