Everyone Is Trying To Get Their Last Bitcoin. A Big Move Is Coming.

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Owning 1 Whole Bitcoin Is Becoming More Unattainable. Are You Buying? Or Are You Selling? The Long-Term Trend Is Your Friend!

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Bitcoin Has Existed For 3,837 Days and Been a Bad Investment on Only 60 of Them

Casa Launches New Mobile App for Their Lightning Node

Before Kraken was an exchange, it was a virtual goods market forum. In 2012 they had a competition for a new logo, prize was 175 BTC. Weird to look back at..

HBO Show Euphoria Showcases Bitcoin as a Viable Payment Method in Latest Episode


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Everyone Is Trying To Get Their Last Bitcoin. A Big Move Is Coming.


  1. Buy cardano for max. profits. “more risks more gains”. This is too easy. come on. 😉😉😉😉😋

  2. Everyone thinks its going up so probably will go down. Apparently the market takes it from 80% of investors. But the trend looks like ti is going up now.

  3. I’m buying bitcoin til it will get me to where I can buy realestate like crazy!

  4. @Morning Glory that’s more than most you’re in a good position don’t worry. Just hodl 👍

  5. I’m holding and if you feel like selling you should find a new investment lol

  6. Delete your comment. Hackers are going to find this in the next few years and target you.

  7. ADA is competing with Ethereum which has a much larger support network and more developers. Just because ADA is cheap doesn’t make it a good buy.

  8. @arjan de vries you are right, it should be about quality. But in most cases it goes about quantity. I think that right now institutional money is getting. And they only invest in BTC.
    The marketcap will be incredible high as soon as more and more insurance companies, pension funds, trust funds etc. are getting in.
    (fyi.. I do own ADA and BTC)

  9. Netflix German comedy show: How To Sell Drugs Online Fast references bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in several episodes.

  10. It seem so obvious if it follows the trend or pattern I believe there just roping more people in before a drop again , seems far to simple and nothing is ever straight forward

  11. @Morning Glory There is still time buddy until we break 20K profit can still be made no matter how small.

  12. Maybe, just Maybe people say after 10 years. Do you remember bitcoin was 14.000K in 2019 and now we are looking at 175,- again?

  13. I’m hodling 🏖😎 I struggled too much buying bitcoin over the winter ❄️ 😅 now just relaxing 🚀🚀🚀😁

  14. Buying both btc and ALTs, which I know is unpopular right now. I think the market is behaving irrationally in terms of alts the last 3-4 weeks. Even through this negative alt cycle, LTC is still outperforming BTC year to date. it’s just completely overlooked. Plus, BTC is going to start getting hard to move 10-30% as the market cap grows…the alts will be attractive again at some point, even though I admit it could have to wait until BTC hits back at 20k and late comers are upset about missing the gains. Don’t sell out of your alts, just buy more BTC w/ fiat. Also…I use 5 to 6 dapps daily, what am I imagining that? A lot of the innovation in the space is occuring around alt coins, and I see no sign that is going to fade. We live in a big diverse world, with diverse preferences, to think BTC is going to be the only winner is a little naive IMO.

  15. I think the title of the video is absolutely on point…fiat is based on the 1 percenters Hoarding their wealth, we have found a better way with bitcoin and crypto in general however, the 1percenters are only maximizing on their hoarding mentality only now it’s with bitcoin. Bitcoin is undervalued there’s is no bad time to buy and its almost a necessity at this point to get involved and to own bitcoin. Most people Will only know the fractions of btc: satoshis. But that’s not a negative…get it how you can get it my friends. Don’t allow all bitcoin to be owned by the 1percenters. Thanks for the great content my friends always a strength in the cryptoverse!

  16. Finally got my 3rd BTC today. Sold gold, silver, collector coins and 5 ETH to cobble together enough cash for this #3. I had 3 back when they were $350 each but sold them for $600 each after reading some FUD (I didn’t know better at the time). Now, though, I have 3 again and will stash some cash each month for fractional BTC working toward a 4th. GLTA!

  17. It’s always good to diversify. The bitcoin halving is coming up in 10 months. I’m a heavy believer in xrp, so in my portfolio I’m: Btc 70%; Xrp 20%; Eth 8% Ltc 2%. Ethereum looking better with inflationary stops being put in place.

  18. damn. the cost of those 3 btc at today’s price would buy you about 90 btc when they were $350 each…
    congratulations none the less. Knowledge is costly. Cheers!

  19. Guys you are really great! Its about 3months that I am following the channel and I wanted to thank you for sharing your researches 🙂

  20. why would you sell gold and silver? Great that you bought bitcoin, but bad move to sell gold

  21. Noticed that USA international Soccer player C J Sapong is big into crypto – He’s a team mate of German World Cup winner Bastian Schweinsteiger (Ex Bayern Munich) at Chicago Fire in the US major Soccer league.

    He’s speaking at the Łitecoin Summit in October and is also big into Bitcoin, crypto and his charity Sacred Seeds. @BigAfrika – utube Crypto interview yesterday

  22. I guess I’m still in bear mentality. While I know on an intellectual level that the bear market is probably over (at least for BTC) emotionally it still feels like 2018 to me.

    When you live through the extreme volatility of this market it’s hard to get excited about price swings. The only certainty in this market is extreme boredom followed by extreme volatility.

    I fully believe BTC could end the year anywhere between 8.5k-30k. There are zero guarantees.

  23. Altcoin Daily got an ole school nanoS which seems almost obsolete to new gadgets out now. The DataBunker ammo box heavy duty overkill storage device is well looks killer for dooms day preparedness

  24. Think it’s best to be diversified. My assets include cryptocurrency, gold/silver, and guns. The trade has already been made and probably will work out fine, but don’t get emotional about assets. There is a reason governments are buying gold and silver…stay diversified!!

  25. Bitcoin the Punisher!

    For me it was a lot of punishment to see it drop and watch youtubers moon it and… it dropped again!!!
    But learned a lot. And hodled!

  26. I have 30.25 Bitcoins, so I apparently really stand out around here! (lol) Funny thing is, I don’t feel especially wealthy or fortunate; and I’m otherwise just an average Joe citizen. Maybe that will change…🤔🚀

  27. Damn i was in the same boat. Then sold my last 5 when we jumped to 7k thinking we were gonna drop. Not making that mistake again!

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