BREAKING: Zcash (ZEC) Added to Coinbase Pro! BUT w/ RESTRICTIONS! [Crypotcurrency Announcement]

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Zcash (ZEC) listed on Coinbase Pro! With RESTRICTIONS! How has the price been affected? You are gonna like this video.

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BREAKING: Zcash (ZEC) Added to Coinbase Pro! BUT w/ RESTRICTIONS! [Crypotcurrency Announcement]


  1. What coin do you think will be added next to Coinbase??
    Cardana (ADA), Stellar Lumens (XLM), or maybe even Bitcoin SV (BSV). What do you think??

  2. Austin great new for zec/zcash people. I mined it coz i believed in security from znark to sappling upgrade nicely done by zcash developers. Znark is plan of vitalik buterin to apply on ethereum scam lol. He wanted to hide his 77 million pre-mine means he mime the heck out of ethereum before releasing to public.. any way thanx for the news

  3. Box mining did a livestream discussing privacy coins with a brief but informative discussion about trusted setups. Trusted setups being one of the few issues with zcash. No crypto is perfect, they all have trade offs. Zcash probably has a better chance than most./.02

  4. +Altcoin Daily i don’t watch the price right now i look to the technologie and its good that it is an privacy coin because we need 1 coin like this for big transactions

  5. “Coinbase” Mostly work in the ‘US’, but To date they Don’t Work in the Middle East and more places who have allot of money.

  6. Love your channel. CB lost me months ago for trading. They are so far behind Binance and will have Bakkt, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade coming in 2019. They will end up being the MySpace of crypto. Additionally they have been hit with a lot of brain drain the past few weeks. What does that tell you?

  7. Bitcoin has been suffering greatly, but is it possible for the father of crypto to sink even lower? According to analysts, “yes.This is a serious nosedive from last week’s not-so-prominently $ 6,300, but that’s pretty good by comparison. In addition, Bitcoin is not showing any signs of momentum, nor does it appear to be true, and technical analysts believe the worst is yet to come. If bitcoin drops below $ 4,000, Bitcoin wants to be $ 3,000, which is a full 100 percent retrace of the 2017 move that’s bound to reach its all-time high near $ 20,000. Just as much as people over the world are crying over the fall in bitcoin, i am making good profit and just cashed out $ 38, 000 in profit from my portfolio 3 days ago. Long-lasting regrets. I am giving this message because i want to help you as many people as possible. I want to recommend Mr Stefanos Veenman (stefanosveenman @ gmail) for you when it comes to all the crypto related issues cos he’s helped me tremendously on my financial journey. He thought me how to find a great broker and not just the popular demand, he therefore provides me with trade signals which he helped me better understand and the reasons for those points, so he introduced me to a winning strategy he created specially for very bearish conditions which are currently experiencing.

  8. Prices are crazy! Crazy cool. Some Altcoins are breaking BIG in % gains. You know that I am sitting like ants in my pants to trade some Etheera (5% of holdings)for some LiteCoin & BitCoin real soon. 👀🤗😁🤐🤝🚀Plan to hold 70% for long HOLD. 2020 it will be mature Teenager, 2022 becoming an Adult with great purpose in its realm globally. Broad scaled Realestate for everyone. This small investment in October will blossom in my finest speculation. PROPY watch out, IHT step aside, here comes ETA‼️

  9. They had first mover advantage, but look how fast CZ created Binance. He thought global, CB thinks USA.

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