CRYPTOCURRENCY Is Just Getting Started | Get Rich With Crypto | April Bitcoin PREDICTION | Ethereum


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0:00 – Introduction (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO)
0:51 – Bitcoin supplies on exchanges continues to dry up.
1:28 – HUGE Institutional Buying! Floodgates Are OPEN!
2:46 – Bitcoin Price Prediction. BE READY!
5:19 – Elon Musk’s Tesla Makes HUGE MOVE into Bitcoin!
6:02 – Tesla’s Bitcoin node is a big deal BECAUSE OF THIS.
7:24 – Run a bitcoin node. Be apart of the network.
7:53 – Uniswap at ALL TIME HIGHS on Google Searches!
8:08 – Enjin’s Green NFT launch!
9:37 – Ethereum is scaling! Hermez Network launches zk-rollups on Ethereum mainnet
10:04 – Burger Shop Nexx Burger in Downey, California now accepts bitcoin!
10:44 – Final Thoughts

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!
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This is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities.

Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky, as anything can happen at any time.

This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

Most of my crypto portfolio is Bitcoin, then Ethereum, but I hold many cryptocurrencies, possibly ones discussed in this video.

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CRYPTOCURRENCY Is Just Getting Started | Get Rich With Crypto | April Bitcoin PREDICTION | Ethereum

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. The mass exodus of BTC from exchanges, to private wallets, is quietly the greatest development in Bitcoin for 2021. The whole point of Bitcoin is personal economic sovereignty, controlling your own money, NOT keeping Bitcoin in exchanges that act like banks. The less Bitcoin held in exchanges, the less powerful they become, and the less centralized Bitcoin becomes. Be your own bank!

  2. Let it fall so all the new money could jump on. The greatest change of wealth. Let it be, let it be.

  3. I just bought a big bag of cardano at 1.06..and seems its on the way back up. Praying that was its bottom.

  4. ~T~h~a~n~k~s~~~F~o~r~~~Y~o~u~r~~~~C~o~m~m~e~n~t~~
    ~F~o~r~~~G~u~i~l~d~a~n~c~e~~~A~n~d~~~I~n~v~e~s~t~m~e~n~t~~~~(W~H~A~T~S~A~P~P)__+1-8-1-8-5-1-4-4-6-2-7-_ *now*

  5. People will be kicking themselves in regrets in few weeks if they miss this opportunity of buying and investing in Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)

  6. @JamHot they’ve been doing it consistently for 2 months now. Stuck at 50k for months. Lame asshats

  7. Everyone: Major market correction. BTC is crashing.

    Me: BTC is consolidating over $50K. How the hell is this bearish? Oh and thanks for the cheap alt bags.

  8. Why? W . @ . T . H . S . @ . P . P .
    Plus(+), one(1), nine(9), one(1), three(3), six(6), six(6), two(2), two(2), zero(0), eight(8), four(4)

  9. recently been looking up c rypto news but got nothing credible yet. Really wish to earn off of it

  10. I need to stop watching your videos.. You’re making me want to sell my stocks and double my alt portfolio!

  11. Very good video Austin. There was a period I was worried you guys were going to be like MoonCarl, but know you’re better and the content is there, clear, concise, without passing any unjust sensationalism. I listen to you every morning, great updates and good info. Stick close to Bob L. Thanks again.

  12. For _more_ guidelines

    +<>1<>5<>0<>9<>6<>7<>6<>6<>6< 6<>5…….

  13. I sold all my ADA for BTC on the Coinbase spike. So glad I get to accumulate again at such a nice discount.

  14. Lol. Say it now. You won’t be saying that in 6 months when your heavily invested and in the green. You won’t be wanting it to drop. I’m heavily invested so I don’t want it to keep dropping im ready for it to go to the moon

  15. @Flamingo Crypto Oh! I didn’t catch that comment, gotcha lol.. Man, I had planned to sell at the top of the market but idk now. There are a lot of factors that haven’t revealed themselves yet. What if everyone sells like they are saying they will and some big dogs scoop it up faster than profits can be made? That’s a real possibility!

  16. W;’h:;’a:’t;’s;’a;’p;’p;’

  17. W;’h:;’a:’t;’s;’a;’p;’p;’

  18. @FOURTYSIX N2 LOL. It sounded like the person didn’t know you could cash out of Bitcoin if you wanted to. I am holding and buying the dips. Been in this space since 2014 and the big dogs create the FUD then scoop up all the good stuff. Diamond hands for sure!👍🏼 All the best to you.

  19. @Pahad Paradise yeah thats why u shouldnt follow the youtubers;) altcoin daily is better than the most who only say, this coin go up 100x, but even daily altcoin doin youtube cause of money, and hope that price go higher, when he is already in;) So when he says doesnt mean u should buy, but this content is really good to have some sidenews of everything. And some coins is really intresting to know about, so altcoin gives good tipps for own research. My opinion to this dude is: u should be a fkn Moderator in real TV or Soccer with this cool Voice:)

  20. @Michael Acton be patient mate. It always drops, but it’ll climb again. Could potentially sell and rebuy?

  21. @Flamingo Crypto What I meant by that question is if in future everything moves to crypto and we have decentralized finance instead of banks how will things like home loans work? Just curious.

  22. @John McAdams I’m not worried I know where we are heading the rest of the year. I will be about 90% out before the end of the year or whenever the charts say the time is up and take profits 📈

  23. basically, they don’t know better but it feels good to listen to them to give us more confidence on hodling.

  24. @Robert Turnip In the future we will buy homes peer to peer. Everything will be on the blockchain in smart contracts, no middle man. No extra fees. Titles will be on the blockchain, etc….So, we will transact with our phones peer to peer with our digital assets. If you need a loan, it will be done in the decentralized fashion (Block Fi or something similar). In the meantime, if we need to, we can cash out digital assets….that is the part I thought you didn’t understand because I don’t know if you are new to this space. All the best👍🏼

  25. @Mofis I thought I was patient. I played poker and didnt have to work for 10 years..this is actually more stressful than poker at times but I know the odds are so much better. I have to slow down myself down. 😂

  26. I Littereally only see red numbers on all my coins :/ so why is it such a great time?? 😜✋

  27. @Pahad Paradise Yeah, it’s just crazy how much upside in the short term there is in crypto vs the rebound upside from stocks

  28. @Daniel Groll I do the same , using information given by him and own brain to analyse if I should really be buying or not.

  29. @Sinister Magus True. Most of my faith is in OMI. That’s the first one I got in early enough..hopefully. I did alot of research on omi and feel good about it. I’m sticking with what I have and trying to not follow things so closely. It is too nerve wracking.

  30. Hahahah.. what do you people think abouth THETA ? Can it go below 10 $? I would like to buy moreee

  31. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P
    + •1•9•4•0•4•6•3¹•8•5•4•7•
    B•T•C<>A•N•D<> •E•T•Ht….. .. …

  32. I feel there are more to this mar ket than we know. Ask for a proper guidance before inv esting in this pretty type complicated mar ket. I’ve made over 8 b tc from an allocation of 2 b tc over the last 8 months using Hamiyet Benard’s help. Things might get worse so just make the smarter move. His te legram ; @ Hbtcking

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