EOS to 10M TPS? Tron $100M Fund? Tether to Fiat? Coinbase TheKey OceanEx VeChain SteemIt Bitcoin

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EOS to 10M TPS? Tron $100M Fund? Tether to Fiat? Coinbase TheKey OceanEx VeChain SteemIt Bitcoin


  1. Good morning, Elliot. Great interview the other day. Have a great weekend, sir. Keep up the great work. oh, super bullish on tky. 🙂 Catherine is sooooo awesome

  2. How this channel is not at 100k Subs yet is beyond me but Tron is also still under .10 so nothing surprises me anymore. Go FUD TV, GO TRON!

  3. Have a great weekend mate, don’t look or keep refreshing CoinMarketCap come back all refreshing Monday, if a project like EOS has problems it’s not worth your Dow.

  4. Oceanex is smooth with some bugs which is to be expected. Sent Eth from coinbase to oceanex without a hitch. Traded Eth to Vet, then bought Vtho ( loading up since it so cheap) through the Vet /Vtho pair. Withdrawals are currently suspended but I had previously sent Vet for 2x Vtho rewards and was able to withdraw back to the mobile wallet without a problem. I dont forsee issues once Withdrawals are activated . Oceanex will be a huge asset to the Vechain ecosystem in the future.

  5. Are we going to see a FUD coin? Cuz i can’t keep wondering what’s the project you’re working on.

  6. love your channell now we need u more than ever crypto love said goodbye today so please stay with us ellio

  7. I’m hoping that floating and appearing and disappearing pineapple has even more magical abilities. But that even with green screen back still makes an occasional appearance ( could it ever be so amazing to talk like annoying orange?).. yea still like the content because you do nice research even if I not smile about what it is

  8. TheKey always under promise, over performs. $TKY $ELA $ADA $VET $MAN $TFD $CPC $ZCO $CXO $WAN $ICX bags ready… Keep filling boys and girls!

  9. Eos daps are user friendly, most users won’t even know they’re using blockchain. The scatter wallet makes it very easy to use eos toolkit and all other daps with one password, tell me which part you as the developer struggled with ha ha. I bought eos 12 months during a fud storm ago and am sitting on 6x gains and am feeling gleefully vindicated having seen eos debunk detractors over and over. Yeah it’s not perfect but its upgradable software ready for market and as an investor in this tech race those are comforting words. By the way what other projects are still up 6x from September 17? Bring the fud I’m buying. Oh yeah did I mention the 20 odd free airdropped investments? Did I mention the phenomenal gains being had staking on eos daps? Bring the fud baby I’m buying and if it dips lower I’m buying more ha ha

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