Bitcoin to $3K? Curtains for Crypto? Why’s the market tanking? BTC News

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On this weeks show The New Kids On The Blockchain discuss where we are heading with the current market as bitcoin and alts continue to plummet. We speak to David Siegel from Pillar about his views on whats been happening in the market and look at some of the crypto memes that sum out how everyones feeling at the moment.

Bitcoin to $3k ? Curtains for Crypto? Mining over or HODL your never and wait this correct out?


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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.

Bitcoin to $3K? Curtains for Crypto? Why's the market tanking? BTC News


  1. I’m encouraged with your youtube video…Sounds like denial stage, capitulation has not happened yet. Once BTC broke 10,000 people should have re-evaluated HODLing… I’ve been waiting and I think we haven’t seen the bottom yet. It may take months to see it but it is coming. I don’t think BTC is done for, but I do think according to the charts that we have quite a bit further to go. Everyone said we couldn’t break 6000, they said we couldn’t break 5000, well here we are. Start listening to people who read charts, and know the market very well, Richard Woods showed me how I could increase my hodlings and make more profit with his strategies and trading program, I got to know him 3 weeks ago when bitcoin was around 6k through a friend who he helped made profit with his tactics, so I got his contact and sent him a message, it’s only three weeks since I contacted this crypto expert and I have been able to make *3.2btc with help, If you need help to boost your portfolio up or need trading insight and tips, contact him on reach him on email or hangout at *(RICHARDWOODS386@gmail. com)** or via TELEGRAM/WHATSAPP* (+1-706-395-8110*)

  2. No one said is bad to hodl. but the way the price is going down i was lucky to find out about this man called Richard. who showed me how to make profit with his program

  3. my “Elite Friend” told me that Cryptos from this point moving Forward will Rise and Fall till its Demise… …God, GunZ n Beer…

  4. +Hawkins Tito i also made profit through the help of this same man… i was referred to him through a close friend of mine..

  5. it aint over, it’s FAR TOO EARLY – remember the beginning of the internet? Who thought Geocities was the greatest thing ever? Yeah well, you’re welcome

  6. CRYPTO AINT DEAD! Just 90% of the projects are – vs Amazon. how long was the internet around for before it became mainstream? It’s a new wave of technology that will change the world, and its not about making money (although would have been nice to sell Dec 17 ha)

  7. thank you, ya right i am not 🙂 holding tightly, let me know any 2-3 ICO which is good from your point of view please thank you 🙂 good day, happy weekend 🙂

  8. Hi have you guys heard of DagCoin? Apperently its a giant scam just like OneCoin because it also has a MLM pyramid scheme behind it. Curious what your thoughts are 😊

  9. haven’t heard of this, but we’ll look into this!! We know OneCoin so will for sure check this out, thank you!

  10. +New Kids On The Blockchain just simply research the NSA White-paper of 1996. there was a FOIA inquiry sum time back on Crypto and the NSA put it “Classified”, Ever Wonder Why? …God, GunZ n Beer…

  11. Research, not youtube crap research but Research, NSA White Paper 1996, theres more to IT, but do your own Research, i was once told, “the Illusion is Bigger than You Can Imagine” …God, GunZ n Beer…

  12. Not worried at all..we could see a lot more selling..but it’s manipulated..same as stocks, bonds, gold, buy buy..I have dent, dgb, etc..they are solid the bankers can suck it..

  13. I actually had met the people from loyalcoin and nem in an exhibit in Manila. They are doing good it seems and are continuing to work on adoption of their product and nem. Really nice people.

  14. so many comments about why the market is doing what it’s doing, wonder what the real reason is. gotta be manipulation!

  15. TBH Bitcoin being $3K really isn’t a bad thing. think about when it was $120 and people sold thinking that was it. the ONLY reason we think it’s cr*p is because of that unusual bull run. otherwise $6K would have been the top and it’s a natural dinosaur. Stay strong peeps, it’s gonna go back up and down for a while, but overarching trend is UP!

  16. yeah guys pls do a bit on projects that are making it, news is too depressing and seems everything has gone down the toilet

  17. Pillar is going nowhere just like everything else. cryptos are dead. blockchain needs to reboot and generation 2.0 of projects will learn, and build from it. i strongly believe everything to date will die

  18. i dunno what to think about cryptos now, it’s too depressing. HODL my portfolio that’s 10% of what it used to be? yah okay

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