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StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Wouldnt mind tossin a line in that beautiful river behind you there, Mr. T-raids. Bet there’s a fatty trout in there jest waiting fer a snack

  2. Ok I thought I left my comment on mr. KISSINGERs thread you might want to read the scam that is being laid there…

  3. “Zero other things matter except for those three pieces of news.” Okay then, this is my only crypto video for today! 🙂

  4. Good points! The competition between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is good for the entire market. If the Lightning Network becomes corrupt or doesn’t work properly for whatever reason, maybe BCH can continue the good fight. The banks and the governments might be successful to stop or corrupt 1 currency but we can come up with millions of them!

  5. I thought EXACTLY the same thing!! lol I didn’t hear a word Ellio said after that rushing water with a nice pool off to the right showed up! Where’s my fly rod?! Lol

  6. Ethereum is dead, accept it and move on. sell your coins and buy a pizza. It will go to zero like what Vitalik said in the beginning. Ask yourself why hasn’t all this ICOs and cryptocurrencies adopted by all retail merchants yet? All these coins are just traded over exchanges, no one really uses them to buy anything.

  7. Eth real use case is comming : STOs will be mainly use the eth platform to leverage on its network effect and its liquidity premium ( biggest dapps decentralized blockchain). Big on eth, with hundreds of millions comming live on it and loads of gas spent on smart contract exuctions for STOs. that STO trend will legitimize public blockchain and this is a game changer !

  8. To anyone new to this channel if you’re reading this I’ve been watching these guys from when they started. Hands down one of the most intelligent crypto channels on YouTube.

  9. I know a lot of bitcoin maximalist are breathing a sigh of relief that a bitcoin cash developer reported and responsibly disclosed this bug. Some can rationalize it as “well, it’s good for the ecosystem” and such but as evidenced by the beginning “under duress” comment, had it been the other way around, I submit there are more than a few core devs who would happily let bitcoin cash crash and burn in a similar situation and let the market go with it. Their vitriol is so prolific, they can’t even see the forest for the trees.

    Great coverage as usual. And you’re not fooling anyone – I know your name is your zodiac sign spelled out.

  10. Love the channel, you keep it light while everyone around here is running scared. The outro is chill, much needed to end the content 🤙😎

  11. hard to know right now, speed/cost for sure Xlm will be a top choice. Polymath ( on ethereum blockchain) will also be a big anchor for Sto , eth advantage is the network effect and capital raising leverage premium compare to other Ico/Sto blockchains.

  12. Most STOs are being organized privately with whitelisting and KYC etc. the regulatory framework for crowd offerings for securities is still evolving. You have to do crazy processes to offer to non accredited investors so most just organize capital in private groups of big investors. Thus, there’s no advantage for ETH. Stellar is the leader for a variety of reasons I’ll do an episode soon

  13. OK , sounds good . . Polymath has a big network of legal teams/KYC suppliers to leverage on the Ethereum liquidity pool, I have a big stack of xlm and I heard they are also well advanced in STOs, looking forward to your next video for the details. keep up with the good content ! I do bellieve STOs will be big and we need find ways to ride that comming wave .

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