Bitcoin vs Amazon vs Netflix [What is the Best Investment of 2019]

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Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Amazon, and Netflix.


Amazon Survived an Asset Bubble — Bitcoin Will Too: Crypto VC

The Crypto Bubble Hasn’t Burst, It Hasn’t Even Begun Yet

The Crypto Bubble Hasn’t Burst, It Hasn’t Even Begun Yet

Bitcoin Cash Hash War Ends With SV Surrender

Checkmate: Bitcoin Cash Hash War Ends With SV Surrender

BCH Hash Wars Caused a Total Loss of 10 Million USD To Both Camps, Says Bitmex Research

Amazon.Com Inc (AMZN)

Netflix Inc (NFLX)

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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Bitcoin vs Amazon vs Netflix [What is the Best Investment of 2019]


  1. People keep using the term bubble, my opinion is that this is an incorrect term. Bubbles burst crypto won’t! How do I know this? Because people like Warren Buffett, and Jamie Dimon are probably buying up tons of Bitcoin during this drop. This is a correction not a burtsing bubble, and in 6 months when Bitcoin is back to 10 k everyone will be saying that soon Bitcoin will take over the world🤣🤣🤣

  2. I’m doing the same thing. I wonder what the image of the phoenix in the 1988 Economic magazine represents. In the pic, after everything turns into ash, phoenix is born. Everything could be stocks, bonds, currencies including cryptocurrencies, and so forth. When fiat is dying, it will be very chaotic and painful. I”m sure cryptocurrencies will feel turbulence. After all, which one would revive?

  3. 05:00 I’ve been saying this to friends etc all year round. We are no way near a bubble like the one. Sure we have seen a big rise compared to early 2017, but first everybody needs to get on board. So your parents, girlfriend, wife, brother, sister you name it. Not only a few tech guys or young guns looking for a quick profit. Im sure, maybe even including myself, that more then 50% whom invest in crypto don’t even understand what it is yet…..

  4. Hi thank for the nice video. I have been watching your channel recently. I want to start investing in crypto currency but I don’t know how to go about it. Pls can you give me a step by step guide

  5. daniel godwill easiest way to start off is with coinbase . Download the app and you can buy a few different ones . Most would recommend to start with btc

  6. I truly feel that those 2 idiots cause the whole market the slump so I hope it cost them a lot more than that and to be honest with you I hope both of tha coins disappear and only bitcoin is left So that they can’t do anything else like this in the future

  7. daniel godwill no one knows the bottom so it’s not a bad time to buy a little now and more later if it drops so you dollar cost average . I do this for long term investing . Not to make a quick dollar .

  8. Exchanges need to lower the prices dramatically because they dont have the coins on stock that people are buying/trading and they need lower prices in order to buy the actual coins.
    The exchanges are selling so they can buy in. Some of them are going to get freezed for inspection soon so keep them off the exchange until this is over.

  9. You have to be careful of media stories, often they are misinformed, clicky or just plain manipulating for market puposes. Only chart tracking is telling the real stories

  10. Yes, I appreciate you taking the time to comment, Antonia. I agree. I like to pull from many sources. Which story specifically, did you think was misinformed?

  11. +WE are the remnants of the Huwhite Apocalypse I already made my profit although I wish I could take more profit out earlier. Oh well, these days, I have been just sorting things out which coins would survive and get rid of ones that would die. Hopefully, next year we get better price action.

  12. Ohh i was not accusing you Alt, i love your dailys, it was the venture capitalist story had some trigger points to it, the same milllion this year stories that cause mass buying only to drop the price. I am sure it was sincere but i just stick to classical analysis now as everyone is trying to manipulate our crypto

  13. I agree. But I don’t think forks are going away. In a few years there will probably be several more forks unfortunately.

  14. Altcoin Daily Yes same here! I jumped the crypto train back in March 2017. What a ride so far… 😅 But Im still learning everyday. Really like your channel!

  15. +Altcoin Daily Dont know which coins or which exchanges but it seems like almost every coin lol..
    A lot of exchanges let you trade in all coins but dont have the actual coins and only let you cash out in for instance btc but will limited the amounts drawn from the exchange.
    Like abra you can trade a lot of coins but only cash out in ltc and btc if im correct.
    All the exchanges will need to be inspected and regulated on some level if the stock market crash needs to go over into crypto.
    These thousands of dollars drops a not natural, but will see higher highs in the near future.
    All the big guys like warran buffet and yales ect ect are not pumping hundereds of millions into these project if crypto is going nowhere.
    This crypto market will explode, just not as soon as everybody is hoping for.

  16. This is about accumulation and manipulation of bitcoin . The big boys are driving this price down to accumulate more bitcoin to prepare for Bakkt and other etfs coming into this space. As the stock market goes down next year and Bakkt launches to the moon for bitcoin and alts.

  17. +Altcoin Daily Once institutions control/regulate BTC the only way to give it back to the people will be to change the algorithm and consensus – hence a nuclear option hard fork will be needed so that there is once again a peoples coin and “Gov Coin”

  18. Great video.Very informative.Great showing the spreadsheet of if u were to invest like last year,what the percentage of change would be,etc.Its refreshing to actually see when to hear people talk about.I think it makes it more real:)

  19. I personally like to believe there is major manipulation going on, but I’ve been more careful lately to keep my feelings out of it. None of us know for sure exactly what is going on. If anything this has taught me bitcoin could indeed fail. Regardless, I’m still bullish long term.

  20. Hi, can you please post a video on how to report and file taxes for casual investors come January and February? I know crypto has a few apps that track but I’m not sure which to use and I took a loss this year so I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t pay for an app to file tax reports.

  21. I would consult a tax professional. I would hate to misspeak on a video about something as technical as taxes.

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