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We all know the hype around DeFi has been catching the eyes of the financial powerhouses that be, and it is only a matter of time as to when the mainstream

Let's discuss the centralization of DeFi in an open and honest light.

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Market Analysis
5:20 Is CZ Evil?
12:48 Pomp Fund
14:35 Week old Sushi?
15:15 Conspiracy Time
16:00 Final Thoughts

#Bitcoin #DeFi #Binance

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR!


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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Sushi? It’s like a soap opera. Manipulation after manipulation. It’s like a hot girl that’s crazy. At some point it doesn’t matter how hot she is… she’s just too damned crazy. I hold ZERO sushi anymore.

  2. Hummm not sure though, DeFi is the whole point of dividing and granulate power… I was just starting to get into DeFi, so will stick to this idea for a while

  3. We definitely need some sort of protection for smaller investors from big whales controlling the market. This makes the idea of decentralization a farce of crypto.

  4. I strongly recommend not using Binance platforms. They locked me out of account in August & never gave a reason. I VERY politely mentioned it on one of their twitter posts, they asked for my referral number and then blocked me. I broke no TOS ever. CEX have proven not to be trusted. DEX = future. Do NOT trust CEX’s! Anyone can be next

  5. To me CeFi is taking us backwards instead of forwards
    Most of us got into crypto to be our own bank and make our own decisions without interference from outside parties

  6. In ANY other industry Binance would be considered “a 100% monopoly” and their actions have always shown this is their chosen path by allowing projects to list, while copying the tech and then releasing their own version and manipulating the price to have others fails…MCO & SXP are the latest example of this…which is EXACTLY how the CCP works…they can get away with it by throwing the sheeple a few crumbs and the promise of big gains…but the incredibly monstrous (and illegal) billion dollar gains are ALL done on the backend (under their centralised hood).

    Binance is simple trying to replace the current criminal centralised banking system with a “digital” version (far worse) that he controls…displaying all the signs of meglamania and psychopathic tendencies that ALL the top banksters exude…his plan is to take over the entire crypto space…and he’s using everyones money to do just that…one exchange to RULE them all!…hopefully the USA is doing something to stop this from happening as it will be a complete disaster waiting to happen….ps: He’s not in it to help you and me, he’s in it to make money and with all the assets at his disposal, he can print billions with the flick of a switch, period!!!

  7. Very well said. They have way too much power. They can shut down any account no questions asked for any reason they want and nothing can be done. Big monopoly. DEX is the best way moving forward

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  9. @T Accntb Very well said about CEX’s, centralization is not the future, it’s the broken past that created Bitcoin. Getting locked gave me the same feeling I had when I was young and I got turned down for a savings account.

  10. Decentralisation is just a narrative, the majority of people in the market are in it for capital gains, and whales exist in every market you just have to be smart about your timing of entering and exiting positions.

  11. The feds at it again….I’m so tired of the fed wanting to control everything.
    But I still believe bitcoin is unstoppable.

  12. Seeing a lot of success stories, he must be honest and straight forward for people to talk this good of him.
    I think I’ll give it a try too.

  13. When you say hopefully the US can do something, you’re asking for an even bigger centralized power to put in control and ethics. Welcome to the world of decentralization which has its uses and Bitcoin is a great example, but fails miserably when you need coordinated structure to produce a playing field where people are both protected and freer to pursue individual interests and endeavors. In order to achieve part of the decentralized dream where individuals have more power and freedom, you also need a structure of Ethics, Justice, and rules which is a centralizednotiin. It’s a mixed bag. Also and we see this all over the crypto space, a coordinated focused team led by brilliant leadership beats all the complete decentralization governing and decision-making out there.

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  15. I was able to grow my portfolio from 4 bitcoin to 8 bitcoin, Rolando told me I could have made more though, my work has just been so demanding… I’d definitely be messaging him later today

  16. I have never EVER messed with stocks before in my life, but due to the coronavirus and staying home more now than before, I figured I would come out with something valuable, That was when i met Rolando

  17. Another good one, Rolando Quinones is becoming so helpful than I ever imagined he’d be in this space.

  18. I am so interested in knowing what the market cap will be by the end of the the year.well so far i am still learning from Rolando

  19. Joey, they locked everybody out of ACH deposits last week during one of the most incredible dips in recent time!! They conveniently opened back up when prices surged back up this week! My personal account is still today disabled. I’ve really liked Binance.US up to this point, but I might have to switch exchanges.

  20. @Truth Seeker Oh wow that’s news to me, I thought I was alone aside from one other guy that commented on my tweet to them. This is extra troubling hearing this, seems like something much deeper than just a couple people. Thanks for sharing! I may have to look further into this.

    Yes I agree about switching, I used them the most mixed with Kraken but now I’ve had to start using Kraken and Kucoin for the most part, I also got my Gemini account up to speed and signed up to FTX. I’m happy there are other decent options but it still feels crappy to have a fiat gateway dropped, CEX’s have too much power just like the banks but kind of worse in away.

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