Ethereum is the NEXT Bitcoin! THIS will make ETH EXPLODE!


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0:00 The next BTC?
1:25 ETH's Fatal Flaw?
2:55 EIP 1559
10:05 Miner Opposition
11:08 Institutional Adoption NEXT
12:16 DeFi's Home
14:00 Why this is HUGE
16:00 Support ET!

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Ethereum is the NEXT Bitcoin! THIS will make ETH EXPLODE!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann



  2. After watching a bunch of crypto youtubers, I find that I learn the most from your videos. Cheers.

  3. Ay bro chill with your eth coverage, I’m trying to get a good position before you make the prices jump LOL

  4. I can’t be the only one who’s bought into ETH but has no idea about anything that was just said 🤣

  5. Isn’t it just a merging coin? He was bringing it to our attention as an opportunity to earn free Marlin before the launch. Probably won’t hear anything about it until its arrived.

  6. In the comments part on the report I told you to that they should be taking care of this or they should start paying me for reporting these fake channels. Trying to keep your channel clean

  7. @Sean Van Staden this is a phenomenal analogy and description! Thank you for sharing! I imagine it will be very helpful for many people, myself included 😄

  8. @MunchMoveMeditate thank you.

    I think once one wraps their head around what function ETH has to play in order for all the Defi projects to function, exist and thrive.

    You then realise how powerful ETH “has to” and “will get” in order to support their ecosystem.

    There are currently 212 ETH projects. Anyone of of them can become the next greatest.

  9. @russell d I too have become a productive and responsible citizen since my release. I have a college degree and have managed to start my own business for which I use to by ETH. I do understand your thought process, however because I did thirty years in the LA prison system I probably have seen maybe a little bit more of what the system can do to a man. If every now and then someone gets out and becomes productive, but the largest part remains broken, or even becomes worse, would YOU say this is a good or a bad system? All I’m saying is that men should be helped and not hordes. God bless!

  10. Ellio i hope you know that the only real DeFi in the space currently is WISE token. dont be fooled by all the centralized platforms that try to call themselves “defi” . WISE has No admin functions , no founder tokens , nobody got free tokens , $200 million of ownerless liquidity on uniswap that cant be pulled, The devs had to buy at same listing price as everyone else. The top token holder cant even drop the price more than 4%. Let me know if you can find something more transparent, decentralized and fairly distributed.

  11. @Konan taki dont worry, long time in crypto, see you at 600-400 level in one or two months😉✌️

  12. @Glenn Siva charts never lies 📈😎
    Like people like you, thanks for buying my bags of etherem bought from 105-157usd😁

  13. Reporting scam comments some of these are more than 5-year-old accounts now they’re going to be gone

  14. Sending you love and blessings. Use your time to go within and connect to the light and higher frequencies. You will experience the bliss and power of your spiritual self. Seriously. Oh, and it helps your money grow too as these frequencies are outwith the scarcity programme. Spiritual energy is abundant and available to you if you connect. Sending blessings to you.

  15. @Joel Hagen and I would assume someone like you who can see the future would be a multi-billionaire by now

  16. @Tony Rappa Again, but you just said something was going to be up and coming taking over dot and Cardano. That’s claiming to know what’s going to happen. Then you follow with no one knows what’s going to happen. Completely contradicting yourself. But the fact of the matter is the reason dot and Cardano were built by two founders of ETH is because they knew long ago it would eventually run into this problem. And now they will surpass it. They are set up to constantly add new technology and evolve. These are facts. This is exactly what we know. So to correct you, we actually do know….

  17. @Tony Rappa Ha ha! Thank you for proving me right by not admitting I am right, and trying to change the subject. You have no idea how long I’ve been here, when I invested, how much I invested. But I assure you it’s longer, and I put far less money in than you.. when prices are extremely low, you don’t need much. This should answer all of your questions and concerns. And maybe you learned something.

  18. @Joel Hagen may the Lord bless you with riches to share with people in need thank you Lord for listening to my prayer

  19. After my father passed away I found a Nintendo Zelda cartridge in his desk drawer. It was the first game we ever played together start to finish. He had saved it all these years!

  20. @Mark Gaunichaux I definitely acknowledge that the California system is a totally different experience than mine. I spent a year in Wayside in 1994, which is part of LA county. And that year was more difficult than the 8 years I spent inside later. But it was difficult because of the race politics and the other inmates, not the prison system itself. I’m open to a better system of protecting the rights of innocent people but don’t know that one exists.

  21. The token wise doesn’t have a use that’s the problem, yes you staked and get rewards but what else do you do with the token? The tokonomics is just base on hold it staked, no value, I’ll give you two examples of tokens with value, Polkastarter, if you hold it you can access to the ICO, Swissborg, if you hold it you get 0 fee buying and selling bitcoin, you get 20% yield farming in USD, even though they are planning on adding more value, I hope you get the point

  22. @Ultimate Powa probably that wasn’t the worse the decision you had 9 years to go back to it, that was the worse decision

  23. How are they allowed to have your same name? Well at least you get comments:) I’ll be lucky to just get a few 😆

  24. @Mark Gaunichaux I appreciate that you’ve changed your life. I really do. Much respect. And I say this is someone who spent almost a decade in prison, my concern is with the Rights of the innocent. I’m not so concerned with people who violate the rights of the innocent, even though I am one of them. You asked if the system is good or bad if people come out worse or broken. I just think that is the wrong metric to use. In the state that I am there is plenty of opportunity for people to improve their life in prison. Most don’t take it. I think the way people come out of prison is up to them, not the system. I’m a huge believer in individual agency and think people are still responsible for the choices they make in whatever system they exist in. Prison taught me that lesson. The main purpose of Prison is to protect the population from those who would harm them. If some percentage of people in prison are able to rehabilitate themselves along the way that’s just a bonus. I think you know as well as I do that if a person doesn’t want to change nothing will change them. No amount of Supermax or lockdown or drug programs or Restorative justice or education will rehabilitate someone who doesn’t want it. Change starts from the inside of each of us, not from some system on the outside. And when a person really wants to change they can do it in whatever environment they are in.

  25. WISE is epic, if youre bullish on eth, youre bullish on WISE. its asset-backed with over 220m of OWNERLESS ETH, meaning it literally derives value from 1) being eth backed, 2) providing improved and more profitable eth staking, 3) insurance staking, and 4) soon, collateralized lending.

    with over 70% of the supply locked up in stakes for an average of 780 days, wise is only going up longterm

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