CRYPTO ILLUMINATI EXPOSED! Power-hungry Bitcoin Whales and Market Manipulation!

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CRYPTO ILLUMINATI EXPOSED! Power-hungry Bitcoin Whales and Market Manipulation!


  1. 51% of the hashpower cannot be used to do terrible things. Not to Bitcoin anyway. You’ll need more hash than that.

  2. That comment jumped out at me as well. I remember hearing from Andreas that the only thing you can do it make a ledger entry in which the entire community would FORK off. 🙂

  3. +Paul McNeal If you watch the debate between Peter Van Valkenburgh and Nouriel Roubini, Valkenburgh well describes the (very limited) scope of attack vectors available to a party with a majority of hashrate.

  4. Bitcoin price will not be back to any of previous higher price. No price momentum of momentum. Previous $18000 price was just an accident. It is just mirage to bitcoin enthusiast now.

  5. i get why antonopolous says it’s not a big deal. but it still is a huge deal. Reworking the algorithm that powers over 99% of bitcoin’s hashing power via ASIC miners would put the network back to a much weaker position and allow for an easier 51% attack in the future. I agree it’s not a death sentence but it’s a “very bad thing” (my words exactly and I stick by them).

  6. Excellent. Concerning, but excellent. Yes, I too would like to see an investigation of Craig “Wright but So Wrong.”

  7. +XMR Playboy most of the hashpower comes from ASIC miners. IF they needed to change the algo to stop a 51% attack, all the ASICs that power BTC would be useless. Therefore, we would be set back to a much lower hashpower protecting the network, or forced to compete with ASICs on different algos (none of which compare to BTC’s SHA-256). So yes, a 51% could be averted, but then another one would be much cheaper to carry out. Even if it could then be averted. While a 51% attack wouldn’t kill btc by any means, it would certainly be hugely disruptive and likely cause the markets to tank (hopefully temporarily, but still). I consider that a very bad thing. And for those who value decentralization, big mining pools represent huge centralized infrastructure. Another bad thing.

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