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Mayday Mayday! The Bitcoin crash continues! Is it time to cut and run? For some it may be, but for the smart money, this is an opportunity. Am I telling you to go out and buy up the market at the moment? Definitely not and I cannot weigh in on ANYONE's financial situation or decisions. But here's my thoughts..

What I will say is to not make any hasty decisions due to fear and panic. Especially as this is some random Chinese company, which shouldn't really mean much about underlying value of crypto… Remember, panic selling has never been good to anyone. It may be the time to honker down and HODL until things settle down a bit. In the meantime, I’ll be following this situation closely and bringing you updates that will hopefully help everyone make educated decisions.

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  1. Just feels like a replay of the dip a few weeks ago. That was over leveraged liquidations this is evergrand and broader economy fear. So strange to not even be shocked anymore with a huge drop. No panic here just holding long term.

  2. I really don’t get the fuss… we’ve known this is gonna happen. Just stay in your seats for a couple more months or however long it takes. Plus, we just saw a massive bounce. It may be over already.

  3. You are calling this a massive bounce? Nearly 280 Billion left the crypto market today. A little over 100 Bil of that has bounced back. Nah…I don’t think this is maximum pain/fear. I think that Bitcoin needs to dip under 40K to REALLY send people running for the hills.

  4. Chill and wait. Seems Like over-reaction to Evergrande news has created the perfect opportunity for market makers to do their thing.

  5. When you look at the last day, the big dumps were bought up pretty quick. Apart from a quick buck I don’t see how those dumpers won. I would have thought longs were getting liquidated but nope, longs are still breaking out lol.

  6. If I could buy the dip everytime I’ve heard “buy the friggin dip” that would mean I didn’t spend nearly enough the first time I bought crypto..I spent all my “Dip” money already now waiting for the top to be blown off

  7. @William Taylor I feel exactly the same about my own investing strategy. I’m so eager to get Inna new project that i take profits n pump it in something without holding back fiat 🙄

  8. Nice analysis 👍🏻if only we had more people paying attention to the market these past weeks has been beneficial to both the holders and trades alike , but more for the traders

  9. @Liu Xi As westerners, we’re laughing at our predictions about tofu dreg construction eventually wrecking Chinese real estate. We were right, we just didn’t know when it would begin to happen.

  10. Bailouts took years to stimulate the stock market in 08, and they passed the bill pretty quickly. Once confidence is shook in the markets you have massive selloffs no matter how much new money enters the system. Even hyperinflation isn’t perfectly linear.

  11. Market makers have known about Evergrande for years. I’m a car mechanic, and I knew about this two weeks ago, and positioned myself accordingly. The real players that do this for a living, are merely using this to acquire more assets. Don’t believe the hype folks!👍

  12. Even the opposite. I smile every day it dips deeper. Waiting with some cash on the sideline to BTFD. Feels so good! (:

  13. Exactly this !

    If 65k was a top for bitcoin it would have been the worst performing bull market in history, against a backdrop of unprecedented money printing and exponential innovation in blockchain.

    This would essentially write crypto off as a complete failure to realise its economic value in these times.

  14. @Sam Willow Wow someone here talks like he is NOT in his first Crypto cycle. I’m shocked! 😀 😀 😀

  15. Crypto youtubers – “don’t listen to the manipulation, they are playing you”, and their clickbait titles – “always the worst, always an emergency..”

  16. Agree,they just go round in circles , mega excited when it’s up,end of the world when it’s down and they change their views in a heartbeat . They all say , may go up, may go down , could go sideways and consolidate, we are bull, we are going bear , rinse repeat zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. @Amelia Buckley that’s the reason I stopped following The Moon, who always predicts every possibility and then in the next video – EXAAAAAAACTLY as I predicted!

  18. @jay pal
    Yeah Ellio’s advice is really helpful but I backed out of crypto for now.
    The heat is just way too intense atm, and I dont even know if Id have access to my money in 5 months cause of possible internet outages.

  19. Yeah we need to chill for a few days. Don’t just blindly buy the dip. This could resolve quickly or get really bad quickly. Just wait a few days. When in doubt do noting for a few days.

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