Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Crashing? Tron Pumps, Bitfinex Relocates, $XPA $SKY $TRX $BTC


storm gain mining

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Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Bearish, Tron Pumps, Bitfinex Relocates, $XPA $SKY $TRX $BTC

Please let us know what you thought about our review below! Are you holding any of these coins?

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial advisor. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing.

Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin Crashing? Tron Pumps, Bitfinex Relocates, $XPA $SKY $TRX $BTC

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. ok so making your own exchange is just a good investment – exchange will profit anyway no matter whrere the market goes. trade fees still exist.

  2. Thanks for your warning but I’m a student and I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring me in any way shape or form, so the crypto markets are no different than life itself. Investing a small portion of my student loan into 3 solid cryptos could mean the difference of me not having any student that or $80,000 of student debt. If I lose it all then I’ve only lost $10,000 but if EOS, XLM, and ETHOS do what they have done in the past then I will be able to graduate that free and maybe have some money in my pocket.

  3. You said in the video that you are “planning to take out some positions in the next few days”. Can you explain what you mean by this ? Does that mean you are selling and / or trading out of certain positions ? Thanks

  4. What are you buying? I’m buying too. I’m having a hard time deciding with so many GREAT choices. I know it’s not financial advice. Just curious.

  5. As for as Crypo’s I haven’t invested in i’m looking to make my first purchase of these: BBN, TNC, MAN, BABB, ELA… as for as crypo’s i’m looking to stock up some more on i’m looking at these: NEBL, ONT, GVT, ICX, ADA,

  6. Ellio! Please make a review on types of red flags, when looking on some project. some suspicious points OR a typical characteristic of a scam/nonrealizable projects

  7. We will provide a bit more detail on our positions as we finalize them. HINT: they’ve all been covered on here

  8. definitely, obviously it’s usually based on a totality of factors mixed with using your noggin. Sometimes things just don’t add up, or a patter emerges. Just a matter of remaining skeptical and hungry for data. But we’ll try to address this concept at some point soon. thanks!

  9. That dude Justin from Verge made a video asking for donations on 3/21/18 and he almost had me convinced until he said something like “If you don’t, you’re greedy….”

    He basically said if you don’t want to donate to his crowdfund, then you’re greedy.

    I also don’t like how he doesn’t like to look at the camera 99% of the time he’s making his video on the multiple videos I’ve seen.

  10. Another YouTuber who since stopped talking about crypto did an in-depth analysis on Verge and concluded the project wasn’t worth even looking at due to the mysteriousness surrounding the founder, the lack of progress on their coding and milestones, and lack of compelling reasons for investing in the project.

    I was in very temporarily and got out, so I didn’t lose anything. So this news doesn’t surprise me.

  11. cryptocurrencies are a new type of online trading in which the trader, beginner or professional, makes a prediction on the market. This *FIRST MILLION ROAD* is perfect for anyone. Even if you have absolutely no trading experience! I often warn newbie traders not to dive into trading cryptocurrencies thinking that you will be able to earn an incredible amount of profits on your own! Whenever you try something for the first time you are bound to make mistakes and mistakes in trading means that you are losing money! That is why having Option Navigator software is what you need!

  12. This guys channel is awsome. Its extremly profossional and just informatiom. He rarely gives his opinion and when he does he clearly states it. Its nice to get good information instead of clickbait.

  13. Nice video, thanks for a lot of informations.
    I totally agree with you, if you have some money to invest, now it`s a good time for longtime. There are so many projects which are totally undervalued at the moment and so cheap!
    I will buy more bitcoin and put some money in privacy coins like NAV and DeepOnion. Especially DeepOnion is doing great development in the last weeks.

  14. Exactly! I just bought some more BTC too. Moving most of it into alt coins though, especially privacy coins. DeepOnion is kind of a favourite for me too, I think most of that BTC will end up there, recent news on it seem to be promising.

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