Bitcoin Price DROPPING as Chainlink Makes Major Partnership w/ China! MOMENTUM SHIFT HAPPENING!

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The bitcoin price dropping in June 2020, but how much further will it go? Plus, cryptocurrency chainlink makes a major partnership with China's National Blockchain Services Network. Altcoin Daily brings YOU the latest cryptocurrency news online!

We also discuss:
Is Chainlink a good buy? Was digibyte just listed in Binance? We have the answers! Altcoin Daily has the best chainlink cryptocurrency updates online in 2020.

Your support is massive! We bring YOU the the best cryptocurrency news in the US in 2020! Watch the whole video.

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Andreas Clip

The Killer App: Bananas on the Blockchain?

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Bitcoin Price DROPPING as Chainlink Makes Major Partnership w/ China! MOMENTUM SHIFT HAPPENING!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann



  2. Its half 11 at night in South Africa now and its always good to end the day with a great vid from you guys!

  3. good to hear from Andreas. But he has partially gone off the political deep end lately. Hardcore extreme left wing SJW now.

  4. @Altcoin Daily I sincerely respect Andreas. But he has sadly appears to have become so heavily biased. Money he is righteous but the left wing anger he has now has veering towards anarchism. not even libertarian views. that is what i have personally seen in him.

  5. What does being white have anything to do with their wealth? Does andreas mean to say you are privileged with your success because you are white?

  6. Go find out how the Fed, yes Federal Reserve, printing helicopter money & make the rich even richer! Right under the nose of it’s unfortunate citizens. That’s US administration today. Be aware how they are weaponizing monetary systems to punish other countries, if you don’t go along.

  7. After china involvement, I think we will see Neo somewhere in this thing further ………!!!

  8. @Andy Barrett I smell a SJW who just hates reality and facts. I just laid out the facts about Andreas. Deal with it.

  9. I am SO bullish on Digibyte right now. I’m gonna FOMO so hard on DGB like there’s no tomorrow!!

  10. @George Stobbart And? Your point…. do realize we’re STILL really early in this game.. Just because other cryptos have adoptions now dosen’t leave out room for the first 3 gen. Crypto currency. Cardano is coming.. and it will catch ETH and eventually surpass ETH due to the time spent on research and efficiency of its Tech. ADA for the near future win!

  11. That stereotype might be true 10 years ago. Chinese tech has been surpassing for a while now

  12. Crystal Ball this stereotype might be true 10weeks ago .. now United States is hitting hard on Chinese stealing tech from America. China will just stop from here without the help and spying tech from the west. Things change again.

  13. Digibyte doesn’t have a CEO. It is decentralized. @Jaredtatete was the creator. And now it is the community that governs it.

  14. @UUUIIIUUU lol, Chinese have surpassed US in 5g and rivalling in ai and quantum computing. While you were being arrogant they did a lot of catching up in the mean time. Biggest theft of US companies comes from other US companies. Its just a political consus to blame others for all of your problems in the US. Don’t forget where US stoleits techs in the first place

  15. @Donaldo Armand goverment regimes are a disease on the human race, that and their indoctrination schools, have held back humanity for centuries, they would destroy crypto today if they could, and have tried in the past, hes spot on about theses regimes, major ones in the usa and uk.

  16. @Ayob Abd Hamid at best, you can trust the crocodile to eat its most faithful servant last.

  17. Did you hear about YOUC coin? YOUengine is based on a hybrid type of distributed blockchain networks: public and exclusive

  18. @Altcoin Daily Dont know for sure to be honest. There’s not one single person who controls DigiByte. There’s is a foundation since 2020. But Jared is not involded there.

  19. @Altcoin Daily also not the COO… So you are saying satoshi was the COO of Bitcoin? They are just the Founders. ICO’s are companies with CEO COO etc!

  20. Chainlink will also store your information for your future Bill Gates vaccines, be joyful slave.

  21. I cannot get tired of listening to Andreas speak. I learned so much about blockchain and crypto from hos videos.

  22. That’s so ignorant!! Who trusts any government is more correct. They all are corrupt why pin it on the Chinese when they’re just doing exactly what we Americans would do. Ugh

  23. Altcoin Daily trying to get confirmation on the ground in Australia on their Postal Service offering physical cryptocurrency availability to the citizens right there in the brick and mortar! Massive adoption movement. This news should Break out over the next two weeks. Trying to get more detailed information. Thought I’d toss you a heads up and you could do a little more deeper dive if you want to go in that direction to inform the community. Too bad you weren’t telling the community about new projects like our RSR orCOMP 🤐😢😴😩 unfortunately I miss the old forum of a new Curren$y every day plus the latest news.

  24. @Manny Vill exactly, it’s hilarious to think people will ever use gold/silver other than for exchanging it for digital $.

  25. @Jason Sanchez just casually surviving the apocolypse like the rest of the world haha. Except its winter here now so we’re expecting the virus to spread more anyway now

  26. China is leading in the Tech space in general. They already have a digital currency.The US is trying to play catch up. Stop with the Fake News.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. @Ella May Wrong, for the time being, We Americans can criticize our government without fear of being disappeared.
    Try criticizing the CCP as a Chinese citizen and your family will never know what happened to you. Just disappeared.
    Not even going to bring up the millions of Muslims locked up for their beliefs.
    I say “for the time being” cause these so called progressives are sure trying their damnedest to take us there.

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