Every Bitcoin Metric Is Trending Up. Change My Mind.

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All 7-Eleven Stores Across the Philippines Now Sell Bitcoin. The number of bitcoin addresses with at least 0.001, 0.1 and 1 BTC continue to increase–outpacing the growing supply.

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The number of #Bitcoin ATMs from September 2016 to September 2019 has increased by over 500%

Is there any process – bounded by physical constraints – that has grown at the pace of Bitcoin's hashrate in the last decade? We're talking 0 to 100 quintillion. It's preposterous, even on a log chart

The number of bitcoin addresses with at least 0.001, 0.1 and 1 BTC continue to increase–outpacing the growing supply.

The Fed pumps another $75 billion into markets and says more cash is on the way

Argentina’s Central Bank to Increase Peso Supply by 5% in 2 Months

Bitcoin Confirmed As New Sleeve Partner

All 7-Eleven Stores Across the Philippines Now Sell Bitcoin

Square Crypto Hires Lightning, Libra Developers for ‘Bitcoin Dream Team’

Square Crypto Hires Lightning, Libra Developers for ‘Bitcoin Dream Team’

Iranian Government Proposes Annual License for Bitcoin and Crypto Miners

Binance Asks for $300,000 and 3% of Coin Supply to List DigiByte, Says Founder

Binance Asks for $300,000 and 3% of Coin Supply to List DigiByte, Says Founder

They wanted $300,000 and 3% of all DGB for ”insurance for their customers against blockchain hacks & defects” to list $DGB

CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020

CME Group Is Launching Bitcoin Options Early in 2020


Bitcoin, Ethereum Enjoy Highest Demand Compared to Others

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Every Bitcoin Metric Is Trending Up. Change My Mind.

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  1. There are stores called ZABKA in Poland that are sort of like a 7-11 but more of a grocery store and they are selling BTC as well. These stores are a huge chain and are everywhere.

  2. I calculated today. I have 82% of my networth in crypto. I was going to stop at 60% but I just never stop buying. People tell me im wreckless, I do somewhat agree at this point. Is 82% too much? Or other people out there in a similar boat

  3. I’ve been buying all of my bitcoin at Family Mart (7~11 alternative) since 2017, it’s been available in Taiwan for years like that. Very convenient.

  4. I see this channel at 1 million subs by the end 2020, best crypto Channel by far, my daily dose of crypto news 👍🏽 keep it up

  5. Bitcoin like the industrial revolution will change the world and the speed of adoption will only accelerate….

  6. I confess i feel better buying LTC and ETH than BTC because for me they are far more affordable. In my situation I couldn’t hope to buy a full BTC at 10k even if I put in a little every paycheck. I’m pretty poor by US standards. Still,I keep getting a few sats at a time because long term I think it’ll be worth it.

    If only I were younger again or just graduating high school with all the money I used to have.. I wouldn’t think twice about sinking most of it into BTC.

    For all you young folks just getting started with money from mom and dad or your relatives, you’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t piss it away. At some point within the next 5 or 10 years it’ll be close to impossible for any but the richest of the rich to afford even half a Bitcoin.

  7. 8 weeks ago my daughter was born…she already has btc on her ledger i will give her on the 18th birthday

  8. It is not possible anymore. Because of financial institutions in Poland. It was possible because of Bitbay.

  9. @crypto lite I read about it as well I have a friend in Poland and he confirmed that he bought BTC in zabka but maybe things have changed either way I am a huge supporter of BTC.

  10. @Altcoin Daily I cash-in through 7-Eleven here in the Philippines too. There’s no faster way to buy it here!

  11. Why is bitcoin’s future even a debate? If nothing else, it’ll be a fashion statement to own btc eventually.

  12. Sergio Hernandez. 32 ETH is now very expensive. Almost 1 BTC to have that many smh. The door is closing fast!

  13. @Elena Efremova You’re delusional if you think bitcoin can reach 20k 50k 100k without altcoins benefiting massively as well. Yes most altcoins are trash but about 2% Are legit and their RIOs will blow BTCs completely away within the coming months and years.

  14. When the institutional mafias have created all the tools needed to keep Bitcoin under control, that is when the elites will release their own “authorized” crypto that has all the functions needed for the “safety” of the planet.

  15. @I Am Stéphane Congratulations on the birth of your daughter and double congrats on the BTC for her, you f’n rock!!

  16. I love it when I hear about people in disadvantaged situations, I.e developing countries being able to acquire crypto.

    This is what it’s all about!

  17. @Mr Mohamed BTC, LTC, ETH are all going to serve a vital role in the transition to the digital economy. They are all going to be establishment coins. Same with EOS, Stellar, Tezos, and XRP. All will absorb a significant amount of value from the current financial system.

  18. @Elena Efremova Yeah good luck, Mark my words you will fomo on alts later and probably but into a shitcoin since you are so narrow minded to think that crypto isn’t bigger than just bitcoin..

  19. I’m around 90% – and im not unwealthy 🤷‍♂️I’ll either be a genius or an idiot, either way i won’t die wondering. Alot of research went into this for me. I see cash as a greater risk from now, peaking around 2026 – 2027 before the ungodly credit induced crash (this will be the peak of 18.6 year land cycle that controls everything)

  20. @Jose Mundo because I can’t be bothered to link up bank. Store of value I guess, speculation. It’s the same here as everywhere, most people don’t know and don’t care!

  21. @Toblerusse you have to pay a service charge of about 2.5% if memory serves correct although the swines put it up to 10% at crazy end of last bull run, because they could.

  22. My goal is to own 10BTC before next year June, I currently owned 2.5BTC and thanks to Nyberg for helping me achieve that as I started trading using his method with

    just 0.3BTC two months back.

  23. We can’t seems to forget the potential that Bitcoin have, as that will give us an edge over the corrupt government of this world.

  24. @maricotalorenzi Yes the government knows the benefits of bitcoin and the threat it pose to their illicit act, that was the more reason they are always fighting it.

  25. Daniel agreed. Let me put it this way. Id regret it way more if bitcoin adopts and i didnt get in knowing the information i know today and all signs pointing to buy. Itd be ignorant for me to ignore this space

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