Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold in Market Cap | TenX Scandal | Neo SURGE! [Crypto News]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Tron, and Ripple.

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Winklevoss Twins Believe Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold, Remain Leading Crypto

Winklevoss Twins Believe Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold, Remain Leading Crypto

Could Russian Rumors Be Reviving NEO? Surges 15% Today.

Could Russian Rumors Be Reviving NEO? Surges 15% Today

Swiss Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Lays Off a Third of Its Team

Ripple: 5 More Banks & Fintechs Will Use XRP Cryptocurrency

Japan’s Financial Regulator Denies Interest in Bitcoin ETF

Julian Hosp, President Of TenX, Steps Down After Pumping And Dumping PAY Tokens On Its Investors

$80 Million ICO TenX Founder Linked to Pyramid Scheme: Report

Wife of Norwegian billionaire kidnapped – ransom to be paid in monero


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Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold in Market Cap | TenX Scandal | Neo SURGE! [Crypto News]

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  1. Appreciate you DOMS ✊🏼 It’s exciting to learn about this emerging market. And exciting to share it.

  2. Hello Austin!! I really enjoy your video and I have been sharing it with family and Friends. You do a great job mixing it up with the news and stats. I have learned so much in the last 3-4 weeks. I think your fare honest and practical. Thanks for being professional and unbiased. I now look forward to your daily video. One opinion of mine your making a big mistake not taking a position in XRP. lol

  3. Great Video!! TRON… UP UP UP UP UP and AWAY Tron to number 1 in 5 years or less folks!! $1 this year or more mark my words!

  4. I think XRP is a solid investment. And will make gains in the next 2-3 years. But there are just other alts I believe in more.

  5. All I know is I bought BCH at $83.00 3 weeks ago, and now it is $160.00. At one point it was $204.00. So there you go !!

  6. +Matthew Brandt no it’s not , its better than other coins actually look at eos it’s not working well and price not too promising, I’m not saying tron is best but they want to improve and keep forward, they will not abandon their projects like others did .

  7. I thought long and hard on whether or not to start putting my opinions in the comment section. I am brand new to the cryptocurrency market, literally only a few days, and I have been reading, listening, researching and analyzing this infant of a market at every chance I get. But here is why my opinion matters most of all. I’m a “normal guy” in the financial sense. I dont even own my own home yet and I’m almost 40 years old, and recently changed my life around for the better. Now it’s time to make some money. Real money. I bought some marijuana stocks last week, only $100 in four different companies, but in doing so kind of stumbled upon BTC. Like I said I’m ann average guy and have had limited exposure to cryptocurrency, just the usual “they got rich” then “they got broke” story here and there in the major media outlets. But, after researching I quickly realized that I was looking at oil, the automobile, ballpoint pen, microchip, internet and and smartphone combined as far as investment potential goes. I am the beginning of mass adoption. I personally hope the market stays very bearish for a year or two or goes down considerably, so that I can accumulate capital, but even if BTC holds at 4k-6k for the next 6-24 months would be an absolute win for me. I truly believe BTC will eventually pass gold, and when it does that would put its price at around the outer edges of the solar system, forget about the moon. Thank you for your videos.

  8. dont waste your time with stupid announcements from winklevoss bros,etc… we got sick of their stupid articles only for them to feel important.

  9. +ashozosht Ummmm, thank you for that brilliant technical analysis and groundbreaking new on EOS and Tron. EOS is not working well. Tron is not the best, but wants to improve and move forward. Got it. Please tell me what to invest all of my money in! You are a genius!

  10. Suggestion: read “The Internet Of Money” by Andreas Antonopoulos and listen to all his videos. The more you know about this technology, the more bullish you’ll be…IMO

  11. I did my research for long time and now I am all in Digibyte, Apollo, U Network, ColossusXT and Banca the wall street on blockchain

  12. If I was home successfully making money online I would be having a good day lol, but working construction

  13. Just dollar cost average into the main players. Litecoin, bitcoin cash, Etherium, Digibyte, Populous, Tron.

  14. Stay_at_home_Dad_here listen to the 2 guys who have u advice here. Very solid advice. Keep it simple.

  15. I have newbie advice. Watching all of your uploads from newest to oldest has given me great insight on forward thinking.

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