Daily Crypto News: Mayweather $CTR ICO Scam! Vitalik Gone Wild! Ethereum Fork? Verge scam?

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Daily Crypto News: DJ Khaled Mayweather ICO Scam! $CTR Vitalik Calls out "Satoshi" | Ethereum ASIC Fork? Verge Pump Legit? $XVG

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Daily Crypto News: Mayweather $CTR ICO Scam! Vitalik Gone Wild! Ethereum Fork? Verge scam?


  1. Man ur so right about verge plus onion is a better coin anyway. They are now asking for donations to reward people

  2. Everybody by one or two of your favorite cryptos everyday to keep this momentum going even if they’re just 50 Cent cryptos keep those transactions rolling!

  3. You’re right Elliot I guarantee you The Verge news is going to be something stupid

  4. You guys do such a good job explaining everything. The content is so well done, I look forward to it everyday. Keep up the great work.

  5. I’m subscribed to other crypto youtubers. With large followings And by far your channel blows them out of the water. Keep up the good work.

  6. Honestly one of the best Crypto channel and i follow all of them… surprised you dont have more subscribers because your content is 100%

  7. Learn from crypto riots David Hey and see his analysis of tron and verge this guy is some to emulate moving forward on your path bro

  8. Thank you Swaptak! it’s great to see you returning to the channel. We appreciate your support.

  9. FOMO is a strong emotion, even stronger than FUD at many times. It’s surely possible that the coin is pumps way more and you lost out on those gains. There are still a lot of ??s surrounding the partnership. Until the “news” comes out we only have the rumors

  10. thank you conor! we started at the end of January during the bear market which has lower viewership. We still can feel the energy of our following and work every day to improve our content. We believe this space lacks transparent crypto news and we want to fix that. Thanks for supporting. 🚀

  11. Would really like your videos better if you got a better mic, and added some sound absorption panels in the room where you record, you voice have a sort of echo / tin sound to it.

  12. I’ve been skeptical of the coin for a couple of months now and wanted to lighten up my portfolio. As soon you mentioned how fishy Verge was in your previous video I pulled the plug. Btw, what’s your take on Tron? It seems to have flatlined after testnet. Keep up the good work!

  13. I like the info quick…its hard to listen to any other channel…thanks bro

  14. we covered the hack today, if this partnership is actually as significant as they say we’d be happy to cover it further.

  15. Pfff! Crypto investing is not an easy thing. You cannot trust your celebrities to do the math for you, please! If you do not have time to make your own research, at least find some financial advisor. Holly cow! That man is a boxer! A boxer! That is a no brainer to not trust him. I feel sorry for people that actually did put their money after him. If you are confusing, lemme give you a word: privacy altcoins. Indeed! They are the future. After Facebook’s scandal, people will be more aware of their violated privacy right. Altcoin such as DeepOnion, Dash or Zcash will surely become big topics in no time. They fixed Bitcoin’s biggest issue: anonymity. You can talk about fee transaction, or huge idea about new economic platform based on some altcoins, but privacy is always the most important factor when people think about crypto.

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