BREAKING: Paypal Ethereum Smart Contract MASSIVE NEWS! PayPal Adding More Coins! Top NFT Altcoins!

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0:00 – Introduction (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO)
1:06 – Bitcoin's bull run is still in the EARLY STAGES!
2:12 – Paypal experimenting with smart contracts and testing Ethereum.
2:34 – Paypal Will Be Adding More Coins.
3:02 – Paypay’s new ‘crypto unit’ will be MASSIVE!
3:31 – Video Clip: Paypal CEO in company’s plan with Ethereum.
5:20 – NFT sales are EXPLODING!
5:35 – Mark Cuban Invests in Mintable.
5:55 – What are the TOP NFT platforms?
6:13 – Kings of Leon becomes the first band ever to release an entire album as an NFT.
6:53 – An Original Banksy Has Been Burned and Turned Into an NFT
7:22 – Video Clip of 70k Banksy Getting Burned!
8:53 – New NFT Banksy was minted on SuperFarm (& with help from Injective Protocol)
10:00 – Google has added a "Crypto" tab to their finance page.
10:09 – Dogecoin News
10:38 – to sponsor Aston Martin's Formula 1 team
10:47 – Where are we in the cycle?
11:21 – (sponsor)
12:25 – Final Thoughts

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin.

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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!
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BREAKING: Paypal Ethereum Smart Contract MASSIVE NEWS! PayPal Adding More Coins! Top NFT Altcoins!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I knew they add more coins…. just down the list by capitalisation: Ada, dot, chainlink, Aave, Theta, Atom.

  2. Hope Chainlink, Cardano but don’t see them adding each they want one for payment at least. .

  3. A child burning physical art to make a digital store of value… I cannot even. Truly hope this “trend” doesn’t catch hold 🙁

  4. It is Cardano ADA and I predict that he is already in direct communication with IOHK and MR Hoskinson.

  5. He should keep his face covered in shame, burning original creative sweat and toil is primitive, even dumb.

  6. wow burning a beautiful art, well that sucks. i would prefer the real things than this so-called digital NFT. the world is changing

  7. @J-Deezy the tech is real. its not imaginary. you have the imagination of a fly looking for dogs hit 😝 a digital world? WTF are you typing on – a rock?

  8. @J-Deezy what do you think money is? a 10cent coin is not worth 10cents. it represents 10cents. money is an idea, its ideas that have value. the tech is value.i don’t know why you brought the car into this at all, however, you value a new car? go for your life you giddy game show contestant. blockchain will outlast your subaru bro

  9. Lol, all he did was burn the art piece, it doesen’t exist anymore as a store of value and the Crypto tokens aren’t pegged to anything tangible.

  10. @Kelbin Jacob well Cardano has the foundations to do great, any dip is a chance to increase your portfolio

  11. Seriously!?! The new trend is to take art and burn it so you can sell it as digital art. That’s a pretty sh**** trend:(

  12. @Alex Chavez and it’s just $1. You spend $7 on a Starbucks drink and it’s gone in 10 minutes.

  13. They could mint the NFT and then send the original one to the owner of the nft…so he could have both.

  14. So far they’ve only added the most commonly known coins. And since they’re experimenting with smart contracts, that narrows down the list a bit. I definitely think Chainlink is one of those coins.

  15. @Xcraig12tera-pops Everything is falling but anyway this is to be expected. Buy the rumour sell the news, people bought just because of Mark fork and sell when it happens and then buy back in because the real hype is for Goguen smart contracts so it will continue to rally.

  16. Well there’s people who believes in the project and there’s people who’s here to make a quick buck lol

  17. Relax people dont get to attached to things,even art. Were experimenting in the future…

  18. @Sailor.X Jup, I like to speculate. Burning physical art is Idiocracy.

  19. ADA has still moved over %2,000 YTD. It’s got a great roadmap and is picking up speed from being developed and not doing much since 2017. ETH 2.0 is still 2-3 years away, says CoinBase. Smart contracts are coming, dapps are coming in Goguen I believe, which is supposed to be this quarter I think. Don’t be fooled, ADA is undervalued IMO because they’re still building up speed. I really think it’ll be $2-5 by end of year easy.

  20. @ThinkkTwiice Good luck then! 😉 I’m stacking up on coins which much better prospects.

  21. @Six Five and Will Eat You Alive good luck brother I think we will all be happy in the coming months

  22. @knowledgeiskey0110 2017 ATH was 20kish, we are almost 2.5X 2017 ATH. 2017 ATH was 18-20Xish from 2013 ATH…

  23. If paypal adds theta… theta wins the ntf war instantly and paypals share moons too… win win win honestly

  24. @Matteo Napoletani no one can predict the future and of course the more global market share BTC takes the more it takes to double or triple a market cap, but in my opinion based on history and there’s no guarantee history repeats itself we are at the beginning

  25. @Learn Female Nature I kind of doubt it, BTC was 4k in March 2020 its at 48k after hitting a high of 58k which is a 14.5x

    we are either at the end of this cycle or close to it. im 80% in cash right now 20% in crypto once we break 52k resistance ill be bullish

  26. The NFT auction clarifies that it was a limited run print being burned, not a one of a kind original. But i agree that this would make for a very sad trend

  27. @Alex I have a hard time not being bullish regardless of price due to all the positive news, microstrategy buying more, etc. I believe we still have 8-10 months of bull trend. I also can’t predict the future

  28. @Tyler Jo De Block I struggle trying to get my head around NFTs, so thanks for sharing your perspective Tyler 👍 So with that Banksy now existing as a piece of digital art, does that mean someone like a gamer could display it in their virtual home or even find a willing buyer and auction it off?

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