Experts Are Wrong: Bottom $2,500 or $1,800? Manipulation Evidence [Crypto Crash Bottom]

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Hey Team! I think the "Experts" are wrong! Let's talk about potential Bitcoin bottoms.
I see…$2,900; $2,500; or $1,800…

What do you think?

Also, I want to show you evidence of wall street manipulation courtesy of Glen Beck.

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Bitcoin Rich List/Whale Watching

Glenn Beck: Wall street is manipulating Bitcoin price to buy it cheap

Wallstreet is manipulating Bitcoin price to buy it cheap

Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto

Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

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Experts Are Wrong: Bottom $2,500 or $1,800? Manipulation Evidence [Crypto Crash Bottom]

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  1. 2900 is pretty much exactly where the .886 retracement levels are, which are exactly where 2014 bear market tested.. which is pretty much exactly where the 200 weekly moving average is.

    Experts say the bottom is at 3k bc they don’t see us breaking the 200 weekly.
    I’m no expert but I don’t see the Fibonacci sequence lying anytime soon.

  2. Next futures contract expires on Dec 19th, look for the low on that date, then people will sell for tax loss , so IMHO, the last week in December will be the low point.

  3. You are correct, Wall Street is shaking out the weak hands. You are starting to see in video comments capitulation statements by weak handed people who got burnt. When the price starts going back up it will be because they, Wall Street, have their share.

  4. The older a support level is, the less accurate it is.
    I just gave away a million dollar secret .🤣😂

  5. That video you’ve shared said it all, I add it to my fav!; I hope you share more of this evidences specially in this time of doubt; great content

  6. Altcoin Daily should be the last in 2018 and then I think Bakkt will give cover to the SEC for the VanEck ETF

  7. if someone does not know how markets work they say manipulation. just look on btc, look in the chart. this is exactly what bitcoin does because of its small marketcap. it grows violent in bubbles, and these bubbles pop violent. thats how small markets, traded by speculators work. they over and undershoot. we are now in a undershoot area, so what you want to do ? just a small group of people can deal with this, the majority will give up because it takes a “long” time to build up that momentum again.

  8. People have been trying to figure out where support is since 10,000. Each time there are arguments that reference support levels and fibonacci’s or whatever other indicator that person wants to use. Coindesk did an article yesterday that was really good regarding the rise and fall symmetry. They went back to the beginning and found a pretty good correlation. The other one is time before the halving and finally . consumer sentiment. Again ever since 10k people have realized that all they have to do is wait and next month they will get a better price. The human mind is extremely good at picking up patterns and that pattern has been in play all year. Once enough people [or large players] decide whatever point is low enough that is our bottom. I see the TA pointing the same places everyone else does but all year long it has been ignored making this potentially the worst bitcoin bear market we have ever seen. Not far from the 2015 87% zone. Maybe its 1800. Maybe its 2500. maybe this is it? Who knows. Seems like a good time to start scaling in and not fret about catching exact bottoms imo

  9. That’s the secret. Part of the profits the bankers/whalestreet will be screwing the future crypto FOMOers will be going to us.

  10. People were selling for tax loss on Nov. 16 – 20 on the BAKKT delay news and hedge fund redemptions. I would expect the buybacks to start after 12/20.

  11. I’m guessing you watched some shitty clickbait video from someone like Modern Investor or Tech Cash House and they told you BTC will go to $8k next week. These guys are 100% wrong.

  12. You keep on bringing me the best news as always. I don’t usually subscribe to too many channels. You are the one. You earned yourself another subscriber.

  13. But we’ll need to show them a $800-850 BTC so they’ll enter. They should have friendly whale support that can dump hard and break through the 1K resistance for them. Hopefully all done by Feb 2019 to time in with SEC ETFs approval.

  14. +Neville RobertsonWhat if its $1000 and you miss out on a 300% spike followed buy a 3 month bull run hitting new all time highs??? be careful .

  15. Your a smart man .. I have waited for next month 9 times now, I am a broken man ,lol. Its been a tough year . Good luck .

  16. Some good info. Some other things to think about – shorts are at all time high. Also everyone is saying 3k and 1050 – if everyone is saying it the market will do the opposite. It’s very possible but don’t get greedy waiting to buy a bottom. It could shoot off soon – because no one thinks it will as the main reason.

  17. This is exactly like “stock buybacks” in the stock market. When the companies buy back their own stocks, they drive prices up. This is a manipulation of the market. What goes up, must come down…(crash or correction)

  18. All these “experts” are day traders/monetized youtubers/salesmen/influencers. This is how these people make their money. Of course they are going to tell you to buy buy buy. Regardless of whether the price is going to go up or not, these people are going to tell you “now is the time to buy more”. No one knows for sure what’s really going on but, more importantly, they aren’t going to give you unbiased information. All they really want is to get those market pumps, so they can day trade for profit, kickbacks from nano ledger, views likes and subscribes… no one is going to tell you to wait if that’s the right thing to do… it’s not good for business. Let’s say you listen to their advice and buy now, then the price drops another 40%. You lose purchasing power and they make money shorting. It’s the same old bs. People selling out because of greed. That’s the problem with the entire financial market. Short selling and day trading to make a few bucks, corrupting and making ineffective any new technology that could potentially cure the cancer we call the central banks

  19. +Altcoin Daily I understand that and you may be one of the exceptions. I’m speaking in general because I feel that people need to understand that before they take advice from the majority of people on youtube

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