Bitcoin to $13k? ETF Delayed? Coinbase + Amazon & Uber? Augur PundiX BitMex XLM Huobi

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Bitcoin to $13k? ETF Delayed? Coinbase + Amazon & Uber? Augur PundiX BitMex XLM Huobi

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. All I wanna do is talk crypto. Friends just glaze over when I do, but they listen anyway with eyes rolling. Is this normal, anyone else experiencing this?

  2. Always really love your videos. Really hard to be both funny and current. You never disappoint. Thank you

  3. dude, you are so funny. You make me laugh in such a good way, because you make your point using humor, which is very smart of you. Thank you for the work you put in these news videos.

  4. Can you please do a new and updated video on Stellar vs Ripples XRP… The reason i ask is because so much as changed… Both are used in cross boarder payments however, I feel like many people don’t think about the long list that stellar has that XRP doesn’t.. Stellar will allow projects to be built on it.. Xrp will sue you if you try.. Stellar has its own exchanged and is helping IBM to build a stable coin… XRP is just, well XRP etc

  5. GOod word bro! Lots to be excited about but keep some perspective as well. As always, thanks for the info and for doing it in an entertaining manner!

  6. Thanks for the Pundi X info on twitter im buying more today, I follow CZ but didn’t check that tweet you are a blessing

  7. I convinced my coworker to buy XLM at 20 cents shortly after I had bought it. He hugged me today.

  8. Go the opposite direction of whatever CNBC is telling you, a good rule to live by 😉 Great as always thanks for your great contribution to the space brother 👍

  9. Thank you for doing thorough research. You deserve to have a million subscribers. I appreciate the full dive into the ETF situation. Keep up the good work 👍

  10. Football is an old Roman strategy to keep the locals from fighting each other. Crypto is a way better sport

  11. Gift cards from coinbase is only available to avail in Australia and Europe. Thanks for the update Elliot 👏👏👏👍👍

  12. Mrs Inna Joy doesn’t disappoint me too her investment strategy are so unique, i have been investing with her for the past 5 months and it’s been a wonderful experience earning $9,300 monthly.

  13. I knew about Mrs Inna Joy this way and it’s been a great experience working with her so far, withdrawals have been stress free and profitable.

  14. I have been winning every trade for the past 2months. I currently get as much as $6,800 weekly. all thanks to Mrs Inna.

  15. I was so surprised when i checked my wallet and I saw a sum of $8,320 in just 6 days, she’s really the best in the market right now am sure about that.

  16. Jake Chervinsky and Brad Sherman are apparatchiks for the Neo-Bolshevik occupation of Western civilization.

  17. Huge fan, love your thoughts and output always. BUT I’m worried the political stuff gets tricky fast. Not sure I can throw support at “the Chem Trails conspiracy guy” Reed even if I hate the other guys Crypto stance.

    I think we’ll get where we need to get on Crypto with or without the lizard guy. Meanwhile, I can’t in good conscience go fund a nut just so that my bag of Verge gains some points.

    Just saying my man, it seems like bad either way in different ways, but I need a more full picture on both candidates OUTSIDE of our Crypto concerns before trying to tip the scales. No more insane people in politics, that’s what I say, whichever party.

    Peace my man, keep up the fantastic work!

  18. thanks Natalie! i try to bring a unique brand of content and it means a lot to have comments like these and support from the community

  19. of course I was telling my family to buy Bitcoin at $30,,, their eyes don’t roll anymore even though they didn’t listen back then many now hold BTC.

  20. My family just two days ago took my caffeine away from me because I got too hyper and wouldn’t shut up about crypto…

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