CBOE Bitcoin ETF: Planning Reboot | Bittorrent Airdrop | Nasdaq BULLISH on Bitcoin [Crypto News]


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Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk Bitcoin, Zilliqa, OTC Trading, and Nasdaq

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Cboe Pulls Bitcoin ETF Application, Plans Reboot

Cboe Pulls Bitcoin ETF Application, Plans Reboot

Most US Investing Pros are Waiting on a Bitcoin ETF Before Buying Crypto

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung new S10 phones will support blockchain wallets! from CryptoCurrency

Here is BiTorrent’s Official List of Exchanges and Wallets Supporting the BTT Airdrop Program

All Systems Go For Zilliqa’s (ZIL) Mainnet Launch on the 31st of January

All Systems Go For Zilliqa’s (ZIL) Mainnet Launch on the 31st of January

Top 10 Messenger App Telegram Plans Blockchain Platform Launch in March: Sources

Nasdaq CEO Says Bitcoin and Crypto Could Become the ‘Global Currency of the Future

Nasdaq CEO Says Bitcoin and Crypto Could Become the ‘Global Currency of the Future’


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CBOE Bitcoin ETF: Planning Reboot | Bittorrent Airdrop | Nasdaq BULLISH on Bitcoin [Crypto News]

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  1. ETF is not a big deal…it will happen eventually and the people still in the space knows that.

    BTT, no thanks…but I don’t care for Tron either. Justin Sun is nothing more than a self marketer (not even a good one in my opinion) with zero technological knowledge himself. He’s ultimately a sales guy…and you know sales guys, they over promise without any knowledge of what they are actually selling and the product you buy typically underwhelms. I’m not taking a risk on Tron or BTT based on these principals and history of mishaps with the project which include flat out plagiarism.

  2. salut mon ami,
    ca va?

    not a day goes by without (me) looking forward to a video from the channel.
    i think for a lot of us it’s not ”if” bitcoin [crypto] will become global currencies, but ”when”… and of a truth, we’re early (adopters) in this anticipated paradigm shift to come…

    merci pour votre présentation…
    à bientôt,

  3. +Michael Manfro . I am new to the cryptocurrency world so I feel like I have a set of “fresh eyes” when looking at the future of the market. I think even the hardcore believers in this technology are underestimating how saturated all aspects of life will become. I think 200K by 2022 is a very low estimate. That number would actually fall in line with the standard 10X that usually occurs with Bitcoins surges. The next surge will dwarf all others. Mark my words, a 10 trillion dollar market is a drop in the bucket.

  4. Not sure how it affects pundi… its only a wallet. Pundi’s is a blockchain phone… where transmission of data runs on complex exchanges of public and private key data and encryption. it can also guarantee communication without interception, and gives users direct access to the data shared by others. Any info that is sent or transacted over the Function X Blockchain phone will also be recorded on the chain.

    This is not what Samsung is providing. Please correct me if i am not thinking of this the right way. But i think pundi is ok for now. If Samsung decided to build a blockchain phone… which it can, then yes. For now, its only a wallet. Which many phones can download an app just for that. Samsungs only comes inbuilt… Not really a game changer, but still a step in the right direction

  5. Stay_at_home_Dad_here I totally agree.
    My estimates are based on math. Like 54k, is next fib sequence, not to mention right in line with a 1 trill market cap.
    I totally agree; By 2030 .01 bitcoin will set someone for life.
    We won’t be talking in bitcoin rather satoshi. And if we need to add more denomination, it’s as easy as changing the code to allow more people to hold.

  6. +Michael Manfro I have a proposed name for micro payments of BTC. “TidBits” or “IttyBitty” 😁

  7. Well i think they are coming sooner!!! When Bakkt is launched they will come!!! The first wave of institutional investors.

  8. Sirenlabs dont have a user base,same with Pundi X phone. Pundix have a good team but they cant compete with Big phone companies!!!

  9. As I said before,all this is playing mind games,it’s on its off/maybe/maybe not,sometime never.Just forget about all this ETF and BAKKT bullshit,HODL,HODL,HODL.

  10. I don’t think we are at the bottom. Capitulation on high volume has not occurred yet. Many analysts believe the volume should be at least equal to the volume at the Dec 2017 top for a bear market bottom to occur.

  11. True. Bakkt will definitely usher them in. The only question is at what date will Bakkt actually launch?

  12. “Not really a game changer,” Actually I have to disagree a little. Samsung has a HUGE market share, and those that purchase the Samsung will see the wallet and “wonder what the heck is a Crypto Wallet” so that would be a good thing. The only audience that will be using the Pundi X and other Cryptophones are existing users and enthusiasts of CryptoCurrency. So I see Samsung offering a Wallet as a great thing for mass education or at least curiosity.

  13. Yes I think you are right.. we need 1 spike down to aprox 2500 and than slowly accumulating period. Slowly up around Nov 2019 and 2020 bull run

  14. +Stay_at_home_Dad_here no please no hahahahha keep it sato hahaha ittybits rhymes with itchy tits lol and tidbits rhyme with bigtits. Haaha

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