FORGET THE ELECTION! Bitcoin will EXPLODE regardless! + Juicy Altcoins


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0:00 Bitcoin and the Ballot
1:29 Now is NOT the time
3:23 The election & crypto
6:50 Bitcoin TA
8:38 UniLend Overview
9:45 Altcoin Overview
12:00 Bitcoin Season

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR!

FORGET THE ELECTION! Bitcoin will EXPLODE regardless! + Juicy Altcoins

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I’d stay away from the trading info as they are a dime a dozen on youtube, Your expertise seems to be in identifying new and innovative alt coins. Why move away from your strength?

  2. Ellio, let others offer the TA and trading instruction. Focus on what you appear to enjoy and do best. Identifying and discussing technically sound and economically viable projects.

    Also, hope defi remains the “wild west”. Keep the government regulators out of this space and let the free market operate as it should. DYOR. Read Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments.

  3. agreed on both points, and also that book looks rather intriguing not to mention OLD, thanks im gonna check it out

  4. There is no need to change the format. I’m sure we all have our go to channels for TA but your content is something completely different and that is refreshing. Just keep doing what you do best. Keep the content fresh, follow the tends and sprinkle it with your Ellio insights….It’s perfect just the way it is!

  5. Personally mate, I’ve appreciated your perspective on some of the pumping alt coins, but I inherently find SO much more value in your content regarding: news and happenings in the market and financial sector that could signal bullishness + projects that have tremendous potential to transform the ecosystem. I’m over here frothing at the mouth on some of the Polka projects because they feel like they have potential not only in the short-term but maybe many years to come #2cents That said, every video I’ve watched by you has been consistently top-notch so.. I trust your intuition and whatever’s lighting you up to guide you to the material you love, which then gets passed on to us

  6. In a few years to come people will be kicking themselves in regret if they miss this opportunity of buying and Investing in Crypto currency ✅

  7. I’m not here to converse for Mrs Sophia Gilbert but to testify for what I’ve witnessed and I’m sure of she’s trustworthy and best option ever seen.

  8. Nano Ledgerrrr S, i do need one ellio hope i win it.
    good luck to everyone who’s fighting for it.

  9. @my name we are talking about $50 of btc being given to politicians. It is just the beginning of them having any experience with it. It’s better for them to have some experience with crypto rather than zero. Governments will get involved with crypto whether you like it or not and whether you want them to or not because their paper money systems are failing and they need to flee to the lifeboats

  10. In general I would agree RE the regulatory influence however these same regulatory bodies do NOT seem to have done very well RE issue like the Libor scandal or more recently the money laundering scandals perpetrated by some of the worlds biggest banks. Why should the crypto world necessarily trust the current framework of regulation ??

  11. The greatest thing any company with a large cash position- who’s interested helping the poor- is to convert fiat cash to #Bitcoin.
    By defunding fiat, you eliminate virtually the entire, structural, apparatus that creates poverty in the first place.
    Alexandra Walker on CNBC interview.

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  13. I’ve made my investments with this very company and was assigned to Alexandra Walker as my broker, made profits worth over $75,000 after trading with her. Her trading services and strategies are of high standards; never regretted venturing into crypto investment with her being my investment advisor.

  14. Jeffery adolfo Gonzalez wow, that’s watering huge profits you’ve made from trading with her. Hope you don’t mind referring me to her platform?

  15. I would say Alexandra Walker is amazing (if not the best) when it comes to binary trading and crypto investment. After reaching out to her, I started off with $15k and made a big return of $152,000 after few months of trading with her signals💥

  16. Great things like this barely happens so I’ve got to say out and I think more experts and professionals should present such programs to help the teeming herd of beginner traders to find suitable trade experts like that of Alexandra to guide them through the course. Search her up (@invest2earnwithxandra) on tėIėgram

  17. No, do not talk about price action. If i wanted that i would follow someone more experienced – no disrespect. I like your current content, re general market and Altcoin gems.

  18. “Now is not the time to worry about the FEDs budget.” LMAO he should’ve preceded that with “This is not financial advice, but….”

  19. Indulging in cryptocurrency has proven to be profitable,Even with the instability of bitcoin price I’m still able to manage my portfolio from 0.86btc to 2.73btc just within few weeks of trading with wilton,i no longer work 9-5 and that is financial freedom

  20. Elliot, if you’re going to filter/synthesize some trading info, then stick with giving us the gist of what Krown is saying – he’s the top dog by a mile among youtube traders; incredible experience as you know, so his is the one opinion I trust above all others.

  21. Even with the price fluctuation,Bitcoin trading still happens to be profitable,I’m still fascinated by the possibilities of that,how does one even get in on trading bitcoin?

  22. You already know bitcoin is beneficial,i invest with trading Expert Wilton and i get good profit in return,she renders good trading counsel I recommend you contact her if you’re looking to grow financially through bitcoin

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