Bitcoin to 8000!? Does Mike Novogratz’s Institutional Prediction Hold Water? + Blockchain Whispers

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In this video:
Mike Novogratz is going on record saying Institutional investors are dipping their toes into cryptocurrency within the next 6-10 months! He says this would cause Bitcoin to rally, potentially up to $,8000. Other investors say we will be in a bear market until 2023/24. Let’s talk about that. Are institutions entering the space soon?
5:34 Blockchain Whispers Review

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Crypto Finally Poised to Get Institutional Money, Novogratz Says

Mike Novogratz: “Bitcoin Is Going To Be Digital Gold” Because It’s Sovereign

Mike Novogratz: “Bitcoin Is Going To Be Digital Gold” Because It’s Sovereign

Bitcoin Passage of Time/ Lindy Effect Tweet

@MustStopMurad Twitter Rant Bitcoin 23/24

Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

Bakkt and Fidelity Will Bring an ‘Enormous Amount of Capital’ Into Crypto: Pantera Capital CEO

*The later half of this video is a paid review. I was paid for the time. All opinions are my own.

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Bitcoin to 8000!? Does Mike Novogratz’s Institutional Prediction Hold Water? + Blockchain Whispers


  1. I don’t know when the next bull run will start but one thing I do know is that right now bitcoins are cheap so about an hour ago I bought another 0.27 btc to add to my stack. In time, sooner or later, I’m very confident that I’ll enjoy some nice gains.

  2. Alot of people forget its not only Cryptocurrency the big institutions have to adopt,

    But blockchain technology this is what the institutions are trying to adjust over to and it’s not an easy switch over.

    This is the keep back but I assure you they are working breathlessly to switch over when it’s done putting money in would be a cake walk.

  3. I don’t care about a MICRO view point like most. I just bought some, because I’m looking at the MACRO view point #BiggerPicture

  4. Blockchain Whispers is very detailed. By the way, in what form does a good contributor get the reward??

  5. Bro loving the videos… Just starting up so need to educate and as mentioned those who are learning now could be rewarded. I was wondering if you could share if you don’t mind your portfolio just so that people here could knw what you have your money on and perhaps emulate that model. There are so many coins and too much speculation and I don’t have a lot to invest currently so would like to put it to good use.

  6. Golden cross incoming maybe june/july, thats if weve hit the bottom already, if not the golden cross will come october.

  7. +Altcoin Daily theres 2 crosses to look out for, a death cross means the start of a bear market and a golden cross means the start of a bull run. We will see a golden cross this year in the second half. But the max price for BTC this year will be around 6k unless something crazy happens.

  8. +Altcoin Daily Oops sorry new to the channel. Just checked it out. Awesome stuff! Let’s just hope for the best in the next bull run!

  9. I love the look of Blockchain Whispers. I had been using a combo of CoinMarketcap, and and cryptopanic for news feeds but this one looks better.

    I have to admit when i saw the Novogratz prediction i immediately brushed it off, but 8k is more a realistic target for the next 12 months or so then what some pundits were predicting last year.

    I still agree with those who think 6k is going to be THE level to try to close above and hold for 2019. Breaking below 6k was kind of a defining moment last year, and so you can bet the resistance will be heavy at that level.

    That being said, TA did a pretty good job last year of predicting around when that weekly Equilibrium pattern was about to break, so I’ll be watching closely for this golden cross in the next few months.

    Someday this market will pop up again in a big way. Of that I’ve no doubt. I just don’t think it’s likely to be this year.
    After that steep drop from Dec ’17 to Nov/Dec ’18 i’m cool with a year of sideways stability to build.

    Keep up the good work man, you guys deserve to be rewarded for this eventually as do all of us who patiently endure the dangers of this high seas style crypto adventure.

  10. Thank you for the support, JD! Yeah Blockchain Whispers does have a cool look. Glad I could get then on your radar.

  11. Do we need a digital silver…silver was originally used because gold could only be broken down so much…Since Bitcoin can be transacted at a fraction why would we need a digital silver?

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  13. +Altcoin Daily Thanks. One day people will realize this is the most valuable asset created for simple people and not for the elites but it will be too late for most to own a whole coin. People are always afraid of freedom.

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