BREAKING: Ernst & Young Releases MASSIVE Cryptocurrency Business Solution for Bitcoin and Ethereum

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“Big Four” accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) has launched an Ethereum-based procurement solution for enterprises. Let's discuss this as well as the latest bitcoin, cardano, flamingo token, & other cryptocurrency news!

What do you think? What impact will this decision have in 2021?

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How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020 | What is Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2020

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00:00 Intro
00:13 EY on Ethereum
02:48 EY on Bitcoin
04:42 Greyscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)
05:50 KuCoin Hack Update
07:56 Cardano
09:30 NEO DeFi
10:12 Flamingo (FLM)
11:19 Final Thoughts

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BREAKING: Ernst & Young Releases MASSIVE Cryptocurrency Business Solution for Bitcoin and Ethereum

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  1. United Nations one of the most evil presence in this earth. Now I know wouldn’t bother with cardano. Sustainable development is communism period. Look into it. You’ll find their solutions rather shocking. Kinda what their doing now

  2. The U.N sustainability goals and subsequent investment funds are pure globalist New World Order centralization policies in disguise

  3. Bitcoin is only coin without central person like CEO which may affect the future of development, forking or supply.

  4. Bitcoin reward halving supply shock closer each minute..⏰

    2012 and 2016 halvings ignited 🔥 the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges!

    Mimblewimble Litecoin testnet update due 30th September ..⏳

  5. Haven’t you heard? Bitcoin is being manipulated/capped by the Fed. Chris Giancarlo former CFTC chairman admitted that they pushed for approval of a Bitcoin futures contract to “pop the Bitcoin bubble”. That is Fed-speak for rig the price of Bitcoin! It is widely admitted that it is the Fed that is behind the manipulation of gold and silver. Why? Because both are threats to the hegemony of the dollar. Do you really think that the Fed will ignore Bitcoin which poses a greater threat to the dollar than gold or silver? After all, gold and silver are bulky and hard to use as a monetary asset. But Bitcoin? Light years ahead of gold and silver. If you don’t believe my thesis, then see this from the University of Sussex in the UK:

  6. @Tsty5 Hm okay…so the first one is a 359 page long document from 1992 and the other one is 38 pages long from 2015. And all the really do is talk, but I believe you they are not up to something particularily good, otherwise things would have changed to the better since 1992.
    I still believe though that the highest impact for most people’s future are the decisions they make themselves.

  7. G S you may believe. And what If gov coopt I to use their currency make defi illegal? No cash only digital. See where this goes. They control what u buy when if how all of it. That’s just the starter. This really under guise of climate change. They clean up the planet by getting rid of u.

  8. I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop saving money. Invest some of it if you want financial freedom

  9. In a few years to come people will be kicking themselves in regrets if they miss this opportunity of buying and investing in Crypto currency market

  10. @uhlijohn their game won’t last forever. At some point, it will backfire, and they will find themselves holding on to a lot of worthless paper.

  11. You’ll not remain broke if you invest in crypto now i just made my profit wish i knew this earlier.

  12. @Altcoin Daily Let me know if you want to try MTI. Love your channel. I tried to make you aware of MTI for a long time now.

  13. Bitcoin is the future investing in bitcoin now with a professional broker will change your life financially

  14. Wow, if they are using ethereum’s chain to sync business agreements they really should try dropbox, mega or google drive. lol

  15. As the economy crisis keep rising,one needs to have different stream of income, one needs to have a diversified portfolio in order to survive

  16. There are so many investment out there, but if profit must be considered, then not all investment are good into and not all can withstand the test of time

  17. The right choice of investment has always been a big problem for me because i know that picking up the wrong investment will leave a big scar in the future

  18. The government hasn’t really cared about us as long as their pockets are far enough to fend for their families

  19. I have been trader for 7 month’s with no good returns, rather loss and blown account , really heart breaking 😢😢.

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