Bitcoin Pizza Day: Hodl, Spend, Replace, & Hodl.

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Today I want to discuss the lesson that can be learned from Bitcoin Pizza Day. Bitcoin Pizza day will live in infamy as the day one man spent 10,000 on two large Papa John's pizzas. That 10,000 bitcoins would be worth millions today. Watch the video.

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***Not financial advice. Just opinion.

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Hodl, Spend, Replace, & Hodl.


  1. I’m glad I tethered my Ether at 675 yesterday. Unfortunately I work 9-5. I cannot trade when Asia is sleeping or vice versa. I pray the present hourly data turns around and maintains a downtrend. I will hop back in when an uptrend is CONFIRMED. I pray it happens at 370 🙏😀🙏

  2. Hey Altcoin daily brothers! Thanks for another video update. Yeaaaaah, this story thought me one thing in crypto-always leave 100/1000 of every coin on side. You never know how much will they worth in 5/10 yrs. I’m sad for that guy but that’s it, he can’t go back so it’s better to try and forget about it, oh-that’s impossible. 😀 Everybody is speaking about him. 😀 Never the less, thanks for the video. Looking forward to see your thoughts on tash token. Cya.

  3. I’ve heard this story longtime ago and it hurts me I can’t imagine how he feels now. 😀 I saw few days ago on your channel about token related to traveling, really interesting one. Sounds cool, maybe you should make some small review on it.

  4. C’mon if he had 10k BTC to spend you really think he didn’t have another 100k sitting around? He also spent 649k satoshis on pizza on February 25, 2018 using the lightning network to prove again that BTC has a real use case. So in short, I think he’s doing just fine with his BTC HODL’n

  5. how do you know he didn’t spend another 50 bucks to buy another 11,000 bitcoin afterward, haha

  6. Spend, Replace, HODL! I agree: we should learn from our mistakes and mistakes from other people. Cheers

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