Can Cardano [ADA] Make You A Millionaire? – REALISTICALLY – Cryptocurrency News

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Let's discuss Cardano (ADA) and see what we all think of it REALISTICALLY!

What are your thoughts on this team? Let me know in the comments!

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0:00 – Start
0:22 – Cardano Price History
0:56 – Setting Up The Video
1:30 – Cardano Tech & Updates
2:28 – Cardano Bull vs Bear Case
3:41 – Argument: The Tech Doesn’t Matter At All
5:08 – The Way I Think About It [You Do You]
7:05 – Cardano’s Marketing Strategy.
7:40 – Price Prediction
8:38 – Can ADA Make You A Millionaire?
9:20 – End

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Can Cardano [ADA] Make You A Millionaire? – REALISTICALLY – Cryptocurrency News

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. it’s insane to think ETH will be on its own without fierce competition – and the closest to it imo is Cardano.

  2. Also the timeline doesn’t tell the full context, from my understanding they are working in parallel so potentially release dates could be closer than anticipated unless there is any major delays.

  3. Goguen is develop in parallel with Shelley and expected to be launched in Q4 this years, it will be more decentralized and scalable than Ethereum, I can foreseen many developers will try their platforms and easily attract many institutions

  4. Considering Charles is the professional side of the former ethereum and cardano already has staking while eth won’t be until 2021 or later.

  5. Cardano is now reaping the rewards of all the hard work & research it has done. Building on a foundation of solid granite (science) it is now relentless in achieving its targets. Truly incredible to see such dedication from the entire team 🙂

  6. Also note that with ADA’s successful POS on their testnet, it will be interesting to see whether holders will dump when Shelley is released OR if holders keep their coins to retain their 6-10% regular staking rewards. If the majority HODL and price does not fall, it will be even more bullish and FOMO could kick in.

  7. You are correct…I watched Charles say that himself…diff teams working parallel to each other

  8. let me put it this way. while cardano does have things left to prove. markets are often not rational and if you wait until goguen to buy ada it will likely be at a much much higher price. I feel cardano has been in the crypto space long enough it does have a brand name effect and somewhat of a second wave OG coin. Other than bitcoin I wanted to look for a project to invest in that can moonshot, because honestly there’s only so much bitcoin you can buy. and while bitcoin can still 10x in the next bull market it is unlikely to do a 100x.

    imo cardano is the safest no brainer moonshot pick in the altcoin space, it being a top 10 spot. while the risk is signficiantly higher than bitcoin, it is less riskier than a coin in the top100.
    my ada price prediction
    end of 2020: 22cent
    end of 2021: go up to 57cents and back down to 43cents

  9. Cardano’s main competitor is ETH, Hoskinson knows the secret of ETH success better than anyone else, he founded it. Late to the party? Not in my opinion, ETH 2.0 will likely come out after cardano’s scalability project, which will be way faster than ETH 2.0 and even Visa for that matter. Moreover, the interoperability of cardano is unmatched by any other project, with a future ranging from digital identification to voting to employment verification to health applications and Insurance. I think the future of cardano is all in the marketing and adoption, if they peak out of the crowd they are unstoppable. That said, I would not make it a retirement plan just yet, because there are no patents involved and it is all open source allowing for copycats to just trump them. My short term prediction is $0.2 by end of July, due to the hype of staking. It may linger there for few more weeks but what happens next does not matter from a speculative point of view, as people will dump most of altcoins, including ADA to jump on BTC bull run in August or September. This is going to be my strategy anyway

  10. Obviously you don’t understand anything about ADA- There is a $20 million development fund that will cause HUGE numbers of ETH devs to jump because development is so much easier on the platform and ETH 2.0 is a dream – try changing a tire on a moving car!

  11. I watch your videos regularly but this one is hardly a “deep dive” into ADA / Cardano. Come on, research it properly and remember that Bitcoin was less than a dollar once. Love your vids and usually agree with you but I think you have done Cardano an injustice

  12. Altcoin – are you recommending FOMO ing in Cardano when BTC gets to 80k ? Are you kidding ? That’s a terrible idea. What were you drinking or smoking ?

  13. I think Charles understands that given the fact that we are still in the early stages of crypto, we have time to get it right. So why not take the time to get it right.

  14. Completely agree! Think we can / should anticipate a small sell off (normal in any healthy market!) but I 100% agree staking will create a big price squeeze long term. 42% staked on the ITN can you imagine what it will be on main net? 😀 Tezos has 90+% staked – I can easily see 70+% staked within 6 months post shelley 🙂

  15. You didn’t even mention the expected tie-up with Coinbase which is expected to be announced towards the end of November. A Coinbase listing always pumps a coin.

  16. I think you might be missing the point. Yes the market is driven on pure speculation. But the entire point is delivering on that speculation. And once they do those are the cryptocurrency’s that will be worth tens of billions, hundreds of billions, or even worth into the trillions. You’re speaking of the now, when you need to think years down the road. And as you talk about how hard ETH pumped in 2017/18. you still would’ve made far more gains in Cardano in that same timeframe. And as you speak of Cardano taking so long to release products, we have been waiting for ETH 2.0 literally since 2017 as they said it would be out. With all the above stated, clearly Cardano is the better investment in my opinion. Especially since it lost 99% of those gains from back then and basically started over. You don’t get that kind of chance often.

  17. As a seasoned Software Engineering Manager of distributed products, my experience says that those projects (in any space) that do a good job on the prerequisite work may look like they’re late in the initial stages of the horse race, but then they almost always start accelerating much faster than the surrounding horses. This is exactly what IOHK has done with Cardano development. Although the timeline is presented as a bunch of serial steps, all of it is now parallelized. We’ve already had a vote on the ITN. One could argue that Voltaire is actually here now, even though Voltaire is presented as the last step of the timeline. There are pieces of Goguen that already exist. Basho has been mathematically modeled; peer reviewed (aka: Hydra), and is in development (the fastest of the R&D stages). If Hydra comes in at even a mere 10% of its theoretical maximum, it blows VISA and MasterCard transaction rates out of the water (with 1K stake pools), and those two entities are largely considered the worlds fastest payment systems that are actually operational. Nobody knows the future, but it’s still early in this tectonic shift in financial/social systems, and it’s not clear how much value should be placed on first-mover advantage. Ethereum is a good project, but there are all of the standard Engineering delivery issues hitting its delivery schedules, so Eth2.0 may not (probably won’t) be complete in any usable manner for several years. In that light, it could be argued that the race is dead even at the moment, perhaps with a slight advantage to Cardano, due to its unencumbered foundation. Cardano is built on solid, peer-reviewed science, and the confidence that brings to enterprises looking for a public blockchain on which to build their apps cannot be underestimated. I’m diversified across several coins, including BTC and ETH, but ADA is looking better every day and has possibly the strongest; most patient, and most well-informed communities within the crypto space. Realistic price target in the near term (2021-2022, assuming global liquidity issues don’t stifle an overall crypto bull run): $2.00-$5.00, with a spike as high as $10 (less likely in the current economic environment). A lot depends on a complex adoption curve, so any price discussion must be viewed as conjecture, regardless of how good the analysis is. Too many variables in the space to make confident estimates, atm. Stay safe and be well!

  18. @WanderLust Ik vind ‘t retespannend. (Had even een kijkje genomen op je YouTube-kanaal, vandaar dat ik wist dat nl je moerstaal is. Mooie filmpjes: bijv. skiën in Zwitserland onder begeleiding van Alan Watts 😉

  19. With negative interest rates at most banks, people are looking at what will earn them compound interest. Staking coins will grow more and more within the next few years…

  20. Charles and the team’s around the Cardano ecosystem have watched, studied, learnt, planned and are now ready and confident to release a Titan Like platform built with the world’s most intelligent academic minds! This platform is gonna rock the entire blockchain & crypto sphere with excitement not yet seen and once developers give the platform a try and enthusiastically decide to stay and build on top of Cardano the price of ADA is gonna skyrocket with the thrust of a intercontinental ballistic missile to unimaginable heights 🚀 Only a “FOOL” let me reiterate a “FOOL” would underestimate what Cardano, and IOHK have been building and working on for the past 3 years!

    And yes, I do believe Cardano will be the blockchain platform that first touches the 1 Trillion Dollar MarketCap, can’t say when however I do believe it will be the first, peace ✌️

  21. @Rinus Groeneveld klopt hahah yep heb in een lange tijd geen video gemaakt – misschien moet de volgende over Cardano zijn 😉

  22. If we were to take cardanos upcoming potential success aside and just look at BTC, as you say can still 10x to possibly 100k a coin. What do you think that would do to the value of ADA alone, other coins and the space as a whole? It would moon the value of EVERYTHING.
    Now re- apply cardanos upcoming potential success, fundamentals and utility after BTC has just hit 100k a coin. All that value that’s now in the market will either be pull out as profits or fall into cardano and other alts. Do you still see cardano at between 22-57 cents? This is ofcourse if BTC hits 100k

  23. Once the first staking reward happened and it hits the news, it might turn heads and a lot of people will want to fomo in so they can stake, and the price will rise as result now that there are less ADA to go around. Staking is simply a safer strategy for many who don’t want to risk day trading.

  24. 1 – That is 10 minutes of my life wasted that I cannot get back
    2 – Let me now when Bitcoin is fast enough to be used as a medium of exchange, has smart contracts and can be staked.
    3 – Also, let me know when Ethereum actually does something, besides Vitalik Buterin running his mouth and not delivering.
    4 – ADA has Charles Hoskinson and they are actually producing, unlike Ethereum.
    So you can wait and buy ADA when it hits $5 a coin. I traded all my ETH for ADA back on June 6th. I am so glad I did. I have NO regrets at all.

  25. P C XRP if btc hit 100k by end of 2021 i see a higher price than 57c. However i dont believe bitcoin will hit 100k. Just me being realistic. Will bitcoin hit 100k one day? Yes. But not next year

  26. Spot on. Think as a relative market share. There is so much room here. Currently at relative market share (against ETH) of ca 10%. Can it grow to 30-50% in 5 years? I certainly think so. Together with a massive increase in the CM, this will give a huge potential for ADA. I would be very wrong, if ADA does not reach 3 USD in 5 years.

  27. @crypto lite I agree with you that I dont believe BTC will hit 100k by end of 2021. I just dont believe in 18 months time that there will be global belief or adoption in BTC to take it that high. I’m having a problem seeing it get to 30/40k in the near future,if ever. I see alot of the big investors in BTC wanting to cash all out at 20k or a bit higher, maximise the profits in majority of there holdings in the event BTC may never actually rise to go above these levels again. Worldwide adoption for many altcoins is around the corner and this where the most gains I believe will be made. So this is maybe the last attempt to shill BTC and cash out as high as possible, then reinvest long into alts with massive utility and global adoption. BTC seems to be struggling at this. Altcoins will be used unknown to the world behind the scenes, indirectly so adoption wont be a problem. BTC on the other hand needs to be used by people directly, this is the problem.

  28. it’s a better investment because it lost 99% of its previous gains, you don’t hear logic like that everyday

  29. It was a super poor video, he said he thinks cardano will pass 1 dollar when bitcoin is at 80,000. Like wtf? If cardano achieved Ethereums current market cap even with no growth and Bitcoin stayin where it’s at it would be around 1$ Already. He thinks achieving a bear market market cap is undoable?

  30. Arguments don’t matter on this channel. They simply have their mind made up and are not ope to change it. Maybe he will buy after Cardano has smart contracts, 100 big names as partners, stable coin, cross chain communication, Oracle etc etc.
    That’s gonna be a good buy at $2 😂
    Why they haven’t rebranded the channel to Altcoin Daily Fud is beyond me..

  31. I agree and Ethereum 2.0 won’t even launch until end of year and that’s just “Phase 0” it will take years to complete Ethereum 2.0

  32. They’re talking 2023 for ETH upgrade(s)now, a big fail. ADA has the opportunity to make a big move here.

  33. Exactly!! We’ve been waiting on that ETH upgrade since forever, and it has been pushed back yet again. They’re talking 2023 now. Maybe! Once people start building on Cardano which will be way sooner than is thought that price will be in the hundreds of dollars. You can take your profit at $1.00 if you want … I’ll wait.

  34. At certain point it doesn’t matter so much… being the first in the market provides reasources to improve and annihilate potential rivals on the rise. Competitors with luck may thrive with niches though.. others will be swiped. This is what we’ve seen in technology over and over..

  35. BTC max. doesn’t matter how big of a potential can have any alt coin project. all they can see is BTC going to a million buck!!!!! Which I doubt very much not even 40k

  36. For ADA to hit $5 per coin, there would have to be more money in it than is in bitcoin currently….

  37. @Scorch428 The problem are uneducated people in this space who has no clue about how marketcap works. It will take at least couple years for price to be at ATH if ever, which I am fine with. This is a highly manipulated market and people are very unrealistic

  38. Changing a tire on the moving car? That is like saying try update your iphone or macbook to a new software while the device is still on. Wrong comparison

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