Bitcoin Likely To Capitulate Below $3,000 Soon. Should I Buy?

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We are very likely dropping below $3000 soon. In this video I’m going to tell you why.

Now this is not something that will definitely happen…but let me show you why I think this is highly probable.

And at the end of this video I’m gonna talk about my long term thoughts on cryptocurrency going forward.

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Bitcoin Likely To Capitulate Below $3,000 Soon. Should I Buy?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Keep up the good work buddy I have benefited tremendously from the work you have done it helps me narrow down and focus more research time on credible tokens that you’ve done the pre-work on 👍🏻

  2. I’m not convinced it will break below 3000 so I’ll continue to buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday.

  3. You’re gonna look back in a couple years, and 10k will look cheap. Know by experience, if you try to find the bottom, you will get burned, 95% of the time!

  4. Its because of tether! We won’t be able to moon as long as people are shorting all the time. Tether is 2nd in market volume. People are greedy idiots. Can’t wait for Tether to finally collapse!

  5. What’s even more exciting is accounting for inflation, that
    $6.6 Trillion in 99 would be $9.6 Trillion today. Excited about the next 10 years.

  6. Good morning TEAM AA,
    Yes, it’s possible, probably, maybe, it could happen, if it’s or may not, most likely, I think so, otherwise , NONE OF THIS WORKS FOR CRYPTO.
    There is no such thing as 200 days or 200 week. This always changes never in the same pattern. Yes, we should be buying at this price & till $3000
    But don’t wait to see under 3000 or $2500 than you might miss . Good luck.

  7. Good work Erin, however I don’t think you know what “capitulation” in the context of trading actually means 😉

  8. 5 years from now the last bull and bearmarket will look like little blips on the chart. Just like the 2014 bullmarket.

  9. FINALLYYYYY AUSTINNN YOU SAID IT!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!! i have been saying this for so long time, really appreciate you finally warned all your followers, let me also ask you what do you think about digitex futures??

  10. just wait some weeks and you will see at least that we will be testing/ going lower 3000 mark my words

  11. I’ve been interested in dash lately. I like their wallet and they are actually being used for payment. They have less coins than BTC and they r faster. I still like stellar but things take time so I like the use case of dash now. I’ll probably shift coins around here and there and I don’t think it matters too much except lower cap coins might have more upside in a bull market. One day cryptos might end up as stock market 2.0 but as it seems, we’re nowhere near that point. The price of the coins and why some coins are higher value and such is based on popularity at this time. To me, it doesn’t make sense and the whole market goes up together and down together. So it’s all a guess. The market reminds me more of penny stocks than anything.

  12. $500-600 difference from $3100 to $2500 doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve already bought the majority at ~$3287, so if it goes lower than 3k, then sure I’d buy more and if it doesn’t then I’m fine with what I already have in there. Gl to everyone in 2019 and 2020. Just be patient and trade smartly 🙂

  13. If ETF is approved this is the bottomish. If it’s denied it’ll go down to 1800. However, in the long run it won’t matter.

  14. We’re almost definitely going below $3,000 and will be in the bear market for at least the remainder of 2019. And the stock market won’t crash any time soon.

  15. Not necessary. An ETF denial should already be priced in. The majority of investors do not believe it will get an approval. And remember what happened in 2017 when the China “ban” got confirmed….the price went up because the uncertainty was gone. The game is psychological, and the market don’t like uncertainty.

  16. as long as the price is below 6k, im buying.

    I feel like we just started the 3rd phase for the next 700 days, there wont be much action. I see us bouncing from 2800 – 4500. Once banks and stocks trading companies like fidelity release their exchange there will be a larger bull run.

  17. You never know,maybe we will never gonna have a bull run like 2017,
    big players/companies are making money on crashing the price,
    hoping im wrong

  18. If youre waiting for a $1k BTC youre gonna have a bad time. The market makers dont want everyone and their grandma to buy up all the BTC and thats what will happen if we hit $1k.

  19. +Rex Mentula definitely a valid point but I still think we would see a drop in price for the short term.

  20. +Harshlands Entertainment Yeah, I’m also leaning to the “one more leg down” side, but it doesn’t stop me from accumulating every week now. (:

  21. +Rex Mentula I don’t work 60 hours a week because I like it lol. I work 60 hours a week so that someday I won’t have to. Aka to buy more Bitcoin.

  22. At this point it’s only us contrarian nuts that are even buying this stuff or paying attention at all. In the collective memory of the masses crypto is a money sink and 1k BTC will likely not be bought up by the masses.

  23. Some of the better traders/speculators have been of this opinion. Personally i don’t think we will ever see a repeat of 2017. BTC will hopefully just see slow steady growth. I’m of the opinion 2017 was the so called “last hurrah” for crypto exuberance. I strongly feel that way.

  24. +J. D. Agreed. Even my friends and family ask why i’m investing in something that lost so much value. But i pointed out the 4 year cycle and showed them the charts. But they still don’t care. The same thing happened with amazon 20 years ago. They said, “why would i buy things online? I’d have to wait to get it and my money could be stolen”. I think it’s just a matter of pure ignorance. I don’t mean that offensively i just don’t think most people have the time or desire to learn about new tech.

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