Bitcoin Oracle DavinciJ15 on how to invest in crypto in 2019! GRIN BEAM Privacy Coins ADA TRX


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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR!

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Bitcoin Oracle DavinciJ15 on how to invest in crypto in 2019! GRIN BEAM Privacy Coins ADA TRX

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. You getting all these great co-host…davincij15 and Hot Girl? Keep it going. Great job and video

  2. ETF or No ETF Bitcoin and crypto currencies are the future of money, I love these altcoins the most Apollo, Cardano, Digibyte, BABB and U Network, becuase of their features, their development team and their wonderful communities Buy and Hold

  3. thanks to Mrs Melinda flicks for letting me trade with her on her platform and, now I earn alot and know more about trading.

  4. With the help of Mrs Melinda flicks am able to recover my loss and also live life to its standard

  5. Thanks to Mrs Melinda flicks for trading on my behalf making it alot more Easier for me to earn more without stressing around.

  6. Heard alot about Mrs Melinda flicks and her good trading system I would love her to trade with her but no reference

  7. I am a recovering alcoholic, sobered up and started working a legit job in construction in 2007. I was laid off about a year after the 2008 crash and decided to go back to school. In 2011 I was still in school, and got my degree in manufacturing/engineering in 2012. I went to work as a machinist, and currently I program and operate CNC lathes, making racecar parts. I didn’t even hear aboot bitcoin until 2015, but never gave it the time of day. Wasn’t that the stuff that kids used to purchase upgrades in video games? I don’t think it’s even possible to be more shortsighted. I didn’t purchase BTC until December 03, 2017.

    Great video Elliot. You are providing a real service here- a real mitzvah. 😉 You continue to set the bar for cryptotubers. Keep up the great work, Mr. Trades. 😀

  8. Been watching davinci since the beginning. Him, drutter, silver futurist. He’s getting a lot of pub now. Peak davinci! Sell high! Lol

  9. “This not professional financial advice.” Then titles the video ‘how to invest in crypto in 2019’.. LOL

  10. I’m sorry, but I am on a FUD TV strike. Even though I think you do a great job and have great content, I only want to see the girl moving forward. Please write a script for her to read daily. Until then I continue my STRIKE!

  11. 37:00 bitcoin don’t need marketing, it needs to work…. if high demand for bitcoin returns today, it would again freeze up/high fees and unusable.

  12. The 120 billion Market Cap is just bag “hodlers” that got wrecked and don’t know what else to do other than wait, hope and pray. There’s no new money going to come into this space at these prices. New money understands trends and moving averages. We have more to go down folks. I wouldn’t touch this market with a ten foot pole right now. The trend is your friend. 🙂

  13. Compare DaVinci to ToneV, zero arrogance, listens as well as speaks, focus on the subject not on himself. Its great to see ‘newer’ people starting to lead the space. Remember that when using Grin both parties must be online at the same time. This will lead to 24hr wallet /custody services that will function just like banks. So Grin and Beam are great tests but not likely to last long term. But Mimble Wimble integrated with BTC… that is super exciting. MimbleWimble can make BTC great again. I notice DaVinci is more cautious about Grin in this interview than in previous ones a week or two ago.

  14. I was watching his videos on silver back in 2011 and I thought he was crazy with this bitcoin stuff… Shows how much I know! Haha!

  15. I hope your right , i am praying BTC goes down to $1,300 so i can fill my boots
    At that price it will be Impossible to lose , It will be like winning the Lottery even if it only goes to $50 k
    I am not greedy , as long as i can buy a Shelby GT350 and a roof over my head and feed my cats then i will be content , any extra i will donate to Animals in need

  16. As someone old enough to know real privacy, I can tell you it is one of the most important things we have lost. My phone for instance is asking me for every single tool in it, if it can track my location. We are being watched by cameras 24/7. Our emails are being hacked by the Governments of the world. Google facebook is selling us out. Privacy is a human rights issue and the real implications of it are being overlooked. We are selling so much more than privacy, we are unbeknownst to our self selling our freedom to assemble and protest against any entity that is out to control us the people. Democracy was created for the people by the people and has been sadly hijacked. The same goes for any political moment. People are so stupid sadly. Also it has a psychological implication as well that is overlooked. Some may say it is to stop criminals, but you can not and should not punish the many for the actions of the few. Just my opinion.

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