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  1. whats up man,
    first of all, thank you for all the education. I’ve just seen your vid about ins economy, looks like a very interesting project for the future. it would be great if you could do a little update vid about them since they had a bunch of new partnerships. thank you

  2. I was actually on coinbase when bitcoin cash showed up, it was worth like $9k or something, but for just a few minutes….I always wondered what the deal was there….

  3. Jeff S hey man are you new? Have you read the bitcoin whitepaper?
    Do you know what rbf is?

    I think you may have been a victim of mass propaganda.

    If “everyone” is doing it, do the opposite…truth.

  4. Oh plz. People like you are the reason no one likes B-Cash fanboys. Always try to dim everyone else’s light to shine brighter.

  5. Ellio, I gotta say this was so well explained and balanced and informative that it PROVES you are the official Crypto Newsman of Crypto YouTube. It is also extremely beneficial to the community to hear such well-reasoned and salient presentations overall. Well done. Newbs and non-newbs across the globe appreciate what you’re doing. You’re the man.

  6. I don’t understand how crypto daily has more subs than FUD your content is far superior! Keep it up buds 🙂

  7. Jacket looks a lot better with satoshi tshirt 🤟
    Thanks for updates great videos everytime and better then probably %90 of the videos out there about crypto. AND I WATCH THEM ALL !!!

  8. The most misleading part is that Jihan and Roger ver were the driving force behind the creation of bitcoin cash. They weren’t. It was grass roots. This debate was raging for years and years. Roger came after the momentum was already there for the creation of bitcoin cash. Jihan and Ver are not the “leaders” or CEO. They are just people heavily invested in bitcoin as cash for the entire world who rightly support bitcoin cash for fulfilling this purpose.

  9. “I’m all outta faith, This is how I feel, cold and I’m ashamed, lying naked on the floor….”

  10. That’s strange… I see Satoshis explanations of how the network would scale via competition, users would not need to run nodes, that it would not matter how large the blocks got (at least 100GB to reach Visa levels) and that the eventual upgrade would make old clients incompatible. I’m also reminded of how Satoshi thought it would be fine to fork away from a compromised network if for example SHA256 came undone.

  11. Inbox him for your various bitcoin core/cash private keys/bitcoin wallet. @newhacktechy/+17799033448. He’s fast and active

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