BITCOIN OVER $500K? 😱Here’s how it can happen! Elliott Wave Theory Explained

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BITCOIN OVER $500K? 😱Here's how it can happen! Elliott Wave Theory Explained


  1. never get emotional involved in this crypto market.. one day it can b predicted to go up whilst the next down just the opposite
    no one has a crypt ball… remember there are many whales out there who can change the market moves in a heartbeat…
    never answer your telephone if u see your cell number coming up on caller ID… b careful of opening text messages their is a new scam going on that is not in ur best interest… jmho

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  3. i didn’t say that my guests did. and months = years in crypto. I changed my tune when we broke 44 – the first true bullish indicator.

  4. Nice breakdown..its a copy cat world..once Fidelity Investments opens up it’s over everyone will copy. I see end of 2019 at 50k. In 2020 May halving will bring the price down and q4 will boom to 300k to 500k..

  5. Am very lucky I knew about Keith strategy on time, I would have lost all my live saving to the crash, because I put so much money in Btc not knowing it would crash, the strategy maintained and gave me steady $1000 usd every 12 hours.

  6. Awesome , I’m glad i was part of the training, my Btc Wallet been Smiling since my contact with him. I have so much trust trading with his strategy. He is the best

  7. I believe BTC will be 50K but above this price is just wait and see. I will sell at 50K. And wait.

  8. I have one ☝️ I need 2…and I sent this vid to my mom along with.01 to turn her on to the revolution!!

  9. I can see from 1 to 2, but the wave from 3to 4 could’ve happened a few times before where you put them.
    Why not at those other pullbacks?

  10. There is near-unlimited potential for demand and a forever limited supply. That’s my entire hodl strategy summed up.

  11. I’m relying on a more sophisticated trader’s analysis – check link in description

  12. I hope to see a day where people like O’leary will regret not having bought bitcoin. Bitcoin allows anyone to be their own bank. No more 3rd party entities, no more banks that won’t issue you a loan for whatever reason, no more ridiculous interest rates on the little money you save away while they all play with it making millions, no more governments spying on your every move. Only pure peer to peer exchange from one person to another. This is the value of cryptos to me. Thank you for the update. You’ve told us a breakout would come and it happened 🚀🚀 ..I lost 3BTC when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, I was lost until I found a comment about the great Mr. JACOB WESLEY contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 7BTC in less than a month from his tradings
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  13. He strategy has been helping a lot of traders/new bees out there, with his program i was able to recover my losses from the crash so swiftly.

  14. Been trying for a while to find someone who’s trustworthy to listen to and i’m glad i found your comment

  15. Understanding how to trade and make profit, You need an expert to help you and that man is Jacob Wesley

  16. Don’t think of Bitcoin surpassing gold in market cap. Think of both of them moving together and a flight from securities. That’s how I see it anyway. If there is a massive stock market crash, people will be looking for safety in wealth retention.

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